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GardenMama. .: Thank you for the beautiful comments you shared with me on my last post.


It was truly a pleasure to read each one! :. .: Glass jar wrapped with wire and embellished with decoupage creates a hanging vase to grace the window :. While the snow still sits outside covering the earth surrounding us there is a noticeable shift in the quality of light. The sun has returned to our windows to shower us with it's distinct feeling of happiness as it streams over the sill and kisses the tops of the children's heads. While the winter continues I look to the sunny spot in the living room as a foreshadowing of spring.

Even though the Tulips are not yet awakened or prepared to greet us in the gardens, after some thought I went right to work to create our own bit of spring in the windows... This is a great way to use recycled jars. The next step I will share here is how to create the handle for the hanging glass vase. First I took a nice long piece of wire. Wrap the wire around the rim of the jar twice. Wildlife Fun 4 Kids. Easy Crafts for Kids - Project 10 - Let's Make Bugs. Want free craft supplies for your 'Easy Crafts for Kids' Projects?

Easy Crafts for Kids - Project 10 - Let's Make Bugs

No better place to look than in good old Mother Nature herself! Take a stroll in nature with us, you'll be amazed at what you will find and what you can create with it! Let's take a peek at what we are about to create... We try to collect things that have fallen from trees and are on the ground! We do not disturb our free craft suppliers! Colorful, shapely and different sizes of leaves. Lay out your collection and see your creativity come alive! Roll out a clay head and body, stick them together and ...Add cherry-stalk or twig legsGive it a grass or nutshell backTiny seed eyesLeaves for wingsTwigs as antennae ...and what do you have? Cherry stalks do make great bug legs! Use different types of leaves, twigs and seeds to create different types of wonderful little bugs! So you DON'T like BUGS and crreeeepy CRAWLIES! Martin Waters. Danmala : mandala art.


Feuilles. Mangeoires. Samedi 19 janvier 2013 6 19 /01 /Jan /2013 15:18 Voilà quelques idées de mangeoires plus ou moins faciles à fabriquer avec vos enfants ou pas, histoire d'observer les animaux qui viennent se servir dans votre jardin ou sur le rebord de votre fenêtre.


Pour notre part, on a eu droit à des rouges-gorges, des mésanges, des merles, un pivert et 2 énormes pies qui sèment la terreur parmi les plus petits volatiles. La plus originale : Avec des cuillères en bois, chez Spoonful : ¶¶¶¶ Matériel nécessaire : une bouteille de 1l, 2 cuillères en bois, un crochet et de la ficelle pour fixer la mangeoire dans un arbre. En se posant sur la cuillère en bois, les oiseaux font sortir les graines. Pour tous les détails, c'est ici : La plus design : Avec une bouteille en verre, chez Esprit Cabane : ¶¶¶¶ Matériel nécessaire : deux bouts de planches de bois, une bouteille en ver, du fil de fer, un fond de bouteille en plastique (pour le socle).

Animaux en marrons. Les enfants aiment ramasser les marrons, c’est un fait.

animaux en marrons

Montrez leur ensuite comment les utiliser pour construire des animaux comme des fourmi, des ours… ou des animaux un peu plus fantaisistes. Instructions: Faites des trous dans les marrons et insérez des piques, des allumettes, des petites branches… Pour un résultat plus durable, vous pouvez rajouter de la colle. Pour décorer, utilisez des bouts de laine ou de tissu, des yeux mobiles, dessinez avec une feutre blanc, des punaises…

Drift Wood Orb Tutorial. Dear Chicago House, After a lovely vacation on the beach I am drawn (once again) to creating beachy thing.

Drift Wood Orb Tutorial

I think it is my destiny, to one day, to live on the coast. I saw a lovely drift wood orb in Crate and Barrel recently and as soon as humanly possible went to my secret Chicago beach to collect some drift wood, ready to make my own version. 60 Nature Play Ideas for Kids! Here are 60 amazing ideas for exploring nature with your child through play, art and investigation!

60 Nature Play Ideas for Kids!

I recently gave a talk at a nature play group, in the middle of the woods, about activities to do with your child that involve natural resources and that encourage interaction with the natural world. Here are those ideas that I gave in that talk, plus many more, with links to some fabulous articles from some talented writers around the web! MudUse it to make a birds nest The Chocolate Muffin Tree Concoct with it in a mud pie kitchen Paint with it The Chocolate Muffin Tree Have a princess mud tea party The Golden Gleam Simply play with it Sun Hats and Wellie Boots SticksPaint stick creatures Growling a Jeweled Rose.

The Land Art of Sylvain Meyer. New to me, these wonderful land art installations by Swiss artist Sylvain Meyer who modifies wooded areas and landscapes to create various impermanent patterns, sculptures, and textures.

The Land Art of Sylvain Meyer

Everything seen here was constructed without the use of Photoshop, even the mossy spider.