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The Code Player – Le replay des codeurs The Code Player – Le replay des codeurs Vous aimez coder mais bizarrement, vous ne savez pas si vous avez la "technique" ni si ce que vous faites est vraiment efficace... Dans ce cas, pourquoi ne pas observer la façon de développer d'autres personnes ? C'est ce que propose The Code Player, un site qui regroupe des replays de projets en CSS / HTML5 / Javascript développés par d'autres. On y trouve pas exemple comment dessiner le logo Android en full CSS3, comment réaliser une lentille qui zoome sur une image en JQuery/CSS3 ou encore comment animer des particules lumineuses en full HTML5. Tout le reste est par ici Source Vous avez aimé cet article ?

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Recollection This series focuses on major scene countries and the cracking groups and their members, how they started, what they did and why they are remembered. In this segment we will take a long journey, leaving Europe behind so that we can enjoy the cracking culture of the USA and Canada. It would be unfair to forget the importing groups, so these will be included too. The American groups started the whole business of the cracking scene, at least in terms of the structure of things that were later to become law. 1982 to 1985 was the golden period of the early groups. The Bulletin Board System (BBS) became an important factor for trading (at 300 baud) and the concept of rushed releases, wars that went to levels they never should have and multiple intros per release came about after a few years of establishing how things should be. The old scene was the most fascinating era for the cracking scene. The Few - The Proud - The Best INC was formed in October 1987 by The Shark. We have assumed Control