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Kids Outdoor Acrylic Painting Easel. The kids outdoor acrylic painting easel is a very quick build.

Kids Outdoor Acrylic Painting Easel

The frame is made from three 8′ 2×4’s and the supplies shelves are made from a 8′ 1×6. Other than that all you need is 3/4″ quarter round trim to hold in the 36″ x 30″ sheet of acrylic. Making the Kids Acrylic Painting Easel Base From the 2×4’s, cut 2 frame legs to 54″ long, 2 frame rails to 36″ long, and 2 feet to 24″ long. From the 1×6 cut 2 supply shelves 36″ long. Drill pocket holes on the ends of the frame rails and on one end of the frame legs. Attach the frame rails to the frame legs with 2″ pocket hole screws to leave a 30″ x 36″ opening.

To soften the feet, cut 45 degree bevels on the ends of them at the miter saw. Attach the frame legs to the feet with 2″ pocket hole screws. To square the frame, add two 8″ braces with 45 degree cuts on each end. Tales of a Monkey, a Bit, and a Bean: The Coolest Cardboard House EVER! As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we (meaning "Brien", of course--although I did help a little...) made the girls a cardboard house this weekend.

Tales of a Monkey, a Bit, and a Bean: The Coolest Cardboard House EVER!

As I also mentioned, we had piles of cardboard lying around, having been saved from our IKEA entertainment center. I think the plan had been to build a house using rectangles and squares, but nothing had been set in stone. And then, having tucked the cardboard into the guest room, we rather forgot about it until we had guests last week. Pinterest. Pinterest. 12 maneras de fomentar la autoestima infantil - La Mente es Maravillosa.

Estamos tan obsesionados por crear la burbuja del bienestar adulto que se nos ha olvidado la importancia de sembrar la autoestima infantil. Es muy importante que nuestros pequeños crezcan en un mundo de adultos equilibrados, pues será lo mejor que les podamos transmitir. Sin embargo, si nos paramos a pensar sobre esto, no nos costará mucho darnos cuenta de que hacemos que nuestras carencias sean visibles. Así es que los niños, como los animales, perciben nuestros miedos e inseguridades y las hacen suyas con gran facilidad. Ante este panorama, lo cierto es que debemos de esforzarnos porque esto ocurra en menor medida. Pero, ¿cómo podemos hacerlo? En primer lugar teniendo en cuenta que somos el mejor ejemplo a seguir para los niños, por lo que debemos fomentar nuestro autocuidado.

No queremos niños que tengan que ser perfectos porque no queremos cultivar la soberbia; queremos niños que se quieran y confíen en sí mismos y en su potencial. 2–Corrige sus errores pero desde el cariño. Making faces @ WDKA Illustration. Flickr. Deena Mishaan: Teaching the Art of Mandalas to Kids. One of the classes I teach in my studio is to 6-7 year olds.

Deena Mishaan: Teaching the Art of Mandalas to Kids

I love this class. Well, I have to admit, that I love all my classes. Each group is unique and has its own personality. I truly feel privileged that this is my job!!! People coming together every week, to create together and connect in my studio. Kids have a special way of seeing the world. I started the class talking about what a Mandala is and showed them images of different Mandalas from all over the world and different cultures. The Mandalas that they drew were AMAZING!!! Enjoyed watching them create them! Amazing, Right?! After class, my daughter was helping me to clean up the studio and there was A LOT of paint left over and papers that had been used and discarded. Happy creating to us all. Mandala Coloring Meditation for Kids. Mandalas are sacred geometrical images which have the power to focus and elevate our minds.

Mandala Coloring Meditation for Kids

As we draw, paint, or even just gaze at a Mandala, without thinking about it or intending it to happen, we can come into a state of meditation. Children love to draw and paint with colors, and drawing or coloring Mandalas is one of the best ways to make this favorite past-time into a yogic practice — into a meditation. What Exactly is a Mandala? The source of the word Mandala is from the ancient Indian language Sanskrit, and means a circular form with a symbolic meaning. The Mandala represents wholeness and life, and you can find it in many traditions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Native American traditions, Judaism, and more.

Scream Art Project - Art Projects for Kids. This Scream art project was shared from Washington Elementary School in Michigan, and it was a huge hit with my students as well.

Scream Art Project - Art Projects for Kids

It combines Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” face with some blow paint fun for all kinds of expressionist possibilities. WARM UP Look at Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” painting to see how much expression can be created with lines and color. MATERIALS • Drawing or multimedia paper • Sharpie marker • Crayons • Liquid watercolor paint DIRECTIONS 1. Draw a head that takes up the bottom half of the paper.

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