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The Official Website of Laurie Lipton

The Official Website of Laurie Lipton

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The Watercolor Dance Vietnamese artist Minh Dam has been living in Poland since 1991, and currently works as an architect and drawing teacher at Studio Lineare. His watercolor paintings are highly praised and awarded in events in Italy and beyond, and what I like about his work is how he adds blobs of water over paint for rain scenes, which creates movement and realism. Artwork © ShowSlow Apollonia Saintclair Miss Endorphine. Today I got very nice mail from Patrice Verry. Patrice is the creator of a published book called Miss Endorphine with 100 texts about almost everything which was illustrated by 100 differents great illustrators like Caza, Varenne and many others. Starving Artist Recipes I used to live in Seattle and one of the big things I miss about that city is Tom Douglas’s Serious Pie restaurant. It is seriously intense, with their stone-encased applewood burning ovens, exclusive charcuterie, and artisan cheeses. But my fav is their Yukon Gold Potato with Rosemary and Pecorino Romano Pizza. While flights from LA to Seattle aren’t super expensive, making this pizza (or as close to it as possible) is a better alternative. Due to my extreme laziness when it comes to kneading, I turn to Jim Lahey’s genius invention, the No Knead Pizza Dough. It’s foolproof, thank G-d, and makes 2-3 pizzas, which will keep in the fridge for a few days.

Illustrations on Vintage Book Pages by Loui Jover Queensland, Australia based artist Loui Jover makes ink drawings on sheets of vintage book paper. Working in a small studio at the backyard of his house, he says “I draw obsessively every single day filling books with ideas, cartoons and drawings.” He likes the background that printed words of the book pages offer as they give his illustrations deeper meaning and story. Here you can see some of his artwork and you can find the rest here.

Shout works Shout (aka Alessandro Gottardo) / Skype: alessandro.gottardo Prev 1 2 3 4 5 ... Next Top page Artist Creates Drawings From Make Up To Celebrate Chinese New Year 5K views 81 days ago by Skirmantė In her latest series “Make-up meets Chinese Art”, Malaysian experimental artist Red Hong Yi uses everyday makeup products to create paintings that reflect traditional Chinese attributes. As the artist explains, “Chinese art requires a lot of precision and skill – one stroke can make a huge difference I felt that this is similar to how a woman carefully puts on her make-up.” The project is set to celebrate the Chinese New Year, which lasts for 15 days, and will have a piece a day posted on Red Hong Yi’s Instagram account.

Bio — Slinkachu Slinkachu (b. 1979, Devon, UK) has been “abandoning” his miniature people on the streets of cities around the world since 2006. His work embodies elements of street art, sculpture, installation art and photography and has been exhibited in galleries and museums globally. His images have been collected in three best-selling art books; Little People in the City (Boxtree, 2009), Big Bad City (Lebowski, 2010) and Global Model Village (Boxtree, 2012) that have collectively sold over 300,000 copies worldwide. Artist Statement I started working with miniatures in 2006. Creative Illustrator Sees Life In Everyday Street Objects 182K views 91 days ago by Justina Most of us rush through our everyday lives without noticing the beautiful things around us. Dutch illustrator Tineke Meirink offers a creative and playful way of engaging with our surroundings – just stop and watch, she says.

“Anny”, personal, 2014 “Halo creative collection”, Hairhouse Warehouse, 2014 WAD magazine cover rework for 10th anniversary exhibition, 2010 Piece from series to New Nordic Fashion Illustration exhibition, 2011 Illustration for Trendi magazine, 2013 Editorial for Revolution magazine with photographer Tomas Monka, 2012 Florotypes: Elegant Figures Crafted Entirely Out Of Dried Plants (18 pics) 22K views 91 days ago by Ewa Sobczyk Elzbieta Wodala is an incredibly talented artist from Wroclaw, Poland, who has created over 250 beautiful works of art by gluing various dried plant parts into elegant figures. She calls her natural creations Florotypes. “I have been pursuing my passion for 9 years now and I have developed my own style now, full of womanly delicacy (I use more details and I love to use flower petals), peacefulness and optimism,” said Wodala.

Creative Art with Everyday Objects by Javier Pérez Ecuador based artist Javier Pérez aka cintascotch keeps sharing his fantastic doodles which he creates by transforming everyday objects into completely different things with illustrations. It is a playful and creative way to reimagine an object as something else like a mini ketchup packet as a unit of blood. Check out some of the most recent work of him below which will surely make your day.

Drawing with Leaves I’m loving these figurative sketchbook illustrations created around the forms of pressed leaves. They showed up in the Tumblr of the Sketching Backpacker who has some serious chops when it comes to documenting their travels using paint, collage, pencil, or anything else available, I definitely recommend getting lost for a moment. (via fuck yeah book arts!)