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Peabody Museum Painting of the Month | Paintings He’s England’s patron saint, but little can be said with any certainty about Saint George. According to legend, Saint George was a Roman soldier who refused to recant his Christian faith, and who was subjected to brutal torture and death by the Emperor Diocletian. He was martyred in Nicomedia (in modern Turkey) and buried in Lydda (in modern Israel). Uccello depicts the scene for which Saint George is most associated - his battle with the dragon - a legend that became popular in the 13th century when recounted by Jacobus de Voragine. The legend tells of a town in Lydda, terrorised by a fearsome dragon living in a nearby lake. One day, the lot fell upon the king’s daughter. Uccello has chosen to show both the moment that George defeats the dragon (more accurately, a wyvern), and the moment when the dragon is subdued by the princess’s girdle. George is depicted in somewhat anachronistic armour for 1470, and the princess is very fashionably dressed.

news / ALEXANDRE FARTO AKA VHILS Van Gogh Museum blijft verbouwen Directeur Axel Ruger geeft het startsein voor de bouw van een nieuwe hoofdentree voor het Van Gogh Museum ANP Het stof van de laatste grote verbouwing is net neergedaald, maar toch is het Van Gogh Museum vandaag begonnen aan een nieuw bouwproject. Het museum krijgt een nieuwe hoofdingang. De ingang zit nu nog aan de Paulus Potterstraat. De nieuwe entree komt aan de andere kant van het museum, aan het Museumplein. Minister Blok gaf vandaag samen met museumdirecteur Axel Rüger het startschot voor de nieuwe verbouwing, die ruim een jaar in beslag neemt. Met het entreegebouw krijgt het museum er 800 vierkante meter vloeroppervlakte bij. Het Van Gogh Museum was eerder zeven maanden gesloten voor een onderhoudsbeurt aan het gebouw.

Vermeer Centrum Delft Museo Nacional del Prado The Ashmolean Museum Hans Holbein the Younger | The Ambassadors | NG1314 This picture memorialises two wealthy, educated and powerful young men. On the left is Jean de Dinteville, aged 29, French ambassador to England in 1533. To the right stands his friend, Georges de Selve, aged 25, bishop of Lavaur, who acted on several occasions as ambassador to the Emperor, the Venetian Republic and the Holy See. The picture is in a tradition showing learned men with books and instruments. Certain details could be interpreted as references to contemporary religious divisions. In the foreground is the distorted image of a skull, a symbol of mortality.

The National Gallery, London Florence : Galerie des Offices Eventi Sei incontri sul tema "AutenticitTà" dal 9-4-2014 fino al 28-4-2014 Avvisi Avviso possibili chiusure Giovedì 10 aprile 2014 la Galleria degli Uffizi, il Museo Nazionale del Bargello, e Palazzo Davanzati potrebbero essere chiusi dalle 08.15 alle 9.45 e dalle 17.30 alle 19.00 per assemblea dei dipendenti. La Tavola Doria esposta agli Uffizi nella Sala delle Carte Geografiche dal 25-3-2014 fino al 29-6-2014 Mostra "Rosso e Pontormo" a Palazzo Strozzi dal 8-3-2014 fino al 20-7-2014 Rosso e Pontormo. Palazzo Strozzi, in collaborazione con la Soprintendenza Speciale per il Patrimonio Storico Artistico ed Etnoantropologico e per il Polo Museale della città di Firenze, presenta una grande esposizione dedicata al Pontormo e al Rosso Fiorentino, due fra i maggiori artisti di tutto il Cinquecento. Esibendo a Palazzo Strozzi il biglietto della Galleria degli Uffizi, sarà possibile usufruire di una riduzione del 50 % sul prezzo dell’ingresso alla mostra. >>

Jan van Eyck | The Arnolfini Portrait | NG186 This work is a portrait of Giovanni di Nicolao Arnolfini and his wife, but is not intended as a record of their wedding. His wife is not pregnant, as is often thought, but holding up her full-skirted dress in the contemporary fashion. Arnolfini was a member of a merchant family from Lucca living in Bruges. The ornate Latin signature translates as 'Jan van Eyck was here 1434'. Van Eyck was intensely interested in the effects of light: oil paint allowed him to depict it with great subtlety in this picture, notably on the gleaming brass chandelier. Site officiel du musée du Louvre VAN GOGH MUSEUM | Amsterdam | Pays-Bas Adresse et accès Le Musée Van Gogh est situé sur la Museumplein. L’entrée se trouve au numéro 7 de la Paulus Potterstraat. Le musée est facilement accessible par les transports en communs (lignes de tramway 2, 3, 5 et 12 et bus 170, 171 et 172). Adresse postaleP.O Box 75366 NL 1070 AJ Amsterdam T +31 (0)20 570 52 00F +31 (0)20 570 52 Heures d'ouverture 1 mai 2013: 10-182 mai - 1 septembre 2013: 9-18, vendredi 9-222 septembre -26 décembre 2013: 9-17, vendredi 9-2227 décembre 2013 - 5 janvier 2014: 9-18, vendredi 9-22à partir du 6 janvier, 2014: 9-17, vendredi 9-22 Van Gogh at work En tant qu’artiste, Vincent van Gogh est célèbre pour son style et son usage des couleurs. L’exposition Van Gogh at work nous fait découvrir le chemin qu’il a parcouru avant de devenir cet artiste unique à l’oeuvre d’envergure. Van Gogh at work est le résultat de longues années de recherches sur le mode de travail de l’artiste. Bibliothèque Règles internes