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Facebook Twitter - Staff Favorites. Decorar en familia. Âåêòîðíûé êëèïàðò äëÿ CorelDRAW. Ìíîãî. Ðàçíûé. Áåçäìàçäìåçäíà. David Trubridge - Home. Get Yourself in an Awesome Avatar for Free!!! Create yourself an awesome and colorful avatar for your profile picture of and other social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Get Yourself in an Awesome Avatar for Free!!!

This tool allows user to generate a high quality avatar image in 3 formats including .svg file type which is a high quality vector image type. Here are some key features of this cool avatar generator. Both Males and Females avatarsMore than 300 Graphic Parts. The Geometry Code: Universal Symbolic Mirrors of Natural Laws Within Us.

Metal Art - Laser cut models

DOMUS project. Laser cut and engraving. Personal Electronic Cutting Machine - DIY Craft Cutter. Album Archive. Modular kirigami. Wedding Invitation Vendor Directory - WeddingInviteLove. Projects sorted by name. Free Plans: How To Make a Cloth Envelope. Wooden Gear Clock Plans from Hawaii by Clayton Boyer. The Celestial Mechanical Calendar shows the day of the week, day of the month and the month.

Wooden Gear Clock Plans from Hawaii by Clayton Boyer

In addition, she indicates the Zodiac Sun Sign and New Moon Ascension sign, has a MoonPhase Ball that indicates a nearly exact reflection of what the actual moon is doing in the night sky. She also has a Full Moon Ascension Window, and an Orrery showing the synodic rotations of the three closest planets, Mercury, Venus and Mars and indicates when they go into retrograde. The Celestial Mechanical Calendar also knows if the month has 28, 30 or 31 days and advances herself automatically.

All of this with just the throw of a lever each day! It's exciting to see her go through her gyrations, spinning and sliding first to the right, and then back to the left, advancing the settings as she goes. Looks daunting? The Instructions break the building process down into four easy-to-follow sections. Top 10 of the Most Insane Optical Illusions. [Image Source: Youtube/ButchVideo] Optical illusions can be some of the most difficult to understand and impossible to comprehend things in the world.

Top 10 of the Most Insane Optical Illusions

Even if you know the trick behind the illusion, it is near impossible to keep your eyes in line with reality. Since our brain takes jumps and makes assumptions in processing visual cues, it can often lead to our eyes being tricked into seeing something that isn’t there.


Infinity Mirror UV String Art. Welcome to my second Instructable!

Infinity Mirror UV String Art

The Infinity String Art is the union of an Infinity Mirror with UV LEDs and String Art. The optical effect desired is an infinite reflection of a glowing string art. The main idea is to put a String Art between the mirror and the reflective glass of an Infinity Mirror. Please tell me in the comments what you think about the project, the tutorial, my English or anything related to this Instructable. Don't hesitate to ask questions too, I'll reply as soon as possible(which is usually in the next few hours). I couldn't find any thing like that on internet, so it is my duty to write an Instructable for you guys.

Origamic Arquitecture - Yoshinobu Miyamoto - Mashairo Chatani

Plasticbottlecutter. DOMUS project: Materiali: DAS. Era mia intenzione fin dall'inizio realizzare la mia domus impiegando materiali il più possibile corrispondenti a quelli usati realmente in edilizia.

DOMUS project: Materiali: DAS

Pensavo quindi di fabbricare i mattoni con l'argilla e successivamente cuocerli. Quasi subito però mi resi conto delle difficoltà che comportava una simile scelta. L'argilla per cuocere ha bisogno di temperature altissime che non possono essere assolutamente raggiunte con il forno di casa, e affrontare la spesa di un forno professionale solo per cuocere qualche mattoncino mi sembrava piuttosto azzardato...

Come seconda scelta, pensai al fimo. DOMUS project: Construcción 01: Base de hormigón. 1-7-2009.

DOMUS project: Construcción 01: Base de hormigón

Comienzo de la obra. Construcción de la base de hormigón. Tras haber construido un marco de madera de las medidas establecidas (30 x 40 cm) y preparado una superficie lisa sobre la cual apoyarlo, paso a la preparación del cemento. No teniendo conocimientos específicos sobre las dosis correctas de arena, agua y cemento, intento buscar respuesta en internet, encontrando proporciones muy diferentes entre ellas. Las dosis más comunes indican una parte de agua por cada parte de cemento y dos de arena. Vuelvo a montar el marco y repito toda la operación desde el principio, pero mezclando la misma cantidad de cemento y arena.


Papercraft. David C. Roy. Modelos de Papel. Build Your Own... - Geek it Yourself. Build Your Own Hard Copy of an Ebook For most of us, eBooks haven’t caught on quite the way they should.

Build Your Own... - Geek it Yourself

You certainly wouldn’t buya clumsy standalone reader, and if you have an hour of battery life to spare, you’re going to be playing World of Warcraft, not reading, for goodness’ sake. There is still one advantage to eBooks, however, and that is [...] Origami Gone Wild - DIY Cardboard Furniture Why just make cute little birds when you can make origami furniture? Blog about Android, Tech, and more! I just Survived an Airplane Crash!

Blog about Android, Tech, and more!

I still remember very vividly. Recently I was headed from somewhere in Arizona to San Francisco on flight 824. As usual, the flight was pretty darn boring, and life was same as usual. Then suddenly, nearing our destination in San Francisco, the airplane started free-falling. I thought it would stop but no, the free-fall just kept getting worse for what felt like 20 minutes. Even worse, I could feel the plane’s nose slowly turning towards earth, which made me think that it’s impossible at this point for the airplane to correct itself.

Proyecto Casas de Carton - Dollhouse - Castle - Cardboard

SEGUNDA PARTE DE MÓVILES DE PAPEL. Art and Home by Jon Peters - by Jon PetersArt and Home by Jon Peters. Constructions utiles. 150 Remarkable Projects and Ideas to Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal. Origami. Crochet - Tejido - Manualidades. Fotografia.