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Hapara  ■  Making Learning Visible

Hapara  ■  Making Learning Visible

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18 Digital Tools and Strategies That Support Students’ Reading and Writing Teachers in Littleton, Colorado — like teachers in many places — are increasingly asking students to read and write online. Free tools like Google Docs have made it easy for students to work on the same piece of writing at home and at school, and have allowed teachers to explore collaborative writing assignments and synchronous editing with students. There are also many digital tools that can support students as they learn how to read deeply, take well-cited notes, and navigate the writing process. While many teachers are finding efficiency in allowing students to write and submit assignments online, not all students or teachers want to use the exact same set of tools. That’s why Littleton’s Instructional Technology Specialist, Dana Levesque, started compiling resources on a site that both teachers and students can access to find the tools that fit their needs. “Kids have different learning styles,” Levesque said.

100+ Google Tricks That Will Save You Time in School - Eternal Code - StumbleUpon [via] With classes, homework, and projects–not to mention your social life–time is truly at a premium for you, so why not latch onto the wide world that Google has to offer? From super-effective search tricks to Google hacks specifically for education to tricks and tips for using Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar, these tricks will surely save you some precious time. Search Tricks Chrome Dojo - AmplifiedIT What kind of Chrome Ninja are you? Join our Dojo White BeltGreen BeltBlack BeltChromeBook MasterChrome Geek Install Chrome Learn about Security on Chrome The Teacher's Quick Guide To Digital Scavenger Hunts If you’ve got a smartphone or a tablet in your classroom, you’re ready for the adventure to begin! By adventure I mean, of course, the world of active learning through digital scavenger hunts. In this hunt, students are tasked with finding a particular physical object, person, or place and have to use technology to track it down. Note: an ‘online scavenger hunt’ usually implies that you’re hunting around online and not physically with classmates.

If Schools Are Broken, What Is the Solution? Answer: Urban School Reform–WRONG! « Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice Here we go again. Another 24/7 media frenzy over the direction of school reform has erupted over David Guggenheim’s documentary “Waiting for Superman,” Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s gift of $100,000,000 to Newark public schools, and the resignation of Chancellor Michele Rhee’s from the Washington, D.C. schools. Oops!

100+ Chrome Experiments for HTML5 and More Are you ready to see the limits of what HTML5, JavaScript and similar tools can do with a web browser? Chrome Experiments, a site built specifically to showcase such tricks, now holds more than 100 different demos, most of them visually stunning and quite unique. These experiments toe the delicate line between technology and art, and we've included videos of a few of them below. Pond Pond is designed to act as a central hub for digital discovery and participation, where educational resources can be accessed and shared more easily and effectively. It combines the best parts of existing online tools and platforms to create a new, yet familiar, environment. Pond is independent of N4L’s Managed Network and can be accessed using any internet connection. Access to Pond is free for all school users. How Pond works Pond is a place where educators can discover content and services, share knowledge and engage with their peers.

Are Libraries Dying or Thriving? One of the towns I used to live in is apparently raising two million dollars for renovations to its library. I told my mother (an active supporter and board member of her public library) that I thought this was a waste of money as the role that libraries play in society has been/will be diminished. I suggested the town is better served spending its money on a public space like a park or garden. My mother was disgusted. She informed me that that public libraries are being used as much, or more than ever before. Using Google Apps for Differentiation - Mahara Using the tools in Google Apps allows for a variety of opportunities for differentiation and engaging students in the higher levels of Bloom’s. One excellent way to engage students in the highest levels of Bloom’s would be to use Google Groups to conduct a digital debate. Different discussion thread could be created for each topic being debated in class, such as: