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free, online financial education for college students When you’re a student, it can feel like money is always tight. You’ve got bills, rent, and tuition to pay, and you want to have enough money for fun, too. So how can you get on the right path to a great financial future, while making your money count today? Artist Advice After a discussion last week with several of my cartoonist peers (and at the behest of Steve Bissette): I want to talk about image theft and uncredited content on social media. I’m only going to speak from personal experience (and only about the one image posted above) but I hope that this example will show the disservice this causes to any artist whose artwork is edited and reposted without credit.[Disclaimer: I post all my work online for free. I want people to read, enjoy, and share my work. I have no problem with people reposting my work if it’s credited and unaltered.

New Student Welcome Programs 9:00 AM • Thursday 8/20 10:00 AM • Thursday 8/20 Farrand Hall Eaton Humanities/135 Sewall Hall 10:30 AM • Thursday 8/20 Airport Manager Game online free for PC Mac,no download.Money management games for kids,high school college students Airport Tycoon is a fun strategy game for high school students and older kids where you get to learn all about real-life money management strategies and tips, through managing an airport. This insightful learning game requires astute foresight, a determined attitude and a mind open to new ideas. If you do well, you will be rewarded with an overwhelming sense of achievement and purpose. The goal is to run the airport as efficiently as possible, in order to get the highest score. You have to choose destinations and build runways; manage the airport café; keep all the staff happy; hire celebs to promote the airport; and most importantly, earn as much money as you can in 24 months!

THE COMPLETE ARTIST: How to Succeed in the Creative Industry Look Inside This book is in it's final stages of production and will be shipped in June. $49 Printed book is towards a Trade Soft Cover Edition os 224 Page book. Look at the Rewards Package for bonus prints and goodies. Books will be shipping out in June.

Your student’s new life on campus — A guide for parents to the first six weeks By Diane Schwemm You may hear (at orientation, and in every college parenting book you read or from every veteran college parent you talk to) that the first six weeks of college can set the tone for your student’s entire freshman year. There’s truth to this, but it’s important for students and parents alike not to panic or despair if the start of the year is a bit rough either academically or socially. By understanding what your student is experiencing during these early weeks, you’ll be better positioned to provide appropriate support and express your confidence that your student will rise to meet the challenges of freshman year. They’re the ones going off to college. How do parents fit in?

How Financial Literacy Yields Success Ariel Community Academy, in Chicago, uses a number of strategies that research has shown to be effective, including teaching financial literacy and helping students develop their own point of view. Evidence-Based Practices at Ariel Community Academy This research summary explores several evidence-based practices that are yielding success at Ariel Community Academy in Chicago: It also includes supporting materials:

Lectures: Levmore Monopolies as an Introduction to Economics. SAUL LEVMORE, William B. Graham Distinguished Professor of Law, University of Chicago Lesson Overview Acting and Animation By Doron A. Meir "An animator is an actor with a pencil", goes the oldest and truest animation cliché. Not "a draftsman that acts", but first and foremost - an actor. If you're trying to tell a story through a character, inevitably you're an actor.

Lectures: Ackman Everything you need to Know About Finance and Investing in Less than an Hour. WILLIAM ACKMAN, Activist Investor, Hedge-Fund Manager Lesson Overview We all want to be financially stable and enjoy a well-funded retirement, but we don't want to squander our hard-earned money on poor investments. Essential Acrylic Painting Tips for the Beginner Artist Acrylics are a fascinating painting medium. I never truly understood how versatile and enjoyable this medium was until I began working with them exclusively. I would like to share a number of tips that I have learned over the years. The City The City is a learning program developed by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) and the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC). It teaches young people financial skills that they can carry with them throughout their lives. Use the Student Access if a teacher has asked you to do these lessons or if you just want to learn more about personal finances. Use the Teacher Access if you want to use these materials to teach a class. You must register and login to use this program.

Narrative Illustration -By Todd Lockwood In a few days, enrollment will close for my class at the SmART School. In order to encourage you to have a closer look, here’s a portion of the document I send to my new students before class begins, to get them off to a rolling start.