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50 Free and Premium Attractive User Interface Design Kits | UI Kits Designing a website is a time consuming task. This is especially true if you start from scratch and create every element that you want to put on your web project. Good thing there are user interface design (UI) kits. UI kits allow you to prototype your conceptual ideas and develop them until you arrive at the final web design setup your client needs. So here, we are sharing with you some user interface design kits that will prove useful in every web designing project you want to undertake. Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links (at no extra cost to you). Advertisement Index You can use this article index to quickly jump to the type of Interface Design Kits you need. Free User Interface Design Kits Minimalistic UI Google Plus inspired UI. Free User Interface Kit by Design Moo Moonify UI Moonify UI is a detailed PSD containing over 60 elements, all well organized and easily editable. Black UI Kit

HTML5 Website Showcase: 48 Potential Flash-Killing Demos So you’ve heard all rumors about HTML5 would take over Adobe Flash. While most web community argues that it’s possible or not, you must be wandering what makes HTML5 so powerful that even giant company Apple wants to use it to replace Flash. That’s why this post exists, we’re not going to talk about what HTML5 can do, but show live demos of magical things that HTML5 can achieve with other language like JavaScript, so get ready to be inspired. Note: As HTML5 is not fully supported by certain web browser like Internet Explorer, you’re strongly recommended to use Firefox browser to view all HTML5 demos below. Animation The HTML5’s canvas element is the deciding factor for HTML5 to replace certain Flash animation. Audioburst Animation A comfortable and fantastic animation created with HTML5’s canvas and audio tag. Ball Pool Being showcased in the last Google I/O event, this demo shows you how dynamic can HTML5 be. Blob Sallad A HTML5-spawned creature that would please you. Bomomo Browser Ball Bubbles

Canvas3D & Flickr 5 ressources pour comprendre et travailler sur l’identité numérique Comprendre ce qu’est l’identité numérique n’est pas si simple. Cette notion galvaudée dans les médias et sur Internet correspond aussi bien à l’exposition de soi, aux traces laissées sur le Web qu’aux stratégies mises en place pour qu’un nom et prénom soient associsé à tel(s) contenu(s), dans le cadre d’une recherche d’emploi par exemple. L’expression identité numérique est polysémique et peut être abordée de différentes manières. Professeur documentaliste au lycée, Richard Peirano a repéré 5 ressources en ligne pour comprendre et travailler sur l’identité numérique ; des dossiers et exercices en ligne à disposition de tous les internautes : Le test « Ce que nous savons de vous » de la CNIL : une expérience en temps réel à partir de l’ordinateur qui montre ce qu’il est possible de recueillir comme informations à partir d’une simple connexion Internet : ordinateur, navigateur, cookies, recherches et résultats, Licence : Creative Commons by-nc-saGéographie : France

HTML5 Presentation In March 1936, an unusual confluence of forces occurred in Santa Clara County. A long cold winter delayed the blossoming of the millions of cherry, apricot, peach, and prune plum trees covering hundreds of square miles of the Valley floor. Then, unlike many years, the rains that followed were light and too early to knock the blossoms from their branches. Instead, by the billions, they all burst open at once. Seemingly overnight, the ocean of green that was the Valley turned into a low, soft, dizzyingly perfumed cloud of pink and white. Uncounted bees and yellow jackets, newly born, raced out of their hives and holes, overwhelmed by this impossible banquet. Then came the wind. It roared off the Pacific Ocean, through the nearly uninhabited passes of the Santa Cruz Mountains and then, flattening out, poured down into the great alluvial plains of the Valley.

8 Best Tools to Make Easy CSS3 Development CSS or cascading style sheet is basically a style sheet language that is used to describe the presentation semantics or the looks and formatting of a document. This document is written in a mark-up language. One of its basic uses is to style the web pages that are either written in HTML or XHTML but this language can also be applied to any other kind of document. CSS also does a major job that is it separates the content of the document from the presentation of the document and in addition it also includes features like layouts, colors and fonts. CSS3 is similarly an improved version of CSS and it helps the designers to insert stylish fonts and effects to their website very easily. This is very helpful css3 code generator, Create code for some most popular CSS3 Properties - text-shadow, border-radius, Box Resize and more. CSS Level 3 brings with it some incredibly powerful styling features. Cascader is a tool that helps developers separate inlined CSS from HTML files

(E)2 Gallery Pro Javascript Photo Gallery | (E)2 Interactive Multiple Galleries Create multiple galleries for your photos to organize and present your photographs/videos Videos 20 Supported Media Formats (flv, mp4, mov, swf,, Dailymotion, Flickr Video, Google Video, Metacafe, Myspace Video, Revver, Rutube, Seesmicm, Tudou, Youku, YouTube, Veoh, Viddler, Vimeo, 12seconds) Slide Show Play your images in a slide show, press play and watch your images. XML Driven XML Driven content, add yourimages, titles, descriptions, large image previews and more. View XML Sample Sell Your Prints Sell your prints via Google Checkout or Paypal. Customize for your Language (E)2 Gallery pro allows you to put in the text you want for your language. Keyboard Control As of version 1.2, the (E)2 Gallery Pro introduced keyboard controls. (E)2 Upload Admin *Upload images and mange the XML file via the (E)2 Upload Admin. *System Requirements for e2upload manager PHP 5.2.+ for the upload/file management functionality.The gallery will run on PHP4+, the e2upload only requires 5.2

HTML5 Studio ⧉ Info WebGL Globe A WebGL sphere of news stories. Open stories by clicking. When you find the video, hit to play. WebGL CSS3 2D transforms CSS3 transitions Webm video Your browser may not fully support these features. View SourceDownload Sample WebGL Globe ASCII Art Synchronized ASCII art video via WebSockets. HTML5 WebSockets Orientation Physics Break up a video into lots of boxes and move them around by titling your machine. Canvas Device Orientation Video SVG Puzzle Solve the puzzle! SVG SVG Transforms Notification Time! Schedule a countdown to a notification, like an alarm clock. Desktop Notifications Date.js Video PiP Use Picture-in-picture to swap between two video sources while enjoying a color glow effect. HTML5 video Media element API Canvas Geolocation Peruse local job listings and envision your commute. Geolocation Google Base API Google Maps API Video Cube Build a cube of ASCII reflecting a video in realtime and reposition the view. HTML5 video Canvas CSS 2D Transforms CSS3 mask image Slideshow

Our 50 Favorite Web Developers Resources and Tools from 2011 As a developer, anything that can save you just a little bit of time is well worth its weight in gold. If you agree with that statement, you will love this. What we have for you is our selection of the best, the most useful and the most innovative web designer and web developer resources and tools from 2011. That includes frameworks, boilerplates, apps, Javascript resources, CSS3 animations tools…and on…and on. So, no matter what, you are guaranteed to discover something completely new and really, really useful. The first thing to note about this post is that it doesn’t include any jQuery resources or tools. CSS Frameworks & Boilerplates The 1140px CSS Grid System The 1140px Grid Framework has been designed to fit perfectly with a 1280px screen and becomes fluid for smaller screens and beyond a certain point it uses media queries to serve up a mobile version. Columnal Less Framework 4 Less Framework is a CSS grid system for designing adaptive web­sites. The Semantic Grid System Foundation

Les sprites CSS Le temps des onmouseover, des images préchargées via JavaScript et des autres joyeusetés héritées des grandes périodes de tag soup est, comme le temps des Elfes de la Terre du Milieu, définitivement révolu : faire des effets de rollover sur des images est tout à fait possible en utilisant uniquement les CSS. La technique consiste à exploiter un fichier unique pour stocker de multiples images, positionnées les unes à côté des autres. Celles-ci seront ensuite appelées dans la feuille de style, et la fenêtre d'affichage sur l'une ou l'autre image sera définie en CSS grâce à la propriété background-position. Attention : la technique exposée dans ce tutoriel est à manier avec précaution car elle peut engendrer des problèmes d'accessibilité (typiquement lorsque les images ne sont pas actives). Les avantages des sprites CSS sont multiples : Des sites à fort trafic (Youtube, Google, Facebook, Amazon, ...) exploitent cette technique sur des pages que vous consultez tous les jours : Inconvénients

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