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Guess What? We Have Already Used Up All Of Earth's Resources For 2016 Kids News Article. Monday, August 8, was Earth Overshoot Day.

Guess What? We Have Already Used Up All Of Earth's Resources For 2016 Kids News Article

Calculated annually by the environmental advocacy group, Global Footprint Network (GFN), it is the day when humanity has consumed all the natural resources — produce, meat, fish, water, and wood — that our planet can regenerate in a single year. This means that for the rest of 2016, we will be using natural resources that are impossible to replace. For those that are a little confused, it is akin to spending your entire year’s allowance by August and then borrowing money from friends, knowing fully well that you cannot repay the loan. GFN says that the same thing happens in the case of the Earth, “because we emit more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than our oceans and forests can absorb, and we deplete fisheries and harvest forests more quickly than they can reproduce and regrow.”

The Climate Time Machine. Window to Earth. Wild Weather Adventure! NASA Space Place. Have a Greenhouse Gas Attack! Have a Greenhouse Gas Attack!

Have a Greenhouse Gas Attack!

Some gases in the atmosphere are called greenhouse gases, because they have a greenhouse effect on Earth. If not for any greenhouse gas, Earth would be too cold. But too much greenhouse gas can make it too hot. Help Earth get rid of the excess greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. What this game is about In this game, different colored blocks stand for different kinds of greenhouse gases. Yellow balls fall from the top of the screen. What can we do to save the Earth? on PhotoPeach.

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What can we do to save the Earth? on PhotoPeach

Go to login. Embed in Blog <div><h4>Comments</h4><p> Menna very nice </p><p> J bisha a very nice presentation </p><p> angeal I like this video very much. Congratulations!!!! </p><p> lara y martu estubo muy bueno el video!!! Back to school green tips. The Green Team — Site. Take Action. Weather vocabulary. Weather is one of the most conversational topics in Britain.

Weather vocabulary

Therefore, if you know the basic vocabulary, you can talk to 60 million people. With 60 million conversation opportunities, it is well worth the little effort you need to put in. Rainforest Concern Guided Tour. Scrunchies May Save Birds From Nature's Fiercest Predator - Your Cat! Kids News Article. Did you know that nature's deadliest predator is probably lurking in your neighborhood?

Scrunchies May Save Birds From Nature's Fiercest Predator - Your Cat! Kids News Article

Odds are, you may be even harboring it in your home. Confused? We are talking about your pet cat. Though they may appear cuddly and innocent, they are known to wreak havoc on their local ecology, killing birds, small mammals, and reptiles at an alarming rate. In addition to being beloved companions, cats have been a preferred method of pest control for humans for thousands of years. In the United States alone, about 80 million homes house at least one cat, while another 80 million wander as strays.

Research earthquakes for World Wonders TV show - English (7,8,9) - ABC Splash - Primary - ABC Splash. Home > Primary More Active Filters:Science Clear all filters Restore the reef.

Primary - ABC Splash

Booking a flight for Rainforest trip - English (6) - ABC Splash - Pack your bag for Rainforest trip - English (5,6,7,8,9) - ABC Splash - Use compass points to explore the Rainforest - English (5,6,7,8,9) - ABC Splash - Find places on a grid map of the Rainforest - English (5,6) - ABC Splash - Overview Need some practise using grid references?

Find places on a grid map of the Rainforest - English (5,6) - ABC Splash -

Follow instructions to find four locations on a map. Design a sign for the Rainforest walking track - English (5,6,7,8,9) - ABC Splash - Rainforest: make a walking track - (TLF L352 v5.0.0) It's Official! Chickens Are Smarter Than Human Toddlers. First there was the revelation that roosters really do have an automatic built-in clock, alerting them to the time of day.

It's Official! Chickens Are Smarter Than Human Toddlers

Now, a new report claims that chickens are no bird brains - In fact, they are smarter then most four-year old human toddlers! The review which was commissioned by Britain's Happy Egg Company, was compiled using twenty years of research data. Here are some of the things University of Bristol Professor Christine Nicol, was able to uncover in her recently released report entitled 'The Intelligent Hen'. Newly born chicks can count till five! Our Beautiful Earth. Time to get off the couch and make your mark . . . after all, it is Earth Day!

Our Beautiful Earth

Originally celebrated in North America on April 22, 1970, this year's theme is 'The Face of Climate Change' - aptly reflecting the dire situation our planet is going to be in, if something is not done to turn around global warming, soon. Revolutionary Mexico City Hospital Facade Absorbs Toxins From The Environment. By Meera Dolasia on April 6, 2013 CCSSNAS-6Grades: 5-8Word Search ''Green' or environmentally responsible buildings that use minimal resources by depending on solar energy or recycled water are becoming increasingly common.

Revolutionary Mexico City Hospital Facade Absorbs Toxins From The Environment

However, the Torre de Especialidades Tower currently being constructed as an extension of a hospital in Mexico City, is taking that concept to a whole new level, with a new innovative tile that is capable of absorbing pollution from the atmosphere. The brainchild of Berlin-based Elegant Embellishments, the Prosolve370oe's beautiful quasi-crystalline shape is not only designed to look good, but to also, help slow down the wind speed and create a turbulence, allowing the air pollutants to be exposed to a greater surface area. Experts estimate that the 10-meter Torre de Especialidades wall will be able to neutralize the equivalent of smog produced by 8,750 cars on a daily basis.

Переход заблокирован. Переход заблокирован. Переход заблокирован. Ireland's Loughareema Lake Plays Mind Games By Randomly Vanishing. You may have encountered instances when you could have bet your life about something you had seen or done, but yet when you revisited, either the thing had vanished or the chore, left undone. If you happen to visit Ireland you may encounter the same feeling at the Loughareema Lake - However, in this case it is not your mind playing games with you, but the lake itself, which seems to sporadically appear and disappear.

Located along a coastal road, few miles away from the seaside town of Ballycastle, the magical lake has become somewhat legendary and a big tourist draw. However, there is nothing magical about why it disappears.The reason as you may have guessed by now, is to do with the area's rock structure. Turns out that the rock underneath the ground happens to be an extremely porous form of limestone similar to the chalk that you use to create works of art on your sidewalk.

2013 Australian Summer May Be One For The Record Books. While summers in the world's driest inhabited continent AKA Australia can get a little uncomfortable, this year seems to be starting out a little more extreme than usual. On Monday January 8th, the Australian meteorological dept reported an average continent temperature of 104.6°F (40.33°C) - Surpassing a record set in 1972. And, the forecast for the rest of the season looks even worse. So much so, that it has forced the Australian Bureau of Meteorology to amend its interactive weather chart and add two additional colors - deep purple and pink to indicate the increase of its temperature range by more than 7° from the previous cap of 122°F (50°C) to a new maximum of 129.2°F (54°C). If their predictions are accurate, some areas of Southern Australia will need the purple color by Monday, January 14th, when the temperatures are expected to exceed the previous high of 122.7°F (50.4°C).

Resources:,,,com, Dogs That Can Drive A Car? You Better Believe It! Переход заблокирован. Переход заблокирован. Special Reports. Lorne Residents Frolic In Nature's Foamy Bubble Bath. By Meera Dolasia on June 21, 2012. Video Of The Week - Opossum Goes Snowboarding! By Meera Dolasia on March 26, 2012 Word Search. What Are You Doing To Help Save The Earth? Australian Spiders Weave A Wickedly Cool Web. By Meera Dolasia on March 8, 2012 Word Search. Can The Sahara Forest Project Turn The Desert Into An Oasis? The Sahara Desert is one of the world's largest and driest deserts.