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all in our heads // video 16,984 notes Kris Menace ‘The Entirety of Matter’ // Album art by Mr. Check out the first in a series of 'gif videos’ for the album here: Kris Menace - Mona 827 notes Related:  GIFS

REED + RADER: Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader Born in 1987 As part of the exhibition: Born in 1987: The Animated GIF we are inviting the public to respond to their show by creating and submitting their own GIFs. We will be featuring the public submissions on this website, plus an edited selection will be shown on The Wall (a 2.7 x 3m screen) in the main foyer of The Photographers’ Gallery in the final weeks. Because all GIFs featured on The Wall will be visible to both visitors to the building plus all passersby on Ramillies St through glass windows, your submissions will have to meet some editorial guidelines. For example, we won’t be able to exhibit GIFs on The Wall which are not suitable for a general audience, or GIFs which may have rapid flashing or changes in luminosity which may have a negative impact on members of the public with photosensitive epilepsy. As a guideline, no more than 3 rapid changes to the image per second should appear. To submit your work, you will need to create a Tumblr Account, and upload your GIF.

BORN IN 1987: The Animated Gif | The Wall Part of our extended programme includes a new digital display named The Wall, an exhibition space for screen media. The Wall consists of a 2.7 x 3m Sharp video wall, situated on the ground floor and visible to everyone visiting the building and those passing by on the street. The Wall forms part of a research programme which aims to explore issues concerning the digital image, its dissemination and display on-screen. For the opening show, The Wall will address a unique form of image which is best experienced via a screen: the animated gif. Image credit: Alexa Wright Although there is a long history of creative experimentation with the GIF, there has been a renewed interest in its form due to activity on sites such as Tumblr,, 4chan and ffffound. For this show we asked a range of photographers, writers and other practitioners, many of whom had never created a GIF, for their responses to the form. Image Credit: Kim Asendorf Participating artists.

Dain Fagerholm "Gif" élu mot de l'année : 5 raisons d'applaudir- 15 novembre 2012 Rappelez-vous des mots français intégrés dans Le Petit Robert 2013 au rayon numérique : "Billet" (de blog), "nuage informatique","mémoire flash", "lol" - tout de même - ou les obscurs "permalien", "réseautique" et "rétrolien". Tellement sérieux... A côté, les lexicographes des dictionnaires d’Oxford University Press sont autrement plus funky ! Gif est l’acronyme de Graphics Interchange Format ("format d'échange d'images") et désigne un format d'image numérique. Question : pourquoi faut-il se réjouir que ce mot entre dans le dictionnaire, fut-il américain ? 1. Quant au mot de l’année choisi par le Oxford dictionnary pour son édition anglaise, il s’agit de "omnishambles", ce qui traduit une situation sens dessus dessous, qui a dégénéré à cause de mauvais choix. 2. Avec le couronnement de ce mot revient l’éternel débat : prononce-t-on "jif" ou "guif" ? Le dictionnaire d’Oxford ne vous sera pas d’une grande aide : il admet en effet les deux prononciations. 3. 4. 5.

GIF Artists Artist Spotlight Gustavo Torres View more GIFs by Gustavo Torres "GIF art is simple and complex at the same time. home — A M E L I A G I L L E R Rebecca Mock Illustration : Over the Moon GIF portrait by Maddie, Muses Milk Hello lovelies! I would like to share an interview I recently did with Muses Milk. Thank you Olivia and Maddie for the wonderful experience (and also for the amazing Gif portrait, by Maddie - I just love it!) While this is quite late, I would like to answer a question from Tumblr mail: Hi, i’m studying ilustration in Argentina, i love your art, it has touch my soul. Firstly a huge thank you for everyone who have sent me mail through Tumblr. In regards to the question you can have a look at my GIF process interview with Sara from Brown Paper Bag here. Look forward to a new GIF <3