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10 Ways To Promote Your Business With $5

10 Ways To Promote Your Business With $5
Do you want to give your business a boost but you don’t want to spend a lot of money? Try out It is a very usefull website to promote your business. Essentially, it’s a marketplace where you can can sell and buy gigs that are priced at $5. Gigs range from doing video testimonials to sending out Tweets to writing a romantic sonnet. In this article I will sum up 10 examples of how to promote your business for only $5 by showing you some gigs that where posted on So, here we go: Adnagam will post a tweet of your choice to 33,000 Twitter followers for $5 Adnagam has over 34,000 followers on Twitter spanning all categories and would like to post a link to your site or whatever you’d like her to say on her twitter once a day to my followers. Pro_facebook will get you 300 likes on your facebook page in 24h Do you need Facebook likes but don’t want to give out your username and Id? Linkedinpro will help you grow your network by over 2000 LinkedIn connections for $5 Related:  Entrepreneurship

Best 101 Entrepreneurship Quotes Ever · 14 Clicks I’m a big fan of quotes. I could read them all day long. Some quotes can shift your entire mindset on something while others are just nice to bring up in conversations. I’ve spent the last two years (off and on) compiling 101 of my favorite entrepreneurship quotes around success, failure, leadership, wisdom, humor, money, practicality, motivation, and a smattering of entrepreneurial proverbs. Success Quotes Failure Quotes “Failure defeats losers, failure inspires winners.” Leadership Quotes “Leaders don’t force people to follow, they invite them on a journey.” Wisdom Quotes “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.” Humorous Quotes “I think it’s wrong that only one company makes the game Monopoly.” Money Quotes “Formal education will make you a living. Practical Quotes

StartupNation - Source for Small Business Advice, Help Starting a Business, Entrepreneur Forum - StumbleUpon Email Marketing Blog for Small Business: 5 Ways You Are Turning Your Customers Away This article by VerticalResponse CEO and founder Janine Popick originally appeared on When it comes to running our companies, we all get into a rut from time to time. One big rut is not having enough time in the day to really assess all of the ways our customers are interacting with us, whether it’s digital or good old face-to-face. With all the access customers have to products and services other than your own, it’s extremely easy to lose opportunities to make them happy. Take a look at your business and see if any of these pitfalls could be turning your customers away: Employee Chatter How many times have you walked into a store and you hear employees talking to each other about their shifts, the fact that they hate working today, or how they can’t wait to get off work to go clubbing tonight? Phone Tree Hell Have you ever called your own business phone number to see what the customer experience is like? Mobile Mania Inconsistencies Welcome! © 2012, VR Marketing Blog.

29 Ways to Collect Email Addresses for Your Business Looking for ways to grow your list of newsletter subscribers? There are a ton of ways to get people to sign up for your weekly or monthly email marketing campaigns. I’ve put together a list for you to read, so you have heaps of options for growing your list. Include a link to your newsletter sign up form in the main navigation bar of your website and/or blog. Bonus: Optimize your site for appropriate SEO keywords, and ensure your business is on appropriate online listings. Have any additional ideas? Need more ideas for your next email? Send your next email for free using VerticalResponse. Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published in September 2009 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and relevance. © 2016, Janine Popick. About the Author Janine Popick is a contributing author for VerticalResponse.

Rise To The Top With Facebook EdgeRank Facebook can be a great place to market your small business; many of you have set up fan pages and are actively building a Facebook audience. One thing you may not realize, though, is that not all of the messages you share on Facebook are being seen by your fans. In fact, many of the posts you share on your Facebook page will only be seen by a handful of people, regardless of how many fans you have. For the personal profiles of your fans, the default setting on their newsfeed is set to display what Facebook considers “Top News.” Affinity: Affinity refers to the strength of the Facebook relationship between users. What You Can Do: Encourage conversations with fans on your page and start a dialogue. Popularity: As more people engage with any given piece of content, the more popular it becomes in Facebook’s eyes. What You Can Do: Figure out what kinds of posts get the most reaction from your audience and be smart about what you post. © 2011 – 2013, VR Marketing Blog.

Pricing Problems and The New York Times Digital Subscription - Peter Merholz by Peter Merholz | 10:20 AM March 28, 2011 When the The New York Times announced its digital subscription plan, which begins today, it was met with a fair bit of skepticism and confusion. If it fails to live up to expectations, it will probably be seen as yet another nail in journalism’s coffin. It’s not that The Times shouldn’t charge for its content — it has every right to earn money for its work. As in so many aspects of customer experience, it pays to look at what Apple does. Netflix won the video rental market in large part because of simplified pricing — you paid a certain amount per month, got a certain level of service, and that was it. If you look at the companies that offer the most confusing pricing plans (telcos, health insurance providers, most major airlines), they are also the companies that deliver the poorest customer experience. Just as Netflix totally disrupted an existing industry with their pricing scheme, so has Southwest Airlines.

Starting a Business: Advice from the Trenches - StumbleUpon If you’re like thousands of other designers, programmers and other creative professionals out there, at one point in time you’ve considered starting your own business. Unlike most, you’ve gone against common sense and decided to open shop for yourself. And not just freelance full-time, mind you, but file for the company name, get some stationery, and wade through the legal mumbo-jumbo. Maybe even get a real office with a water cooler. This article offers real-world advice from the trenches of a small start-up, and is applicable to designers, web developers, copywriters, usability experts and all manner of service providers. Write a Business Plan#section1 The most important thing you can do to prepare for starting and operating your own business. Beyond the mental exercises, a good business plan will give you a much better chance of getting a small business loan from a bank than walking in and saying, “I like Photoshop and maybe a can do some websites or something. Funding#section3 Good:

Traffic | Vox SEO Let’s be honest with ourselves here. Getting traffic to your websites is not fun. It’s hard and it usually takes a long time. In many cases, too much time… So much that you might be ready to call it quits. That’s why I’m not going to waste any time here with hype and fluff. You see, our system is all about increasing your web traffic and Alexa Ranking. Our traffic is perfect for website owners who need: The traffic we deliver to your website comes from expired domains and contextual/interstitial advertising. It doesn’t matter what you do online. Everyday we serve millions of visitors to high income internet marketers and webmasters. 1,050 visitors per day to this 3 month old website with our $59.99 package! Please use our contact form if you need traffic from a specific country and we will create a custom package for you. If you are selling on the internet, think of your Alexa ranking as a symbol of your trust and professionalism.

Startup Advice: How Entrepeneurs Gain Credibility While talking with young founders in Europe and the US over the last couple months, I have been asked the same question repeatedly -- how can an entrepreneur just starting out gain the necessary credibility to attract capital? It is an important question because, at its heart, a startup investment is an investment in the entrepreneur. And the earlier stage the investment, the more so this is true. We all know the allure of the elusive "serial entrepreneur" -- the rare breed who has done it before (successfully) and will not fall victim to the same business pitfalls (he'll have to discover new ones). I have backed serial entrepreneurs before and will continue to back them. They have valuable startup knowledge to bring to bear on the company building process that we in the venture business clearly covet. So how does an entrepreneur with little or no track record gain credibility? The other way first time entrepreneurs gain credibility is to earn it.

9 Ways to Delight Your Facebook Fans Without Giving Away The Farm When it comes to social media marketing, and Facebook in particular, the name of the game is engagement. Conventional wisdom says that the best way to keep your Facebook fans engaged is to reward them, the most obvious way being with free products, discounts and other types of giveaways. For many small businesses or businesses with limited resources, though, doing this on a regular basis is tough. So, instead of thinking of this as a barrier, think of it as a creative challenge. Here are nine other ways the creative marketer can engage and delight their fans and customers without spending a dime. 1. One of the primary reasons your customers become fans on Facebook is to have a channel to interact with your business. 2. People love to feel in the know or ahead of the curve. 3. In the same vein, giving your fans a behind the scenes look at your business can be a great way to start conversations and make them feel special. 4. What’s more delightful than playing games? 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

The coffeeshop fallacy Lots of people think they want to start a coffeeshop. They likely don’t. That’s like buying a minimum wage job for two hundred grand. What they want is to be a customer and sit in a cafe, drink coffee, be nice to people, and possibly curate an art gallery. We’re good at recognising when we receive pleasure from consuming a certain good or service. Max Levchin (paypal, slide) said something to the effect of: You you can’t be in love with a particular idea or business. It’s one of those quotes that has haunted me, in no small part because Max has been so successful in such a wide range of pursuits and because I both understand his reasoning and [somewhat] disagree with his conclusion. Here’s a working definition of the coffeeshop fallacy: The coffeeshop fallacy is a mismatch between the work one imagines to be involved in a pursuit and the actual day-to-day labour. It preys on actors, artists, founders, and more A stoic solution I think I can see where Max is coming from.

10 Blogs Entrepreneurs Need to Be Reading | Grasshopper Blog - StumbleUpon See the 2012 edition: 10 Must Read Blogs for Entrepreneurs (2012 Edition) #1. The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Site: What it is: Mike Michalowicz provides entrepreneurs and small businesses with tips on everything from starting a business to networking to marketing and health care. Why you should read it: Mike not only provides great tips but he provides great tips from REAL people. #2. Site: What it is: Written by a panel of small business owners, the site offers tips and advice on everything business related. Small business trends really covers EVERYTHING! #3. Site: Run by two brothers, Matthew and Adam Toren, Young Entrepreneur is exactly what it sounds like; a site dedicated to young entrepreneurs. Between blog posts, forums, polls and interviews with other small business owners, the site offers fantastic content. #4. Site: Why you should read it: #5. #6. #7. #8.

15 Must-Know Facts on How People View Websites Do you know what is the first thing that your eye is drawn to on a website? And in what pattern do people scan your website? There have been many eyetracking tests on this subject and I’ll give you 15 most useful facts you should know. The picture below shows 3 different websites and where people look on them. As you can see, the more people scroll down, the more they lose focus and start mainly scanning your website. Here are the 15 facts you should know on how people view websites. Text attracts more attention than pictures. There you go. Sources: BBC News | directcreative | GoogleBlog How to NOT sell something to my generation All artwork and content on this site is Copyright © 2015 Matthew Inman. Please don't steal. was lovingly built using CakePHP All artwork and content on this site is Copyright © 2015 Matthew Inman. Please don't steal. was lovingly built using CakePHP