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Personal Finance and Economics Education Online Game for teachers teaching grades 6 through 12 students - Gen i Revolution

Personal Finance and Economics Education Online Game for teachers teaching grades 6 through 12 students - Gen i Revolution
Developed for middle school and high school students, this online game gives your students the chance to learn important personal finance skills as they play and compete against fellow classmates. The game includes fifteen Missions in which students attempt to help people in financial trouble. Students join the Gen i Revolution, strategically select their Operatives, and begin to explore and earn points as they work to complete each Mission. Incorporate the Gen i Revolution along with the Learning, Earning, and Investing lessons into your classroom today! Join the Revolution »

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Games Put your financial skills to the test with the new 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil-branded version of Visa's fast-paced, multiple-choice question game. The updated game tests players' knowledge of financial management skills as they advance down the field and try to score. Educators are encouraged to review and download the lesson modules before game play. Are you warmed up and ready to play? Games in the Classroom Games can be powerful teaching tools.

Educational Financial Videos - Investopedia Videos Ad will close in 15 seconds. Sign in Register Videos What's a T Bond? What's a Prospectus? Understanding Interpersonal Skills Budgeting Budgeting means managing your spending so it is not more than your income. So, if you have £200 of income a week you should try not to spend more than £200. Before looking at your own budget try this one for fun. Mr & Mrs Smith's budget Mr and Ms Smith have one child of school age and a weekly income of £200. Which of the following items would they need to budget for? Think about which items are most important.

14 Excellent YouTube Math Channels for Teachers and Students February 10, 2014 Since the posting of "20 Great Math Websites for Teachers and Students", I have received some requests from math teachers asking for websites that provide quality math videos. Upon checking my archive and some other online resources, I deemed it necessary to compile this list of Math YouTube channels to share with you. These are basically channels where you can have access to a wide variety of math videos and tutorials to help your students with Math. I have included only what I believe are the best Math channels out there.

St. Louis Fed Econ Lowdown We have award-winning, FREE classroom resources for K-16 educators to use to teach about money and banking, economics, personal finance and the Federal Reserve. We also have FREE resources for consumers and others who want to learn about economics, personal finance and the Federal Reserve. Learn more about our extensive list of online courses, and see what teachers have to say about our content on our Endorsements page. Explore opportunities for teacher professional development, including CPDU credit, and for making your school a Community Education Partner with the Federal Reserve Bank of St.

Why Balance Your Checking Account? checking Highlights Balancing a checking account shows how much money is available.Your check register contains a running total of all of your transactions. Other reasons to review an account are to spot financial mistakes and fraud. HippoCampus Can I take a course at HippoCampus for credit? How do I enroll in a course at HippoCampus? Are there any fees to take your courses? How do I make a comment or ask a question? How do I get individual help with my homework assignment? What are the preferred texts? Online banking simulator Welcome to our online banking simulator, which aims to help you get to grips with online banking. Each bank and building society offering online banking has its own website. These will differ from the Money Matters to Me online banking simulator but most should be easy to understand and use once you have practiced with our simulator. Log in details When you bank online your bank or building society will give you all the information you need to access your account. They will probably send you this information in more than one letter to prevent anyone getting hold of your details if a letter should be lost in the post.

10 Resources for Pi Day March 14th is Pi Day every year. It’s a great way of encouraging young and old children to think about maths, shape and special numbers. 1) The Pi Day site has lots of information about the number Pi, with videos and sightings of Pi around the web. There is also a huge list of Pi Day Activities for Teachers. Trading Around the World International trade touches us all. We drink soda from cans made of aluminum mined in Australia, wear shoes made in Europe, eat fruit from South America, build machinery from steel milled in Asia, wear clothes made from African cotton, and live in homes built from North American wood. We take it for granted, yet before we can enjoy these products and materials, traders must negotiate prices and deliver the goods through a network of relationships that literally spans the globe. Play this game to experience the challenges and excitement of international trade.

50 Free Courses with Certificates from Great Universities Advertisement Discover Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) from great universities. Most offer “certificates” or “statements of completion,” though typically not university credit. A “$” indicates that the course is free, but the credential costs money. Math Tools A community library of technology tools, lessons, activities, and support materials for teaching and learning mathematics. New to Math Tools? Welcome!

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