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HTML5 Snippets

HTML5 Snippets

Code Snippets Recommended Search Engines-The Library Google alone is not always sufficient, however. Not everything on the Web is fully searchable in Google. Overlap studies show that more than 80% of the pages in a major search engine's database exist only in that database. For this reason, getting a "second opinion" can be worth your time. For this purpose, we recommend Yahoo! Table of features Some common techniques will work in any search engine. You may also wish to consult "What Makes a Search Engine Good?" How do Search Engines Work? Search engines do not really search the World Wide Web directly. Search engine databases are selected and built by computer robot programs called spiders. If a web page is never linked from any other page, search engine spiders cannot find it. After spiders find pages, they pass them on to another computer program for "indexing." Many web pages are excluded from most search engines by policy.

The ultimate HTML5 resource guide Despite the fact that the HTML5 specification won’t officially be finished until 2022, (though it will be mostly finalized by 2014), a lot of designers are already diving into the parts of HTML5 that currently have support in modern browsers. HTML5 opens up some whole new avenues for web design and web application development, things that were previously only possible with either JavaScript or Flash. Here we’ve rounded up 175 refsources for learning HTML5. Included below are tutorials, frameworks, examples, and a lot more. Feel free to share more high-quality resources in the comments! Basic tutorials HTML5 Tutorial A very basic tutorial from HTML5 for Beginners. 28 HTML5 Features, Tips, and Techniques You Must Know A collection of very useful HTML5 tips from Nettuts+. Introduction to HTML5 A 40-minute video tutorial from Google employee Brad Neuberg. Quick Tip: HTML5 Features You Should be Using Right Now A screencast from Nettuts+. Learning to Love HTML5 HTML5: The Basics (1 of 4)

Coding High density retina displays or screens, like Apple’s Retina Display, have lots of pixels in a small space that it is almost impossible see the pixelation, thus, displaying smoother images and texts. Although Apple offered it first on the market, manufacturers have been releasing similar devices recently to compete with Apple. When using Retina Display devices, you can see that other sites online appear blurry. This is because of the low-resolution images being stretched to fill the screen that makes the site look disgusting. A Retina Display scales 1px to 2px, making the size double. Read More There are many ways to create a navigation menu for the Web. In this tutorial, we’re going to build a sliding navigation menu using CSS3, along with some jQuery codes to manage the sliding animation. Let’s get started. Read More As smart phones and tablets have become popular, more and more people are have been reading their emails regularly on their small screen devices. Read More Read More Read More

HTML5 Cross Browser Polyfills - GitHub The No-Nonsense Guide to HTML5 Fallbacks So here we're collecting all the shims, fallbacks, and polyfills in order to implant HTML5 functionality in browsers that don't natively support them. The general idea is that: We, as developers, should be able to develop with the HTML5 APIs, and scripts can create the methods and objects that should exist. Looking to conditionally load these scripts (client-side), based on feature detects? svgweb by Brad Neuberg & others Fallback via FlashSnap.SVG from scratch by the author of Raphaël (Dmitry Baranovskiy) Abstracted API. FakeSmile by David Leunen Canvas FlashCanvas by Shinya Muramatsu Reported to have 33x better performance than excanvasexcanvas by Google, Erik Arvidssonslcanvas project (Original Silverlight bridge)canvas-textOnly necessary for canvastext in IE, reallyfxCanvasKinetic.js by Eric Drowell Web Storage (LocalStorage and SessionStorage) Non HTML5 API Solutions Sectioning Elements Video VTT: Video Timed Track (subtitles) Audio Audio Data API Ruby

WP-Snippets | Hacks, Snippets and Tips on how to create awesome WordPress themes. Web Framework - Objective-J Tutorial Learning Objective-J Objective-J is a new programming language based on Objective-C. It is a superset of JavaScript, which means that any valid JavaScript code is also valid Objective-J code. Anyone familiar with JavaScript and object-oriented programming concepts, classical inheritance in particular, should have no difficulty learning Objective-J. Familiarity with Objective-C will be helpful, but it is not required. Classes Objective-J has two types of objects: native JavaScript objects and Objective-J objects. Creating a class in Objective-J is simple. @implementation Person : CPObject{ CPString name;} @end The beginning of a class is always the keyword @implementation, followed by the class name. After the declaration, a block enclosed with brackets is used to define all your member variables. To end a class declaration, add the keyword @end. Methods Just as with objects, native JavaScript functions work unchanged in Objective-J. Following the dash/plus is a return type, in parentheses.

7 Lovely Things About HTML5 Markup Article by Matt Doyle | Published on 12 July 2011 Categories: Discover 7 really nice ways that HTML5 can make your markup easier to write and more powerful. HTML5 — the latest generation of the Web's markup language — has been creating quite a stir over the last couple of years, as more and more browsers implement the latest and greatest HTML5 features. HTML5 is quite a broad term, encompassing everything from the revised markup specification through to new API features such as audio, video, canvas and geolocation. In this article I'm going to focus on the markup language itself, and look at seven reasons why I love HTML5's markup more than HTML4's. Doctypes data- attributes Some new and improved elements and attributes More flexible linking Simpler markup, and Enhancements to web forms. Ready to upgrade your markup? A doctype you can actually remember Let's start with one of the more noticeable improvements to any HTML5 document. An HTML4 doctype: The HTML5 doctype: No contest really! Lovely!

BBCode Converter - BBCode to HTML and Back (Forum Code) Convert BBCode to HTML or HTML to BBCode. Our Live Bulletin Board Post Converter will allow you to quickly convert your Forum Post Formats on the fly. At some stage you will probably want to post messages into various forums and bulletin boards on various web sites that you are visiting. Novice webmasters will probably notice this most if they are trying to get help with HTML code from their web page and paste a copy of the code into a forum that allows HTML input. More advanced users who regularly visit forums to help out other users (and advertise their site via a signature link at the bottom of their posts) may have pre prepared answers to frequently asked questions.

6 Free E-Books and Tutorials on HTML5 HTML5 is popular for building rich Web sites as well as cross-platform mobile applications. And it looks like with Windows 8 Microsoft is embracing using HTML5 and JavaScript as a paradigm for building desktop applications as well. With everyone from Apple to Microsoft embracing HTML5 as "the future," if you don't know it yet, you should probably get started. If you want to take full advantage of HTML5, you will need to know JavaScript, so you might want to start with our round-up of free JavaScript books. Dive Into HTML5 Dive Into HTML5 probably offers the best balance of depth and accessibility to the would-be HTML5 developer that you can find online for free. HTML5 Doctor HTML5 Doctor has been publishing tutorials for the past couple years. SitePoint's HTML5 and CSS3 Tutorials You can download a free PDF sample of HTML5 and CSS3 for the Real World by Estelle Weyl, Louis Lazaris and Alexis Goldstein from SitePoint, but you'll have to swap your e-mail address for it. W3C HTML5 Reference

10 Free Desktop Applications for Managing Your Code Snippets Why reinvent the wheel? And by extension, why keep re-typing or copy/pasting commonly-used pieces of code over and over again? Copying and pasting pieces of code into text files and the like is disorganized and wastes your precious time. Instead, you can use code snippets to quickly call code you repeatedly use. These applications will make your development life much easier. jCodeCollector jCodeCollector is a free cross-platform application that helps you manage your code snippets. Homepage/Download: jCodeCollector → Platform: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Features: • More than 25 languages supported • Store, tag and comment your snippets • Quickly find the code you need via search SnippShot SnippShot is a free online code snippet collector tool with a clean and simple interface. Snippet Manager Snippet Manager is a free utility for managing your code snippets in a variety of languages: VB, C++, C#, Java, SQL, ASP, PHP, HTML, even COBOL, Assembler and Fortran. Snippely Code Bank CodeDogg

URL Decoder/Encoder URL Decoder/Encoder Input a string of text and encode or decode it as you like.Handy for turning encoded JavaScript URLs from complete gibberish into readable gibberish.If you'd like to have the URL Decoder/Encoder for offline use, just view source and save to your hard drive. The URL Decoder/Encoder is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 License. This tool is provided without warranty, guarantee, or much in the way of explanation. Note that use of this tool may or may not crash your browser, lock up your machine, erase your hard drive, or e-mail those naughty pictures you hid in the Utilities folder to your mother.

HTML5 Canvas Graphing Solutions Every Web Developers Must Know Canvas element as part of HTML5 has been creating a buzz all throughout the web standards community since its introduction, mainly because there are underlying question regarding its capability to change the future of the web. But for some, it is an opportunity to them to start already on experimenting and developing a application that is based on HTML5. HTML5 Canvas elements provide an important role for developing drawing objects dynamically such as visualizing information or data in a graph. With HTML5 canvas element it is easily to draw a two dimensional objects or drawing with the help of Javascript. Of course, these would work on any web hosting of your choice For today’s post we’ve collected amazing library, demos and experiments that uses HTML5 canvas element that produces a charting and graphing solutions. If you have a HTML5 graphs examples or spotted a HTML5 graphs that is not included on our list, feel free to put it on our comment section below. 1. 2. rGraph 3. iGrapher 4. 5.