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OctoberCMS - PHP, laravel, twig

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Five Reasons To Consider October CMS For Your Next Site. The concept of a CMS is certainly nothing new.

Five Reasons To Consider October CMS For Your Next Site

And while there seems to be a new one springing up every day, one particular newcomer has caught our attention rather boldly. October CMS is a Laravel PHP based CMS that covers a fairly massive range of capabilities including permissions, users, plugins, and several other niceties that make it a very strong offering. Below are just a couple of thoughts on this new ORM CMS we believe make October CMS a strong contender for your next site build. 1. Static File System. Extending Redactor support - October CMS. Features - October CMS. Perfect for Designers October is a transparent layer between your creativity and the final result October doesn't impose any restrictions on the website page structure, HTML or CSS markup.

Features - October CMS

There is not much difference between writing your markup in a text editor or in the October administration area, in the end you will get the same final markup in the browser. October doesn't magically generate or convert code. There are no surprises when you work with October - the finished product is exactly what you imagined. {% if author %} <div class="page-title author-title"><div class="container"><img src="{{ author.user.getAvatarThumb(64, 'assets/images/default.png'|theme) }}"><div class="title"><h2>{{ }}</h2><p>October author</p></div></div></div>{% endif %} Simple modern template engine Twig is a simple template language, created specifically for web designers.

Great for Developers Best tools from the PHP world. Themes - October CMS. Plugins - October CMS. Keios Solutions chooses October - October CMS. Keios Solutions is a web studio located in Europe.

Keios Solutions chooses October - October CMS

The company is an active member of the October community, contributing code to the platform core, developing plugins and of course using October for their clients. The company primarily works with small and medium clients in United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, Cyprus, Romania and United States. They focus on providing very custom eCommerce websites for several industries - telecommunication, printing, gaming and tourism. Since the beginning of the October era they have created and successfully deployed 14 websites based on October, and more websites are in development at the moment. Today we asked Jakub Zych, the project manager, to share their story with the October community and tell us why October was so successful in being adopted by the company. Why did you choose October? It was easy to start working with and very extensible.

What other platforms have you used? Was it difficult to switch to October? For core developers - not at all. Is it possible to integrate Redactor to October CMS? - October CMS. Octobercms/october. October - The PHP platform that gets back to basics. October CMS, built on top of Laravel, is beautiful, clever and on the way to be the new #1 CMS. October CMS, built on top of Laravel, is beautiful, clever and on the way to be the new #1 CMS. October CMS, built on top of Laravel, is beautiful, clever and on the way to be the new #1 CMS.

This looks like it has potential someday but... - October CMS. Firstly to address the installation issue, it's a .htaccess thing.

This looks like it has potential someday but... - October CMS

I installed OctoberCMS for the first time and encountered the same issue as reported above. However, adding index.php after the domain solved the issue. The computer/server hosting OctoberCMS may not be able to read the .htaccess file I suspect, as when I installed OctoberCMS to a live server it installed perfectly from the word go. I think the main problem for people coming to OctoberCMS is that it isn't WordPress. You expect to get a CMS and have the option of loads of plugins to extend the functionality of the system. Clarifying the philosophy - is this a CMS for developers and not users? - October CMS. There are a few questions here, so I'll try and help by tackling them one at a time.

Clarifying the philosophy - is this a CMS for developers and not users? - October CMS

Am I looking at October as an easy solution when in reality it is not? I think it depends on where you are coming from. Do you have any experience with CMS's? If you're used to flat HTML/CSS, then October is going to be more complicated because flexibility/extendibility always comes at the cost of simplicity. However, I think October is doing a good job with this tradeoff, and it is more friendly to HTML/CSS coders than the other large CMS's like Drupal, Wordpress, DotNetNuke etc. Should know php before even bothering messing with this It would help, but really I think you can get away with knowing less PHP than most other CMS's except maybe Wordpress.

Without PHP or Javascript knowledge, I'd say you can probably still design a custom theme with October (which is actually kind of amazing), but the functionality will be limited. Can OctoberCMS Meet My Requirements ? - October CMS. Hi group, I'm coming from a Drupal development background, and I'm investigating a new platform for my clients.

Can OctoberCMS Meet My Requirements ? - October CMS

Looking at Concrete5, CraftCMS and MODx. I have a particular client with a complex set of functional requirements. The crux of the site is really a Community Discussion Forum area, where authenticated Members needs to be given different roles and permissions on a per group basis. ie. a Member may be an Admin in one group, but a Member without Admin in another group. Member Forum/Collaboration area Guests groups, Private Groups, Moderated groupsdifferent authenticated users will be Administrators of their Groups ie. Membership management (Users and Admin can edit Profiles) Membership payment processing renewal based on an expiry date Bilingual (En / Fr) front end (localization) Events Calendar (and member input, and email notifications to subscribed Events) Newsletter(s) Reporting and Statistics like google anyltics ?