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Financial Literacy

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Untitled. Untitled. Find Jobs: Search millions of jobs now. Funny reviews - Dynamic list. Untitled. What's the difference between a bank and a credit union? From the outside, banks and credit unions seem very similar.

What's the difference between a bank and a credit union?

They both offer checking and savings accounts, financial products like CDs and specialized accounts, and the rest of the services we've come to expect. You drive through teller windows or stop in at a branch, deposit your checks or withdraw money, and occasionally meet with personnel to discuss your financial needs. ATMs, debit and credit cards, loans and mortgages are all on the menu at most banks and credit unions. John Adams quotes. Untitled. Dow-jones-trends.png (PNG Image, 1150 × 879 pixels) - Scaled (89%) Creating Topics For High School Economics Research Papers. The study of economics can be a challenge to write about in a research paper.

Creating Topics For High School Economics Research Papers

How the Great Recession Has Changed Life in America. I.

How the Great Recession Has Changed Life in America

Overview. 1929 Stock Market Crash Video - The Great Depression. Cards: GFL Final Review. Sample Average Monthly Budget For a Single Person Or College Student. Experts discuss new trend of eating out vs. eating at home. It happened this year for the first time ever: Americans spent more money in restaurants and bars than in grocery stores, according to a recent article published by Yahoo!

Experts discuss new trend of eating out vs. eating at home

News. In April the U.S. Department of Commerce reported that Americans spent $52.3 billion at restaurants and bars in March, and $49.7 billion in grocery stores. It is the first time grocery spending has lagged behind fast food sales since the government started tracking statistics nearly 25 years ago. Living Wage Calculator. Financial Simulations for Young Adults: Making the "Real World" Real. Introduction Simulations are a useful tool for teaching personal finance concepts.

Financial Simulations for Young Adults: Making the "Real World" Real

With realistic information about hypothetical individuals or households, including salaries, educational attainment, marital status, and household expenses, simulations provide an opportunity for students to appreciate the economic impact of a post-secondary education and to practice financial management skills such as check writing and budgeting. In addition, simulations are interactive, which makes learning fun and help develop participants' interpersonal and teamwork skills. Educators serve as facilitators of the learning process (e.g., posing debriefing questions) rather than in the traditional lecture presentation role.

14 key considerations for when filing bankruptcy. By Dana Dratch No one ever plans to go bankrupt.

14 key considerations for when filing bankruptcy

It's like pushing a financial reset button. Damon Williams: 14 Year Old Investor On Track To Become A Millionaire! After Finding $40,000 In Thrift-Store Couch, Roommates Return Money. Lara Russo (from left), Cally Guasti and Reese Werkhoven found more than $40,000 stashed inside the couch they bought at a Salvation Army store.

After Finding $40,000 In Thrift-Store Couch, Roommates Return Money

Mike Groll/AP hide caption itoggle caption Mike Groll/AP. 2005_income_distribution.gif (GIF Image, 1224 × 1224 pixels) - Scaled (81%) - Tips For Teens - Decoding Your Paycheck. It's a great feeling to get that first paycheck! - Tips For Teens - Decoding Your Paycheck

It's important to read your paycheck stub and look for any errors. More employers are using direct deposit, sending your pay directly to your bank account. You then get an Earnings Statement that looks similar to the sample below. Sample Income Tax Statements 1099 and W-2. Each January, you should receive a form from your employer that includes the amount of money you earned and other tax information.

Sample Income Tax Statements 1099 and W-2

These income statements are also sent to the IRS to report your earnings. You will need any income statements you and your dependents receive to file your taxes. Below are examples of the two most common income statements: W-2 and 1099 forms. Fw4.pdf. What the Marshmallow Test Really Teaches About Self-Control. The Marshmallow Test. Suze Orman: To really save money, do this... Weekend Update Thursday: Suze Orman. ROI-Graphic.jpg (JPEG Image, 951 × 1835 pixels) - Scaled (54%) College Education Value Rankings - PayScale 2013 College ROI Report. 5 Steps To Calculating Your College R.O.I. Road-map-clip-art3.png (PNG Image, 800 × 488 pixels) Financial Quotes. 35 Best Songs about Money. Life Happens. The video library consists of a variety of two- to five-minute videos on insurance and financial-planning topics to help launch class discussions and reinforce key program themes.

Life Happens

Next Generation lessons align with national education standards in financial literacy, life skills, math, and more. > View Standards Matrix. Types of Stocks. What are the two types of bankruptcy? Bankruptcy Explained. Creditor Rights in Bankruptcy - Video & Lesson Transcript. Financial Literacy for High School Students. Money, Personal Finance, Business, Careers, Life Skills: Lessons, Education. What's an Investment? An investment is an asset purchased with the expectation that it will generate income or appreciate over time. In finance, common investments include stocks, bonds, real estate, mutual funds and, to a lesser extent, commodities, annuities and options. Many investments trade daily on the public market. Current events and company performance can cause a company’s stock to rise or fall; and significant news can affect the entire stock market.

Generally speaking, if a person follows safe investment practices, the longer they invest for, the greater the chance they will grow their wealth. Inversely, the shorter the period of investment, the higher the risk of that investment losing money. Despite the risk, wise investments are one of the best ways to grow your money. Investment Risk Tolerance Quiz: Personal Finance. Want to improve your personal finances? Start by taking this quiz to get an idea of your risk tolerance--one of the fundamental issues to consider when planning your investment strategy, either alone or in consultation with a professional. Choose the response that best describes you--there are no "right" or "wrong" answers. Just have fun!

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Personal Finance

Pathway to Financial Success. The students look at a simple chart relating education level with average annual income. From the data the students generalize that people with more education usually earn more income. 9 Personal Finance Lessons for High School Students — Family Economics. Lesson Plans. Give your students a deeper understanding of money management using a curriculum offered by Practical Money Skills.