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Papercraft Once you download the file, you will need to open the following files with a different program which are all free to download:.pdf files are opened with Adobe Reader 9.pdo files are opened with Pepakura and .rar files are opened with WinRAR. If a .pdo file asks you for a password, it usually means you have downloaded Pepakura Designer and not Pepakura Viewer, so make sure to get the viewer instead. Here’s a little demonstration on using Pepakura Viewer 3. Pepakura does not work on a MAC.

20 Beautiful Highly Detailed Papercraft Models Most of us, at least once in our lives, have built a paper model with delight and passion. Some of those models were printed in the back of box of cereals or as a magazine insert. Colorful papercraft models are now widely available on the web, free to download and ready to be printed and assembled. KH: The Battleship Release The Battleship Well, finally finished this project. I could have gotten this done sooner, but sadly procrastination and the urge to cool myself off in the pool was too much to bare over the heat of the summer. Anyway, this was an easy build, fiddly parts are the skull and the small parts that go into making the wheel. Other than that, everything else was smooth sailing!

Papercrft Tokyo, Japan - If you’re a fan of the Star Wars series (or at least the first 3 films), and you’ve got an extra 41 hours on your hands, then have we got a project for you young jedi.This beautifully designed replica of an AT-AT was found in Japan by artist Shunichi Makino and is created entirely out of paper. It consists of 6 downloadable pdf files. Each is extremely detailed and scaled perfectly. We’re throwing down the gauntlet with this one. Fierfek's Star Wars Pepakura File Development Greetings all,I decided to make a thread for my pep files, to keep my other projects focused. Furthermore, I plan on releasing many new files for Star Wars pepakura enthusiasts, because I think there should be more great star wars peps out there. Since I was making these files anyway, I thought many would find good use for these if I shared them. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE:I do gladly take requests and will choose which ones I'm willing to make. So, feel free to ask for a Star Wars universe related pep you would like to see and I will see what I can do.

16 Awesome Star Wars Papercraft Models Some time ago I gathered a list of 100 Exceptional Free Paper Models and Toys that was quite well received by the readers of this blog. The amount and quality of paper craft models available for download is amazing. Chances are that anything that’s popular and geeky, has already been converted into a paper craft model.

Star Wars: The Return of The jedi Advanced Search Find Downloads Files What's Going On? Members Online Now Welcome to Raspera. These PaperCraft are for registered members only. If you want to use and enjoy these models, you will require a password. To subscribe and get your password, Please send Raspera members fee by ( : Keiji Kawaguchi) Raspera members fee is $30.00 USD.or here(Application by letter).Then, We'll send the Raspera password immediately! The password works for all current Rasperas and, what's more,it will work with any future Rasperas.We think membership is very valuable. We hope you join us soon.Click on the images to get close-up view of the models, or click on the names to download the models in PDF format for printing.

U-DON'S FACTORY warning Do not copy. Not for commercial purposes. For private use only. The copyright of this home page is reserved by U-DON'S FACTORY. Any unauthorized reproduction of any of its content is prohibited. papercraft Johan Scherft Papercraft Birds, frogs, fish and boats All the birds shown on this page are three dimensional models, I made from thin paper. They are lifesize, and very realistic in colour and detail. Varia Suit Costume Project Feel free to download my pepakura files! Helmet Shoulder Paper models This page is dedicated to modeling using paper. With a color printer and few other tools (like scissor and glue) one can create really beautiful and realistic models. On the right You can find my models that You can download freely. Furthermore the Tutorial page explains how I create my models.