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The disarming case to act right now on climate change. Wish To Save The World? Eat Bugs! Kids News Article. Adorable Giant Panda Bei Bei Enjoys A Snow Day Kids News Article. Guess What? Dolphins Might Enjoy Television Just As Much As Us! Kids News Article. Dolphins have been known to demonstrate many human-like behavioral traits.

Guess What? Dolphins Might Enjoy Television Just As Much As Us! Kids News Article

These include forming complex relationships to accomplish common goals, teaching one another survival skills, and even “babysitting” each other's kids. Now, some researchers at the Dolphin Plus Marine Mammal Responder in Key Largo, Florida have discovered another thing the intelligent mammals share with humans – a love for television! Eco-Friendly Homes Lesson Plan. Energy Hog. AE Kids : Ask the Expert. What are you doing this Earth Hour? - sustainable English. What will you find here?

What are you doing this Earth Hour? - sustainable English

You will find out about Earth Hour which takes place on 24th March. You will match up expressions of strong intention which will make your speaking very persuasive if you use them, and you will come up with ideas of things to do for Earth Hour. Teachers: a PowerPoint version for class: What are you doing this Earth Hour! Preparation Starting as a symbolic lights out event in Sydney in 2007, Earth Hour is now the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment, inspiring millions of people to take action for our planet and nature. While you watch Watch the video. Check your understanding. Will Cape Town Be The World's First City To Run Out Of Water? Kids News Article. In mid-January, Cape Town officials announced that the world-class South African city of four million residents would run out of water on April 12.

Will Cape Town Be The World's First City To Run Out Of Water? Kids News Article

The date, nicknamed “Day Zero,” has since been postponed multiple times, thanks to the intense conservation efforts by locals, a sharp reduction in agricultural water usage, and a 10 billion-liter donation from the private reservoirs of the Groenland Farmers Association. The city now has enough water to sustain the current level of usage until July 9, giving residents hope that the rainy season, which begins in June, will be more regular than has been the case lately.

Welcome to Recycle City. Your tips - WWF Footprint Calculator. Earth Day and the Environment. Go to related Dot Earth post » With both Earth Day and Arbor Day this month, we’re dedicating this edition of “Ideas for E.L.L.’s” to the environment.

Earth Day and the Environment

Use the ideas below, along with this easily adaptable Learning Network post, “10 Ways to Learn About the Environment,” to engage your students. And before you begin any of these activities, you might first pose a recent Learning Network Student Opinion question to your class: “What’s the Coolest Thing You’ve Ever Seen in Nature?” GUARDIANS OF THE PLANET. Through #MyClimateAction, National Geographic is sharing amazing stories of guardians of the planet – people who are proving the power of one.


This lesson plan is designed around a 5-minute short film telling a fascinating story of the Snow Guardian who has been fighting his own climate battle for over 40 years. Guess What? We Have Already Used Up All Of Earth's Resources For 2016 Kids News Article. Monday, August 8, was Earth Overshoot Day.

Guess What? We Have Already Used Up All Of Earth's Resources For 2016 Kids News Article

Calculated annually by the environmental advocacy group, Global Footprint Network (GFN), it is the day when humanity has consumed all the natural resources — produce, meat, fish, water, and wood — that our planet can regenerate in a single year. This means that for the rest of 2016, we will be using natural resources that are impossible to replace. For those that are a little confused, it is akin to spending your entire year’s allowance by August and then borrowing money from friends, knowing fully well that you cannot repay the loan. GFN says that the same thing happens in the case of the Earth, “because we emit more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than our oceans and forests can absorb, and we deplete fisheries and harvest forests more quickly than they can reproduce and regrow.” The Climate Time Machine. Window to Earth. Wild Weather Adventure!

NASA Space Place. Have a Greenhouse Gas Attack! Have a Greenhouse Gas Attack!

Have a Greenhouse Gas Attack!

Some gases in the atmosphere are called greenhouse gases, because they have a greenhouse effect on Earth. If not for any greenhouse gas, Earth would be too cold. But too much greenhouse gas can make it too hot. Help Earth get rid of the excess greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. What can we do to save the Earth? on PhotoPeach. Already a member?

What can we do to save the Earth? on PhotoPeach

Go to login. Embed in Blog <div><h4>Comments</h4><p> Menna very nice </p><p> J bisha a very nice presentation </p><p> angeal I like this video very much. Back to school green tips. The Green Team — Site. Take Action. Weather vocabulary. Weather is one of the most conversational topics in Britain.

Weather vocabulary

Therefore, if you know the basic vocabulary, you can talk to 60 million people. With 60 million conversation opportunities, it is well worth the little effort you need to put in. To make it as enjoyable as possible, there are several activities to help you learn all the words: a pictionary, a worksheet, a video and an interactive test. ADVERT: You can learn the vocabulary using the following infographic or pictionary: To get the pronunciation right, listen and repeat the words in the following video:

Rainforest Concern Guided Tour. Scrunchies May Save Birds From Nature's Fiercest Predator - Your Cat! Kids News Article. Did you know that nature's deadliest predator is probably lurking in your neighborhood?

Scrunchies May Save Birds From Nature's Fiercest Predator - Your Cat! Kids News Article

Odds are, you may be even harboring it in your home. Confused? Research earthquakes for World Wonders TV show - English (7,8,9) - ABC Splash - Primary - ABC Splash. Home > Primary More Active Filters:Science Clear all filters Restore the reef Save the reef! The Great Barrier Reef is under threat. Science Year: 6. Booking a flight for Rainforest trip - English (6) - ABC Splash - Pack your bag for Rainforest trip - English (5,6,7,8,9) - ABC Splash - Use compass points to explore the Rainforest - English (5,6,7,8,9) - ABC Splash - Find places on a grid map of the Rainforest - English (5,6) - ABC Splash -

Overview Need some practise using grid references? Follow instructions to find four locations on a map. As you go, check the meaning and pronunciation of tricky words you might not know. Source: Education Services Australia Ltd | Learning area: English | Primary: Years 5, 6. Design a sign for the Rainforest walking track - English (5,6,7,8,9) - ABC Splash - Rainforest: make a walking track - (TLF L352 v5.0.0) It's Official! Chickens Are Smarter Than Human Toddlers. First there was the revelation that roosters really do have an automatic built-in clock, alerting them to the time of day. Now, a new report claims that chickens are no bird brains - In fact, they are smarter then most four-year old human toddlers!

The review which was commissioned by Britain's Happy Egg Company, was compiled using twenty years of research data. Here are some of the things University of Bristol Professor Christine Nicol, was able to uncover in her recently released report entitled 'The Intelligent Hen'. Newly born chicks can count till five! This was gleaned from a study that involved exposing the chicks to two groups of eggs - They apparently always went for the larger number even if it was a choice between two or three. Our Beautiful Earth. Time to get off the couch and make your mark . . . after all, it is Earth Day! Originally celebrated in North America on April 22, 1970, this year's theme is 'The Face of Climate Change' - aptly reflecting the dire situation our planet is going to be in, if something is not done to turn around global warming, soon. Revolutionary Mexico City Hospital Facade Absorbs Toxins From The Environment.

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By Meera Dolasia on March 8, 2012 Word Search. Can The Sahara Forest Project Turn The Desert Into An Oasis?