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MODELO DE NEGOCIO SOSTENIBLE. PERFIL SOPORTE MUEBLE 23B. * Este precio solo aplica para compras Online.* Disponibilidad de mercancía sujeta a verificación de inventario.


¿Cuál es la garantía de los productos.? Single Strand Lanyard. ABOK 792. CERAMICAS KERAMOS. Resistencia de las sogas y soguines. Resistencia de sogas y soguines 1.- La resistencia de una soga merma mucho con la humedad ambiente. 2.- Toda soga retorcida tendrá menor resistencia que una soga trenzada. 3.- Los nudos, al igual que la disposición de las fibras son el factor importante en el debilitamiento de una soga, ya que en ambos casos las fibras dejan de actuar en forma longitudinal y adoptan la forma caprichosa, por ejemplo: de un nudo.

Resistencia de las sogas y soguines

Una exposición para tejer historia en el Museo Nacional. Si su pasión es la historia, la tradición y la cultura no se puede perder la exposición ‘Pura Fibra: tejer pensamiento, pensar tejiendo’ en el Museo Nacional de Colombia.

Una exposición para tejer historia en el Museo Nacional

Esta interesante muestra exhibe diferentes objetos para llenar las necesidades del cuerpo y el alma elaborados por comunidades indígenas y campesinas de Colombia. Todas las piezas son hechas en fibras vegetales. La entrada es gratuita y la exposición está abierta al público de martes a sábado de 10:00 a.m. a 6:00 p.m. y el domingo de 10:00 a.m. a 5:00 p.m. “La exposición está dividida en cinco secciones, algunas piezas pertenecen al Instituto Colombiano de Antropología e Historia, otras pertenecen a una colección privada del profesor Néstor García de la Universidad Javeriana, otras son de una colección privada de la Fundación Tropenbos y otras pertenecen al Instituto Caro y Cuervo”, explicó Flor Marina Medina, monitora de la exposición.

El Museo también dicta unos talleres asociados a esta exposición. ¿Cómo fijar muebles y repisas en yeso cartón y concreto? Shelf WOW by Arthur Analts. Well, sort of.

Shelf WOW by Arthur Analts

Lean and Clean Balancing Machine. Lean and Clean Balancing Machine If you are like me and live in a place that has pressed dirt for walls (a.k.a. dry wall), the idea of hanging art, window shades or especially a book shelf, is not only an engineering feat in itself, but also a serious anxiety inducer.

Lean and Clean Balancing Machine

These types of walls seem to crumble at the very idea of being punctured by a screw, nail or dirty look. How Simple the Rack. Not that rack.

How Simple the Rack

This rack. It’s the “Line.” Designed by Pavel Sidorenko and made to be tied. Repisa Colgante 100cm Pallet - $ 650,00 en Mercado Libre. Juan Sebastian Useche - DESIGNER. Social Innovation About 51% of the population of Bogota, supplement their energy needs with obsolete and underperforming objects that generate unnecessary expenses.

Juan Sebastian Useche - DESIGNER

The fridge, represents 30% of total electricity consumption. If these families would not have to pay for that consumption could save that money and invest in food, school supplies and transportation. Despensa is a food preservation furniture system without electrical energy for Colombian rural communities, and it is able to prevent domestic food contamination diseases such us salmonella by improving the food conditions. Akrolan resina acrílica tipo Acronal. Binders - Acrylic resins - BASF - We create chemistry. Cork lamp. Minimercados en Chapinero. The world’s first concept for a monobloc chair made of natural fibers.

At the exhibition “Poetry Happens” in Milan’s Ventura Lambrate district, Werner Aisslinger showcased the world’s first concept for a monobloc chair made of natural fibers – a project supported by the German chemical company BASF.

The world’s first concept for a monobloc chair made of natural fibers

The *hemp chair* has been designed for a lightweight manufacturing process stemming from the car industry: the renewable raw materials hemp and kenaf are compressed with a water-based thermoset binder to form an eco-friendly, lightweight and yet strong composite. via The sustainable sheet material of the *hemp chair* allows the use of more than 70% natural fibers in combination with BASF’s water-based acrylic resin Acrodur. Mantén tus alimentos frescos sin necesidad del frigorífico. Con una colección de objetos que lindan con lo artístico, la coreana Jihyun Ryou creó un sistema que permite la conservación de alimentos sin necesidad de energía eléctrica.

Mantén tus alimentos frescos sin necesidad del frigorífico

Como bien se sabe, el refrigerador es un aparato indispensable mantener fresca la comida, pero, paradójicamente es uno de los electrodomésticos que más contribuyen al deterioro ambiental. Save Food From the Fridge es como llamó Ryou a esta serie de objetos que, más allá de su belleza, cumplen con todo lo necesario para llevar acabo su función. Fresh n Spicy. Green Luxury Wares. Green Blade Collection - Tablewares by Pigment France. You’ve Got the Lök. Lofty Fruit and Plant Storage. Gone Cork Crazy. Designed for a client who’s crazy about cork, this spacious flat in Prague underwent a complete overhaul resulting in a uniform interior that utilizes the versatile and steadfast material almost everywhere you look!

Gone Cork Crazy

From the floors to the walls, furniture and lighting, cork is contrasted against thoughtful alternative materials such as grey tile, natural wood as well as white walls and accents. This modern incorporation of this natural material is as stylish as it is functional as a fire-retardant and heat/sound insulator. Puzzle Chair. The Pallares chair by designer Carlos Cordoba is the result of a research to develop new materials from natural fibers.

Each chair is composed of 3 identical parts cast from a natural fiber tetera and polyester resin composite. The interchangeable parts can snapped together like puzzle pieces for easy assembly, disassembly, and storage. Pentadecor Films made of Resysta. The first Rice Husk & Polymer Composite Film Pentadecor® Films – made of Resysta® is the first rice husk and polymer composite film. Shelby Elizabeth. Rice Husk. Rice husk in line. Rice Husk Sake Set. Kids set, kids set direct from Optimize Green Tech (Dalian) Co., Ltd. in China (Mainland) Tang Phoonchai. Ubud Rice Husk Vase. Oryzatech: Strawbale Lego Blocks for Grown-ups. Strawbale Building is one of those endeavours that mostly flies below the radar. Although a proven construction method for more than 100 years, the mainstream building industry don't really allow it to appear on their screen.That might be because it's been hard to pigeonhole.

After all, the raw material is scooped, as agricultural waste, right off a farmers field, instead of shipped out a factory door, complete with specification and safety data sheets. Large rice husk lamp shade - woven natural lamp shade, woven natural ... - Green with Envy. Large rice husk lamp shade - woven natural lamp shade, woven natural ... - Green with Envy. Zone - 365 Environmentally Friendly Rice Husk Chopsticks - 10 sets wit. Naked Herb Growing Kit. UK Standard Delivery: £2.95 It's easy to grow herbs from seed with our Naked Herbs kit. Push the seeds into the compost seed starter discs.2-3 weeks later place the discs into the hairy pots and add soil. 2-3 weeks later drop the hairy pots into the rice pots and add soil.3 weeks later you can start using your herbs. The clever bit is that the starter discs and hairy pots are made from coconut fibre, so the roots grow through the sides of them and into the soil in the larger pots! • Complete kit – just add soil and water.

General Information - Western Pulp. The terms organic, sustainable, alternative and green have become part of our vernacular in a way we could not have imagined a decade ago. Consequently, there has been a proliferation of new products in all sectors fashioned to these ideals. Being the true “green industry” by nature, it is only fitting these concepts be incorporated – or, more accurately, reincorporated – into greenhouse production and marketing. An article titled “Comparing strength and biodegradability of biocontainers” by Matt Taylor, Michael Evans, and Jeff Kuehny described Biocontainers as “containers that are not petroleum-based and degrade rapidly when planted into the field or when placed in a composting operation. Biocontainers fall into two categories. Plantable containers are designed to be left intact with the plant root ball and transplanted into the field, landscape bed or final container. It is not uncommon to produce or market herbs and vegetables in biocontainers.

Solit-RiceIt chopsticks by Albert Redo-Sanchez. PBH Nature’s Media Amendment - Rice Hull Products. Discover the best rice hulls in the business. PBH Nature’s Media Amendment is a uniquely processed rice hull product from Riceland Foods, Inc. with multiple uses in the greenhouse and nursery environment. For greenhouse production, it is the perfect replacement for perlite in the growing mix.

In nursery stock, PBH is used as a container topdress to prevent airborne weed seeds from reaching the growing mix. SoliT Rice It – Rice Rice and More Rice. BioEnergy Consult. Malaysia is blessed with abundant renewable sources of energy, especially biomass and solar. Under the Eighth Malaysian Plan, renewable energy was added in the energy mix to unveil a Five-Fuel Strategy to achieve 5 percent contribution by 2005.

Among the various sources of renewable energy, bioenergy seems to be the most promising option for Malaysia. The National Biofuel Policy, launched in 2006 encourages the use of environmentally friendly, sustainable and viable sources of biomass energy. Under the Five Fuel Policy, the government of Malaysia has identified biomass as one of the potential renewable energy. Malaysia produces atleast 168 million tonnes of biomass, including timber and oil palm waste, rice husks, coconut trunk fibres, municipal waste and sugar cane waste annually.

Recycled wood box. Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building. Dutch artist Geke Wouters has created a stunning collection of paper-thin bowls made from carrots, peppers, beet root, leeks, tomatoes, and other vegetables. Stylishly Sustainable Disposable Dinnerware. Bioarroz. BioGusto - Linea de Vajillas de Cascarilla de Arroz. Be Green Packaging - Innovation Stories - Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. Be Green Packaging designs, manufactures, and distributes Cradle to Cradle certified, tree free, compostable and recyclable packaging for the food and consumer packaging industries that is safe for people and healthy for the planet. Be Green Packaging’s business model has been created to address the international concern of teeming landfills and poor waste management.