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II Xornadas de bioconstrucion. Vigo. 11.-15.10.2016 Messe Basel. Actualité. Timber Expo. REPROLIGNUM on-line. Montreal Wood Convention. GO2WOOD – CHORA CONNECTION. GO2WOOD is about promoting production and the use of sustainable wood in Denmark. Building in wood will reduce emission of carbon dioxides significantly. As part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the world’s leaders has committed themselves to take action to combat climate change, promote sustainably managed forestry and make cities and human settlements sustainable and resilient.

GO2WOOD will collaborate with experts and partners from forestry, wood production and the construction industry, in realizing realistic goals for a sustainable building industry. Contact: David Goehring – david@choraconnection Subscribe to our newsletter in order to recieve brand new information concerning the initiative. Chora Connection is involved in the following initiatives within this field: – Roundtables – Get2gether Collaborators: Aarhus University Arkitektforeningen CFMøller CBBT (Sweden) DanskArk-Danish Association of Architectural firms Dansk træforening Dansk Træemballage Danske træindustrier. Frame Australia Conference & Exhibition. Wood At Work. ISCHP 2015 / International Scientific Conference on Hardwood Processing. Wood Innovations. Over 230 wood treatment and timber manufacturing companies participated in the 2016 Wood Innovations event series in New Zealand and Australia.

Wood Innovations

The technology series provided a timely insight into new and emerging timber preservative formulations, innovative wood treatment processes, changing standards, international developments and issues impacting on local operations along with opportunities for growth. Alternate wood products to timber treated with wood preservatives were a major feature at this event. Wood plastic composites and modified wood products are a commercial reality, the first Australian CLT manufacturing plant was announced and tall multi-story timber buildings have a bright future for the industry. Traditional treated timber producers must continue to adapt. The scope for expansion for existing wood producers or new businesses is considerable. Carrefour International du Bois, 1, 2 et 3 juin 2016 Nantes, France. Etats généraux du bois dans la construction. Home – 10th European Wood-based Panel Symposium. Please find the conference program here.

Home – 10th European Wood-based Panel Symposium

To register in the symposium please push the button "Register now" on the left hand side and follow the registration process. Ladies and gentlemen, You would like to obtain information on the most important trends and current challenges in the wood-based materials industry? You are looking for a forum where you, as manufacturer, supplier or user, can exchange ideas and establish networks during in-depth discussions? From 5th to 7th October 2016, the Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research WKI and the European Panel Federation, in co-operation with the International Association for Technical Issues related to Wood, are organizing for the tenth time the European Wood-Based Panel Symposium. More than 20 top-ranking speakers from economics, science and politics will provide reports on the political foundations and perspectives of the wood-based materials industry as well as the supply of raw materials to the industry and the challenges faced by it.

Facades+ Home - Facades PlusFacades Plus. Forum Wood Nordic – Progress through collaboration.

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Camposaz – self-construction workshop in 1:1 scale. Cffc. Offsite Construction Expo. Welcome!

Offsite Construction Expo

About Offsite Construction Expo: The Offsite Construction Expo (OSCE) offers a focused presentation of the abilities of offsite construction across all markets. It features exhibits from offsite construction contractors, traditional contractors that have integrated offsite methods, offsite factories, transportation companies, architects, engineers, BIM suppliers, materials suppliers, and consultants of all types of offsite construction processes. Additionally, OSCE provides educational insights into offsite construction with multiple case studies presented each hour on the expo floor. There simply is no greater opportunity to reach key partners in the offsite construction industry. See the 2015 Expo photos » WoodSciCraft2016(WSC2016) Kyoto, Japan: Home. Welcome to Solid Wood Solutions. A UMass Public Art Exhibition on Wood Architecture and Engineering. 2015. 27 rue Philippe SÉGUIN Visite Libre du 9 AU 16 JUIN 9h-12h et 14h-17h30 sauf vendredi 9h-12h et 14h-19h Pour la onzième année consécutive, l’ENSarchitecture de Nancy et l’ENSTIB-Épinal organisent les Défis du Bois.


Les Défis du Bois sont une expérience pédagogique originale en France comme en attestent les dix éditions précédentes et particulièrement l’édition 2013, lauréate des Alérions de la Jeunesse (catégorie projet étudiants-universités) délivrés par le Conseil Régional de Lorraine. Cette manifestation, qui associe des élèves architectes et des élèves ingénieurs, mais aussi des compagnons, vise à faire naître une culture commune de l’architecture et de l’ingénierie du bois pour mieux fertiliser le monde de la production. Elle a pour ambition d’apprendre aux futurs acteurs du domaine de la construction bois à concevoir et fabriquer ensemble pour mieux répondre aux exigences techniques, culturelles et environnementales d’aujourd’hui, mais plus encore à celles de demain.

Accueil - Expobois. Forum Wood Nordic – Progress through collaboration. Mass Timber Conference – Cross-laminated timber, glulam, nail-lam and other mass timber in commercial construction. Forum Wood Nordic – Progress through collaboration. Startseite - LIGNA. Wood. Building the future - Home: WCTE 2016 - World Conference on Timber Engineering. Holzbauphysik-Kongress.  Messe für Holzbau und Ausbau, Dach und Wand. New Computational Perspectives. Pre-order now on: In light of environmental challenges architecture is facing, wood is no longer regarded as outmoded, nostalgic, and rooted in the past, but increasingly recognized as one of the most promising building materials for the future.

New Computational Perspectives

Recent years have seen unprecedented innovation of new technologies for advancing wood architecture. Advancing Wood Architecture offers a comprehensive overview of the new architectural possibilities that are enabled by cutting-edge computational technologies in wood construction. It provides both an overarching architectural understanding and in-depth technological information through built projects and the works of four leading design research groups in Europe. About the editors: Achim Menges is a registered architect and professor at the University of Stuttgart where he is the founding director of the Institute for Computational Design.