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User Interface library

User Interface library

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Think Of Your Life As A Game. This Strategy Guide Tells You How To Win It At times, maybe in our darker moments, some of us have probably entertained the thought that our earthly existence is just a game. And others among us may have "gamified" certain parts of our life--fitness, let's say. But what if you actually did view your whole life as a game--a video game--and used gaming strategy to make every decision? Oliver Emberton is the founder of Silktide, a company whose software improves website functionality and efficiency. Now the blogger and programmer has turned life coach, and his goal is to improve the functionality and efficiency of your daily existence. He's done so with a "Strategy Guide to Life": a faux RPG instruction sheet on how to navigate the real world.

UX Lab: How vivid animation can uplift digital experiences — Intuity Media Lab The Illusion of Life by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston Since publishing the article about applying emotions to interaction design I’ve been fascinated by this subject, tackling questions like: How do you design animations that trigger positive emotions? What does it take to create a transition that feels vivid and is fun to use? Redesigning The Country Selector The country selector. It’s there when you create an account for a new Web service, check out of an e-commerce store or sign up for a conference. The normal design? A drop-down list with all of the available countries. However, when conducting a large session of user testing on check-out usability (which we wrote about2 here on Smashing Magazine back in April 2011), we consistently found usability issues with the massive country selector drop-downs.

Brand New UnderConsideration is a graphic design firm generating its own projects, initiatives, and content while taking on limited client work. Run by Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit in Austin, TX. More… Motion UI Motion UI is a Sass library for quickly creating CSS transitions and animations. We originally bundled this code with Foundation for Apps, but we've souped it up, made it its own library, and open sourced it ahead of the launch of Foundation for Sites 6. Getting Started Install Motion UI with Bower or npm. The package includes a CSS file with a bunch of premade transitions and animations, along with the source Sass files, which allow you to build your own.

Frog Chief Creative Officer Leaves To Start His Own UX Company After 19 years at Frog--eight of which he was the chief creative officer-- Mark Rolston has left the illustrious design firm to start a new, self-funded firm of his own called argodesign. The new company will focus on groundbreaking UX. “I want to offer perspective on design that’s not all about the visible artifact,” Rolston tells Co.Design. “It’s moving into behavior, the interaction between a human and a machine when the machine isn’t immediately evident, but is instead more of an entity like HAL. The psychology of user interface (part I - spatial visualization) People often misunderstand what drives good user interface. Certainly graphics is very important in the visceral sense that something is "cool", but in terms of whether someone understand how to do what they want to do, it should be obvious there is a lot more to it than that. There are a bunch of rules that are worth learning that can greatly improve your product.

Collecting Payment Information Within a Single Input For years the advice for mobile designers has been to avoid text input . Screens are small, fingers are imprecise, and so errors happen. But at the same time mobile devices are always with us, always on, and always connected. So instead of trying to limit input we should be encouraging it and taking steps to ensure it’s easy to provide accurately. Enter input masks... Input masks constrain text entries to help people avoid mistakes. Interface Beatport's Pro app for the Mac offers a shopping experience that's tailored for the way DJs shop for music. The app lets users analyze their music (tracks, sounds, and playlists) to prepare sets and add music to their playlists. Here are some of the elements of the version 2 interface related to shopping in the app. Beatport comes close to the experience of shopping in a record store, breaking down music into genres and sub-genres.

Move Over Product Design, UX Is The Future For decades, the most successful businesses thrived on product innovation as the natural strategy to increase revenues, market share, and loyalty. Fast forward to 2014: today’s product innovations, and the growth they create, are often incremental, narrow, and fleeting. Take TVs or PCs--every competitor quickly matches the latest features, speed, brightness. The Art of UI Animations, Lean UX SF Usage and performance Usage Only two properties are required for a CSS transition.