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LIBERTY! . Chronicle of the Revolution

LIBERTY! . Chronicle of the Revolution

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Colonial America for Kids: The Thirteen Colonies History >> Colonial America The United States was formed from thirteen British colonies in 1776. Many of these colonies had been around for well over 100 years including the first colony of Virginia which was founded in 1607. See below for a map of the thirteen original colonies. What is a colony? A colony is a region of land that is under the political control of another country. Usually the controlling country is physically far away from the colony, as was the case with England and the American colonies. Continental Army Creation[edit] The minimum enlistment age was 16 years of age, or 15 with parental consent. On April 23, 1775, the Massachusetts Provincial Congress authorized the raising of a colonial army consisting of 26 company regiments, followed shortly by similar but smaller forces raised by New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. On June 14, 1775, the Second Continental Congress decided to proceed with the establishment of a Continental Army for purposes of common defense, adopting the forces already in place outside Boston (22,000 troops) and New York (5,000). It also raised the first ten companies of Continental troops on a one-year enlistment, riflemen from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia to be used as light infantry, who later became the 1st Continental Regiment in 1776. On June 15, the Congress elected George Washington as Commander-in-Chief by unanimous vote.

About this Collection - American Revolution and Its Era: Maps and Charts of North America and the West Indies, 1750-1789 The collection represents an important historical record of the mapping of North America and the Caribbean. Most of the items presented here are documented in Maps and Charts of North America and the West Indies, 1750-1789: A Guide to the Collections in the Library of Congress compiled by John R. Sellers and Patricia Molen van Ee in 1981. The bibliography contains approximately 2,000 maps and charts. Over the next several years many of the maps and charts in this bibliography will be added to the online collection each month.

The American Revolutionary War: Keeping Independence Part 1: The American Independent Spirit The American Revolutionary War: Keeping Independence Part 1: The American Independent Spirit The American Revolutionary War did not begin with the "Shot Heard 'Round the World" (the battles of Lexington and Concord). It had its roots in the very first settlements in North America. From the beginning, the American colonists were used to doing things their own way. Pictures of the Revolutionary War National Archives and Records Administration Washington, DC 20408 Cover Photograph: Bunker Hill. Cropped from item 15. 148-GW-448. How to Order The selected pictures listed below are among the audiovisual holdings of the National Archives that relate to the American Revolution. They are photographic copies of works of art.

Outfitting an American Revolutionary Soldier by J. Lloyd Durham Reprinted with permission from the Tar Heel Junior Historian. Fall 1992.Tar Heel Junior Historian Association, NC Museum of History "Militia at First Line." Slavery Throughout the World: World History in Context No system of slavery has persisted on a significant scale unless supported by continuing systematic introductions of fresh captives: strangers brought into the slaveholding society without the cultural knowledge of seasoned slaves, not to mention the inherited rights accorded locally born members of the host community. Trade as a source of such newcomers has the specific connotation of purposive investment in--and organized movements of--people, by merchants in a commercialized economy. Otherwise, small numbers of dependent newcomers might enter localized communities through occasional, ad hoc transfers from neighbors, below the threshold of such an organized "trade." Distressed persons have offered themselves...View More

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