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Financial Literacy

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Money and children - MoneySmart Teaching. Lunch money budget game. GetWise financial literacy programme in schools. Lemonade Stand Program. Let's learn about business while we develop a well known kid's business; the lemonade stand business. Lemonade Stand Program

The Lemonade Stand Goes Internet™, is a phrase we are using to develop and communicate our program. We are using the internet to help you develop your lemonade stand business and to share the lemonade stand business concept with kids. Even if you feel like you may be a little to old to work a lemonade stand, give it another chance or just a little of your time on paper to plan it out. You may surprise yourself on how much more there is to a lemonade stand, if you spend more time on things such as planning and design. If you are new to the lemonade stand business, we have lots of tips to help you succeed. As you go through our program you should realize that young kids and old kids alike, can try the program and walk away with great experiences.

The following are some thoughts on how this program can be used and the possible outcomes that you can expect: Economics. Economics Economics is not just money.


It's businesses and how they work. It's lemonade stands and how many dollars they take in. It's toy collecting and baseball card collections. It's taxes and allowances. (For a description of these fun, illustrated, easy-to-read articles, click here.) Making a Budget One thing that every good money manager does is make a budget. Fun For Kids. Welcome to The Enterprise Zone. My Money Style. Learn how to present yourself, your product and your market stall. Presentation is everything.

Learn how to present yourself, your product and your market stall

It affects everything, whether you are selling a product, promoting a service or pitching an idea. Learn how to present yourself, your product and your market stall. It’s about getting potential customers to buy into what you are offering and it includes everything from the design of your product, to the way it is packaged and presented, to the overall presentation of your stall and, as importantly, the way you present yourself. The first stop in presentation is about your products and we offer a few hints on things from packaging to practicality. Now if you are purchasing products and reselling them at a profit, as an example, manufactured items like toys or greeting cards, then some of the presentation has already been taken care of, in respect to the fact that it will already be packaged and have labels and branding.

If this is you then obviously the first thing to consider is the design of the product itself. Some things you may want to consider: Plan / The Market Day / Unit Planning / Planning, programmes, and units of work / Technology in the NZC / Welcome to Technology Online - Technology Online. Shields Elementary School Market Day. Financial education games for school students. From Young Enterprise Trust Games Success Saver Suitable for students in school years 3–6 With a savings goal of $20, students earn small sums of money helping at home and in the communty.

Financial education games for school students

Wise financial choices will enable them to reach their savings goal, but also take time out for leisure activities and volunteer work. Download 'Success Saver'. Goal 300 Suitable for students in school years 5–8 Students aim to help pay for a family holdiay in Brisbane by raising $300. Download 'Goal 300'. Lessons Level 1 – Our Notes and Coins Suitable for students in school years 1–2 In this lesson students will investigate the designs on New Zealand’s notes and coins, and their cultural and historic importance to New Zealanders. Download 'Level 1 - Our Notes and Coins'. Level 2 – How Can We Value Money? Suitable for students in school years 3–4 How do we guide students to make financially responsible decisions that give value for money, and what do we mean by the phrase, ‘value for money’? From Te Kete Ipurangi. Needs and Wants Activity. MARKET DAY IDEAS FOR KIDS on Pinterest. Money . Managing Money . Needs Vs. Wants.

Money . Making Money . Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching! Market Day ideas on Pinterest.