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Rede da Memória Virtual Brasileira. Ono_Yoko_Grapefruit_O_Livro_de_Instrucoes_e_Desenhos_de_Yoko_Ono.pdf. THE REINVENTION OF NORMAL. Bizarre & Psychedelic GIFs That'll Make You Think You're On Drugs. This Is What Happens When You Repost an Instagram Photo 90 Times. Images via This photo has been reposted to Instagram over 20 times, but it's only a quarter of the way through photographer Peter Ashton's destructive new experiment, I Am Sitting In Stagram.

This Is What Happens When You Repost an Instagram Photo 90 Times

Ashton documented a portrait of composer Alvin Lucier as it decayed over the course of a 90-round Instagram reposting spree. Each time a photo is uploaded to the site, it loses some quality—but the effect isn't really obvious the first time, or the second time, or even the third time around. 90 screenshots and reposts later, however, the resulting blob of desaturated image artefacts is a stark visual representation of just how limited technology can be. An Abandoned Bangkok Shopping Mall Hides a Fishy Secret. Photo © Jesse Rockwell In most post-apocalyptic films when the camera pans down the abandoned streets of New York or Tokyo, long after people have disappeared and the buildings have fallen into disrepair, we see nature again thriving.

An Abandoned Bangkok Shopping Mall Hides a Fishy Secret

Trees and plants take hold in the sidewalks and wild animals like deer, bears, and lions stalk the ruins left behind by humans. Terms of Service. View endnotes.

Terms of Service

Share your story in the comments. For more coverage, check out our Living with Data series by Harvard Berkman fellow Sara Watson. Interested in print copies? Email us. Supernature! Paula Duró's Photostream. Hand-coloured photographs by Shae de Tar. Fashion photographer Shae de Tar creates dreamy images that feel like spellbinding illusions.

Hand-coloured photographs by Shae de Tar

O os franceses de 1900 imaginavam o ano 2000. Breathtaking Photos Of Witch Doctors And Healers Reveal The Spiritual Diversity Of Bolivia. Artists Thomas Rousset and Raphaël Verona traveled across the Altiplano region of Bolivia for a very specific reason.

Breathtaking Photos Of Witch Doctors And Healers Reveal The Spiritual Diversity Of Bolivia

They wanted to photograph the astounding spiritual diversity of the landlocked South American expanses, capturing portraits of the healers, witch doctors and medicine men who keep traditional mystic culture alive. Living in a beautiful space between the country's storied religious past and its rapidly advancing present, these figures represent magical realism in the 21st century. From a snapshot of masked women lounging beside an antenna-equipped television to a crowded storage room packed to the brim with curious relics, Rousset and Verona's series reveals a quietly fascinating religious realm not often seen by Western audiences. Presidents with Boob Faces. Martin Van Buren with Rosie Boob Cheeks Watercolor on Paper ©E.Deutchman 2012 Andrew Jackson with a Fine Boob Chin © E.Deutchman 2012.

Presidents with Boob Faces

80 Photos of Old New York (1970-1989) Des gifs sous acide. MSTRFNG. The_dimka: codex seraphinianus. In the late 70s italian architect, illustrator and industrial designer luigi serafini made a book, an encyclopedia of unknown, parallel world. it’s about 360-380 pages. it is written in an unknown language, using an unknown alphabet. it took him 30 month to complete that masterpiece that many might call “the strangest book on earth”. codex seraphinianus is divided to 11 chapters and two parts - first one is about nature and the second one is about people.btw five hundred years ago there was another book somewhat like that - voynich manuscript.

the_dimka: codex seraphinianus

Fanfare. NYC Subways in the 70's and 80's. Quadrinhos - Stuart McMillen quadrinhos. I Love You Like A Fat Lady Loves Apples. Home. Profound Portraits Of Young Agender Individuals Challenge The Male/Female Identity. Sparked by a tragic incident of violence and hate, photographer Chloe Aftel's portrait project "Agender" shines a spotlight on the beautiful complexities of the genderqueer and neutrois communities.

Profound Portraits Of Young Agender Individuals Challenge The Male/Female Identity

The project began after Sasha Fleischman, an 18-year-old San Franciscan who identifies as agender, was brutally set on fire by a fellow student while sleeping on a bus in November of 2013. The vicious "prank" prompted a small, but nationwide discussion in mainstream media regarding gender binaries and transgender identities, and eventually set off a series of events that sent Aftel to Fleischman's home to photograph the new icon of America's genderqueer youth. Sasha Fleischman The photo shoot, commissioned by San Francisco Magazine, was one of several portrait sessions that came to be the series, "Agender.

" Bohyun Yoon. Keith Haring. Exploring and Understanding the City of Detroit. Documenting the past, present and future of the City of Detroit.

Exploring and Understanding the City of Detroit

Detroit's rapid rise and fall raises a lot of questions about how the city got to where it is today. Follow the links below to learn more. Featured Content. Hora de massagear seu cérebro. The Original Star Wars Concept Art Is Amazing. Acharam os Disquetes de Arte Esquecidos do Andy Warhol. Imagem: Andy Warhol, Andy2, 1985, ©The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visuals Arts, Inc., cortesia de The Andy Warhol Museum, usada com permissão.

Acharam os Disquetes de Arte Esquecidos do Andy Warhol

E o mundo ganhou mais Warhols esta semana, com trabalhos do artista norte-americano mais futurista do século 20 – pelos padrões de 1985 – recuperados de disquetes e compartilhados pelo Andy Warhol Museum. Mais associado à mitologia dos anos 1960, quem não é do mundo das artes em geral esquece que Andy Warhol viveu e continuou trabalhando até 1987.

Aliás, analisando um pouco, Warhol era mesmo um cara totalmente dos anos 1980: ele fez comerciais para a Braniff Airlines com Sonny Liston; fez uma aparição com Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper e Mr. T no Wrestlemania e hoje se sabe que ele foi um dos primeiros a adotar o computador pessoal como meio artístico. Warhol ganhou um Commodore Amiga para demonstrar as capacidades para arte gráfica do computador. Wrong : Asger Carlsen.