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Demo: Pure CSS GUI icons (experimental)

Demo: Pure CSS GUI icons (experimental)

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cssSandpaper – a CSS3 JavaScript Library Remix of images by Parée Erica and Hans Christophersen The cssSandpaper JavaScript library looks at the stylesheets in an HTML document and, where possible, smooths out the browser differences between CSS3 properties like transform, opacity, box-shadow and others. This script is not only useful for developers who want to support CSS3 in IE (which doesn’t support it in IE natively) but in other browsers which implement their own vendor-specific variants of these properties. For a good introduction to cssSandpaper and how it works under the covers, you may want to first read these blog-posts: Cross Browser Transforms — even in IE: this article talks about how why cssSandpaper was created and how it works under the hood.

40 Useful Free Folder Icon Sets Our computer is considered to be our personal library where our important documents are saved and organized. Hence, we tend to make our desktop personalized so as to make it more private and enticing. One of the usual items we see in computers are Folder icons where files are kept and saved. These icons, though small and seem irrelevant, plays an important role for computer-users everywhere. CSS Fonts Module Level 3 Abstract This CSS3 module describes how font properties are specified and how font resources are loaded dynamically. The contents of this specification are a consolidation of content previously divided into CSS3 Fonts and CSS3 Web Fonts modules. The description of font load events was moved into the CSS3 Font Load Events module. Status of this document This is a public copy of the editors' draft.

Black Ink Grunge Stamps Textures Icons ~ Icons Etc. Check out our new custom icon generatorCreate your own icons now ! Black Ink Grunge Stamps Textures Icons Black Ink Grunge Stamps Textures Icons Social Media Logos Black Ink Grunge Stamps Textures Icons Signs Black Ink Grunge Stamps Textures Icons Business Pure CSS GUI icons (experimental) An experiment that uses pseudo-elements to create 84 simple GUI icons using CSS and semantic HTML. Shared as an exercise in creative problem solving and working within constraints. This is not a “production ready” CSS icon set. Demo: Pure CSS GUI icons

Natural Object-Rotation with CSS3 3D I finally found some time to finish my short series of tutorials on CSS 3D transforms. If you haven't checked out part 1 & 2 I recommend you to do so, otherwise you will feel lost pretty soon. In this tutorial we will learn how to build a 3D packshot in HTML and CSS by applying some CSS 3D-transforms. Then we will add some Javascript to make the object freely rotatable in 3d space. And as we will enhance our Javascript with some touch-interactivity, the packshot will also work nicely in Safari for iOS-platforms like iPhone or iPad. A warning: be prepared that the second part of this tutorial will be quite math-heavy.

Top 50 Web Development, Design and Application Icon Sets from 2010 Its that time of year again where we take a look at the best and freely available icon sets for web and application developers. Its been a tremendous year, with many new high quality sets being released, all perfect for your next project. The icons have been split into several categories, starting with the Awesome Packs, which is a round-up of our favorites, followed by the General category (which is a selection of multi-purpose sets), the Mobile developer category, the Minimal, Wireframe and Pictogram category, the Ecommerce category, and finally finishing up with a small selection of Social Bookmarking icon sets that would be perfect for any web design.

Nice Web Type – How to use CSS @font-face Code up top for quick reference, details down below—we’ll prepare typefaces for use on the web, go through @font-face CSS line-by-line, and get the experts’ take on browser support. Updated May 2010 with new syntax from Paul Irish. The CSS: The HTML: Best Free Icon Sets of 2010 This year is coming to an end, so we’ve been looking back and showing you our picks for the best freebies and resources of 2010. So far we’ve covered fonts, WordPress themes, textures, and jQuery plugins, but for this post, the focus is on free icon set. There were plenty of icons released in 2010, but here’s our our favorites. Nixus