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PHP QR Code - QR code generator, an LGPL PHP library

PHP QR Code - QR code generator, an LGPL PHP library
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Tutoriel sur l’API Google Maps avec la géolocalisation HTML5 Ce tutoriel vient en complément au Tutoriel de géolocalisation en HTML5, et vous apprendra à exploiter les informations de géolocalisation que vous y avez obtenu sur une carte Google Maps. Nous allons réaliser une application qui affiche votre position sur une carte et trace votre parcours en suivant vos déplacements. L’API Google Maps Tout d’abord, il est essentiel de bien comprendre ce qu’est une API. Toute application web peut choisir d’autoriser des développeurs tiers à utiliser une partie de ses fonctionnalités. Ces fonctionnalités peuvent être accédées de plusieurs manières : en téléchargeant une bibliothèque de fonctions pour l’inclure sur son siteen récupérant une donnée précise en construisant une URL (Google Charts)En incluant directement la bibliothèque en ligne Concernant Google Maps, on est dans ce dernier cas, c’est à dire qu’on va directement inclure la bibliothèque Google Maps dans notre Javascript. Inclure Google Maps Création de la structure de notre page Et voilà !

PluginR See also This Wiki Plugin provides an interface to run R scripts through web pages. PluginR allows basic and direct usage, writing the script between the PluginR tags (see below), but it also allows advanced usage, where Pretty Trackers can be used to make web interfaces to modify the parameters that you want to allow the user to modify before producing the text or graphic output from your scripts. Or you can send full data files to your R script to be processed and get the output automatically on-line a few seconds later. Is this your first time to R or Tiki? New to R? For more information, see: New to Tiki? To run Tiki you need: A XAMP stack (Linux/Mac/Windows + Apache web server + Mysql database server + PHP programing language). Installation This plugin is not installed by default in Tiki (it's GPL licensed, while Tiki is LGPL licensed), and it can be obtained from Mods. You can see the details of the last version here:

Interoperability Bridges and Labs Center 30+ jQuery Plugins For Scrolling Effects With CSS Animation - One of the trendiest techniques to have fun with is scrolling. A bit of website animation can be fun and enticing to new visitors, animated page elements do not offer major alterations on content, but can provide a more extraordinary user experience. Many website developers use different ways of scrolling to make their websites more alluring and interesting to their viewers so that they don’t get bored. To save all the web developers lots of time and trouble of searching for such JQuery plugins of scrolling effects we bring you 30+ jQuery plugins for scrolling effects with CSS animation. These plugins will help you get some amazing scrolling animation on your website with no time. 1 – Animated Scroll Effects Demo Download 2 – AnimateScroll Demo Download AnimateScroll is a jQuery plugin which enables you to scroll to any part of the page in style by just calling the animatescroll() function with the Id or Classname of the element where you want to scroll to. Demo Download 4 – Wow.js Advantages:

JpGraph - Most powerful PHP-driven charts Gallery Line Plots Line plots can be easily adapted to almost any needs, it is possible to adjust colors, transparency levels, line weight, line type (solid, dotted, dashed etc), backgrounds, scale, axis positions and formatting. Filled Line Plots Line pots can also be filled both with a solid color, a semi transparent color or a gradient fill (both horizontal and vertical). Step Line Plots A variant of plain line plot is the stepped line plot where each data point is connected by two 90 degrees link as is illustrated below. Line Plots With Markers Data values for line plots, scatter plots, radar plots etc. can be emphasized with either one of the multiple builtin markers (both plain and 3D) or if that is not enough it is also possible to use an arbitrary image as marker. Line Plots With Inverted Y-axis As an example of usage of the scale formatting callback routines it is possible to further adjust the scaling in (almost) any way that is desired. Line Plots With Values Standard Bar plots

Punch! Building iPad Apps, Sans Developers It’s a familiar story in the tech world: A company wants to build a consumer product, finds that the necessary tools aren’t available, creates its own tools, then realizes it has created a broader platform. Earlier this year, I wrote about the launch of the Punch! app, which offers current event themed games, usually with a satirical bent. (Or, as Bennahum describes it, “culturally relevant content that could only exist on a tablet.”) Some of the early games included one where players choose the wardrobe of then-presidential candidate Rick Santorum, and a general pop culture quiz with challenges like ranking Farrelly Bros. movies based on box office success. Behind the scenes, Bennahum says the challenge was to add content in a timely manner, so that it was “topical and relevant” — relatively easy for a newspapers or magazines that are only uploading new articles and other content, but harder for Punch! So that’s what the Punch! The Punch! As for the Punch! Disrupt Q&A A: None yet.

Floating, Fixed Position Social Icons - Andre Bulatov We’re All Social! I’ve searched for floating social icons multiple times, for a variety of projects. We’re all social nowadays and we want to show that and link to our profiles in a cool way. I gave up googling for this and just created my own. In this post, I’ll share the code for my Floating, Fixed Position Social Icons with you. The Code The code for this is going to be pretty simple. The HTML – Foundation Markup Code For This Floating Social Doo-dad The HTML for this is pretty basic. *If you want to know how I did this code formatting in WordPress, check out my post about syntax highlighting. The CSS – Styling The JavaScript – Functionality This javascript is responsible for smooth auto-positioning with the window size. As mentioned earlier in the post, I will update the JS later, when I learn how to do API calls to social networks to grab the “share” or “like” counts and to report them live right on the Floating Social Links widget. Update 1:

SimpleExcel.php by faisalman Dependencies Installation If you're using Composer to manage libraries, include this package in your composer.json If you want to try version 0.4 (still in develop branch) you can use Or just load this library in your PHP project by including SimpleExcel.php require_once('.. Usage Example Prior version 0.4 use SimpleExcel\SimpleExcel; $excel = new SimpleExcel('CSV'); $excel->parser->loadFile('test.csv'); echo $excel->parser->getCell(1, 1); $excel->convertTo('JSON'); $excel->writer->addRow(array('add', 'another', 'row')); $excel->writer->saveFile('example'); Version 0.4 Get specific content from CSV file use SimpleExcel\SimpleExcel; $excel = new SimpleExcel(); $excel->loadFile('/home/faisalman/Downloads/test.csv', 'CSV'); print_r($excel->getWorksheet(1)); print_r($excel->getWorksheet(1)->getColumn(2)); print_r($excel->getWorksheet(1)->getRecord(3)); print_r($excel->getWorksheet(1)->getCell(1, 2)); Convert from HTML table to JSON Load CSV with semicolon, export as CSV with comma Write a new XML file

Corona SDK BasicBuild your games or apps in record time and start monetizing with in-app purchases or ads.BUY $16/monthProPro adds advanced graphics, all Corona Plugins, analytics and much more.BUY $49/monthEnterpriseCall any native library (C++/Objective-C/Java) from your Corona app and do offline builds.CONTACT US Download Corona and you are automatically a Corona SDK Starter. You can build and publish your apps for free.Upgrade to Basic, Pro or Enterprise when you are ready for more functionality. Do you have existing apps? CoronaCards lets you take Corona’s richness and ease-of-use to any native app. Read on to learn why Corona SDK is the leader for 2D apps and games… Publish to all major platforms Corona SDK allows you to publish for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and NOOK from a single code base. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting related to device and platform fragmentation, allowing you to focus on creating exceptional mobile content. Build on industry standards

CSS3 : Transformations 2D CSS3 apporte les transformations en 2 dimensions à travers la propriété transform et une liste de fonctions prédéfinies. Voyons ensemble la prise en charge actuelle de cette propriété et des fonctions qui l'accompagnent. La propriété CSS transform permet de manipuler un élément HTML sur les axes X et Y (horizontal et vertical) grâce à des fonctions diverses de transformation graphique. Il est donc possible de modifier l'apparence d'un élément grâce à un ensemble fonctions 2D : Syntaxe La syntaxe est simple d'emploi. transform: function(value); Il est souvent nécessaire d'utiliser les préfixes vendeurs (-webkit-, -moz-, etc.) devant la propriété transform pour utiliser les transformations 2D sur les versions actuelles et passées de navigateurs. Il est également possible d'effectuer des transformations combinées en espaçant les fonctions d'un simple caractère blanc. transform : function1(value1) function2(value2) function3(value3); La propriété transform-origin transform-origin: 50% 50%;

JpGraph - Most powerful PHP-driven charts IntelliJ IDEA History[edit] The first version of IntelliJ IDEA was released in January 2001, and at the time was one of the first available Java IDE with advanced code navigation and code refactoring capabilities integrated.[3][4] Google is now developing Android Studio, a new open source Android Development IDE, based on the open source community edition of IntelliJ IDEA. Features[edit] Supported languages: See also[edit] Comparison of integrated development environments Other IntelliJ-based products[edit] References[edit] Bibliography[edit]

Zoom sur image avec fenêtre « modal responsive » en pure CSS3 - La visualisation d’image grand format dans une fenêtre modale communément appelée le « Magic zoom » ou « Image Zoom Magnification » ne date pas d’hier. Autrefois en pure Javascript, il y a une bonne douzaine de Tutoriels dans la collection « Les fenêtres ou l’objet WINDOW - Le premier objet du Javascript » ou encore combiné au Flash « Ouvrir une fenêtre ou Pop-up en Flash Partie 1 ». Puis jQuery a changé le visage du Web et donc il existe des dizaines de variations, il suffit d’une requête sur Google pour s’en rendre compte. Mais il existe aussi excellente solution Javascript sans jQuery : TinyBox2 JavaScript Modal Windows - TinyBox2 par Michael LeigeberLe plus léger des exemple Javascript SimpleModal SimpleModal par PlasmExcellent exemple Javascript sans jQuery. On retrouve souvent une variation intéressante dans les sites de vente en ligne pour voir les détails d’une image avec Magic Zoom. Pure CSS prêt pour le HTML5 et « responsive » L’idée est la simplicité. Code complet Références