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Foldify Coming Out by ZMIK Better late than never # 1: Coming Out is a collection of prototypes by Swiss designers Zmik, exhibited at V-Gallery in Basel, Switzerland, last year. The exhibition featured eight lighting and furniture prototypes created for the studio's interior projects, including an outdoor chandelier and a light made of a polystyrene fast-food box. More information about ZMIK (in German) can be found here. The following is from ZMIK: ZMIK at V-Gallery Swiss design trio ZMIK presents 8 prototypes at V-Gallery in Basel/Switzerland. Above: KROON, outdoor-chandelier Zmik explores opportunitites at the fringes of various disciplines such as interior design, architecture, scenography and product design. Above: BATMAN & ROBIN, lighting duo The objects of this exhibition mainly have their origins as by-products of spacial projects. Above: TATI, service boy Above: DOUBLE-V, young bussiness men table Above: HUA, ramble-lamp Above: SCOPIDO, lashing-table Above: UFA, umbrella for art galleries

Solo Kojima - Art | Design Consultants Savoir presenter son design à des décideurs poseable Become a Member for free access to this and other files on the site. See the Membership page for more details. Already a Member? Log in Here A cute poseable Triceratops to download and make. This papercraft project has movable legs and a poseable head. Members and patrons can download the model for free from the appropriate place - thanks for your support! Download the parts file and print out the pages onto thin card (230gsm / 67lb) Note that there are three different colour variants and an uncoloured version for you to choose from. Score along the dotted & dashed lines and cut the solid black lines before carefully cutting out the pieces. Some of the parts in the model are made from double thickness card. Start by making the legs from double thickness card. Once the glue is dry carefully cut out the legs. Make the horns from double thickness card, make sure that you don't glue the tabs at the base of the horns together. Roll the neck round and glue it as shown. Make the lower jaw.

Optical illusion cut-out and fold characters | Gags Area This article is automatically post by WP-AutoPost. swissmiss :: ming :: -iOSFlashVideo Fun with Foam Printing - Easy Tutorial I loved this idea because not only can you recycle these horrid polystyrene containers, but the process is really simple. You could even use tracing paper and trace your design so you don't even need to be able to draw. You could make a whole series of cards like this or just a colorful print to hang on your wall and cheer up the place. Materials needed: Foam or polystyrene container pencil paint or ink small roller 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Happy printing! Original image courtesy of themetapicture

Pepakura What game is going on here? First of all, "It´s a pleasure to welcome You here!" offers You paper models of artists from all corners of this world!Our Origami craft instructions are made entirely in 3D and thus, not only very good to craft, but also unique in the net! Not to forget are the Pepastars, a craft fun for everyone, from kids to the professionals! Now, go! Do You create paper models on Your own? With us You can present Your creations easily. Who wants to sell his creations, can do this also with us.

Behangsoorten Glasweefsel (ook wel scan of skin genoemd) is verkrijgbaar in verschillende structuren en af te werken met alle denkbare muurverven in iedere gewenste kleur. Een afwerking in een multi-colour verfsysteem geeft een extra fraaie en hoogwaardige muurafwerking Glasweefsel kan worden toegepast op nieuw of reeds geschilderd beton, gasbeton, schuurwerk, blauw-, wit- en cementpleisterwerk, spuitgips, gipselementen, gips- en kartonplaten en alle bestaande houtvezelplaten. De voordelen van glasweefsel op een rij: Stootvast: glasweefsel vermijdt snelle beschadiging van de ondergrond. Strak resultaat: glasweefsel laat scheuren of barsten verdwijnen en zorgt voor een duurzame en egale wand. Onderhoudsarm: glasweefsel is gemakkelijk schoon te houden. Overschilderbaar: glasweefsel is gemakkelijk en snel te overschilderen, is decoratief en geeft een totaal nieuwe sfeer. Vlamwerend: glasweefsel is in hoge mate vlamwerend en in combinatie met onbrandbare gipsplaat een veilige oplossing.

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