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Hapara – Google Enterprise Solutions

Hapara – Google Enterprise Solutions

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Office 365 for education now available at no cost! - Microsoft in Education blog Today, I’m excited to announce the launch Office 356 for education. It’s here, it’s powerful, and it’s free for schools! Prestigious universities like Cornell University, Dartmouth College and Gonzaga University, and top K-12 school districts in Fresno, San Diego, and Nashville are moving to Office 365 for education. Tennessee’s Department of Education is even setting up the service for all 137 districts and 1,677 schools across the state to opt-in to. Chromebook  ■  Hapara Are you doing it right? by +Jack West, Hapara Senior Research Analyst School is starting in the Northern Hemisphere. Here in the U.S., we say, “August is the new September,” as many school districts are deciding to begin school earlier and end earlier to log in more instructional hours before the April/May standardized testing season. Many school districts rolled out Chromebooks last year, and even more are doing so this year.

ePortfolios - Overview - ePortfolios with GoogleApps What is an ePortfolio? An ePortfolio (electronic portfolio) is an electronic collection of evidence that shows your learning journey over time. Portfolios can relate to specific academic fields or your lifelong learning. Evidence may include writing samples, photos, videos, research projects, observations by mentors and peers, and/or reflective thinking. The key aspect of an eportfolio is your reflection on the evidence, such as why it was chosen and what you learned from the process of developing your eportfolio. (Adapted from Philippa Butler’s “Review of the Literature on Portfolios and Eportfolios” (2006), page 2.) 2012-03-28 Personal Learning Networks for Educators Personal learning is one of the foundations of any educational institution - and any successful organizational change. This session focuses on tools that can be used by any educator to build their own Personal Learning Network (PLN), which not only support their own professional development but can also be an efficient means of diffusing innovation within their institution. Learn to connect with a community of like minded professionals, make contributions, have conversations, and make requests in your times of need. Powerful free tools and social media such as Google+, Twitter, and Facebook make this possible for you and your colleagues. Presentation Slides

Do You Have An Ideal Classroom Layout? As I’ve been writing about my first year of teaching in the series: Tales From A First Year Teacher, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about all the things a first year teacher goes through, especially that preliminary organisation. I remember one of the parts that I was particularly looking forward to was arranging the physical space of my very own classroom. This included thinking about how I would arrange the desks and classroom furniture as well as envisioning what type of storage would be available. I thought that if I could make the space as inviting as possible, then hopefully my students would at least want to be in the room. Now we all know that in my first year of teaching the space that I had on offer was not the best, to say the least (read about it here), but we all need to work with what we have.

Understanding Presentation Graphics In an average presentation, more than 75 percent of the slides are text slides. Avoid the temptation to depend too much on text slides. A presentation made up entirely of them will be boring. Always mix illustrations, charts, and graphs in with your text slides to relieve the visual monotony. Several types of text slides are useful for presentations. No one kind should be used exclusively; including different types of text slides adds interest and variety to your presentation.

18 Digital Tools and Strategies That Support Students’ Reading and Writing Teachers in Littleton, Colorado — like teachers in many places — are increasingly asking students to read and write online. Free tools like Google Docs have made it easy for students to work on the same piece of writing at home and at school, and have allowed teachers to explore collaborative writing assignments and synchronous editing with students. There are also many digital tools that can support students as they learn how to read deeply, take well-cited notes, and navigate the writing process. While many teachers are finding efficiency in allowing students to write and submit assignments online, not all students or teachers want to use the exact same set of tools. That’s why Littleton’s Instructional Technology Specialist, Dana Levesque, started compiling resources on a site that both teachers and students can access to find the tools that fit their needs. “Kids have different learning styles,” Levesque said.

Assigning to Small Groups When assigning work to small groups of students instead of the whole class the trick is to include the audience in the description or document title. Clearly indicate in the description who the assignment is for. Other students can ignore the assignment or just click mark as done. When creating small groups I will create a spreadsheet listing the student names and what group they are in. 9 Steps to Create A Classroom Poster Using Google Docs I have been sharing a great deal of educational posters here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. I love using posters with my students and I know many of you love them too. Sometimes it seems like we can not find the exact poster we want for our class and this is when we need to use our techy skills to craft our own posters. The process is not very hard and anybody with the rudimentary tech knowledge can do it in a matter of minutes. I have already featured a post containing several web tools to help you create your posters. However, I recently got some requests from some of my readers asking me about the tool I used in creating the posters I shared in my Freebies section.

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