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Mysterious Deaths of 9/11 Witnesses (MUST SEE)

Mysterious Deaths of 9/11 Witnesses (MUST SEE)

Is writing a book s blog Solara An-Ra : Goddess of the Light - Home s blog | All Blog Entries You have no idea how many nights I've dreamed of my soul mate. I can see her and I think she's in this world too. She's a short tiny brunette haired girl and sometimes when I dream of her and I get to hold her in the Astral plane. Last night I got to see her face very well. I just looked up the international keyboard layouts and I think she might be from Spain or Mexico or just speaks Spanish, since the Spanish keyboards have the backslash in the upper left and then the tilda a few keys to the right. She looks kind of like this girl: I've been asking the cosmos to bring her into my life for quite some time now. NOTE: Those who know me know that it always felt over the top when someone said so and so is my soul mate, yadda yadda. The way I'm using "soul mate" and "twin flame" is to describe a genuine connection with someone whom you can deeply feel a connection with like no other. Keywords: dreams , soul mate , twin flames

s blog Ancient Aliens: Season 2 According to ancient alien theorists, extraterrestrials with superior knowledge of science and engineering landed on Earth thousands of years ago, sharing their expertise with early civilizations and forever changing the course of human history. But how did this concept develop, and is there any evidence to support it? Ancient alien theory grew out of the centuries-old idea that life exists on other planets, and that humans and extraterrestrials have crossed paths before. The theme of human-alien interaction was thrust into the spotlight in the 1960s, driven by a wave of UFO sightings and popular films like 2001: A Space Odyssey. The space program played no small part in this as well: If mankind could travel to other planets, why couldn't extraterrestrials visit Earth? In 1968, the Swiss author Erich von Däniken published Chariots of the Gods? If aliens visited Earth in the past, could they make an appearance in the future? This documentary is available for preview only.

SETI@home SETI@home ("SETI at home") is an Internet-based public volunteer computing project employing the BOINC software platform, hosted by the Space Sciences Laboratory, at the University of California, Berkeley, in the United States. SETI is an acronym for the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. Its purpose is to analyze radio signals, searching for signs of extra terrestrial intelligence, and is one of many activities undertaken as part of SETI. SETI@home was released to the public on May 17, 1999,[5][6][7] making it the second large-scale use of distributed computing over the Internet for research purposes, as was launched in 1997. Along with MilkyWay@home and Einstein@home, it is the third major computing project of this type that has the investigation of phenomena in interstellar space as its primary purpose. Scientific research[edit] The two original goals of SETI@home were: The second of these goals is generally considered to have succeeded completely. Results[edit]