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Sam kirk Sam Kirk, Multidisciplinary Artist. OPENING RECEPTION: JULY 21, 2016, 7PM - 10pm Double Dutch: Sam Kirk, shares her experience bouncing between Chicago and Brooklyn for the past two years.

sam kirk Sam Kirk, Multidisciplinary Artist

About - David Bigelow, Printmaker. David BigelowEtching. RUIDO. Sam kirk Sam Kirk, Multidisciplinary Artist. Surviving The Times: During the coldest time of the year most of us are winding down from our holidays celebrations, preparing our new years resolutions, and trying to figure out which workout plan will quickly help us shed weight from all the food we have eaten.

sam kirk Sam Kirk, Multidisciplinary Artist

While we are doing this, there are 200,000 LGBTQ youth on the streets of the United States that are cold, hungry, and homeless. Some of them are choosing to sell their bodies to survive, some of them are being forced to sell their bodies, and some of them are freezing on the street, hoping for a warm meal and a place to sleep. "Surviving The Times" is an exhibition of work that focuses on homeless LGBTQ youth and the struggles they face while trying to survive on the streets. Montse Rubio Illustrator. Alba Lopez Soler · Illustration & creative design· 285 ilustradoras españolas que molan mucho. No hace falta irse fuera para encontrar ilustradoras molonas No hace falta irse fuera para encontrar ilustradoras de categoría.

285 ilustradoras españolas que molan mucho

Ninguna falta. Y, si bien es cierto que el mundo adora a Sarah C. Andersen (yo también me incluyo), no podemos olvidar que, en nuestro país, talento y gracia lo hay y por un tubo y hay artistas que no tienen nada que envidiarle. Para muestra, la súper lista que he confeccionado en exclusiva y con mucho amor para todxs vosotrxs. Las 285 ilustradoras que no pueden faltar en tu día a día. Albert Robida - Toute l'œuvre d'Albert Robida (1848-1926) Écrivain, illustrateur, caricaturiste et visionnaire. Boa Mistura. P a b l o O u t e i r a l.

An art, design, and visual culture blog. SERGEY TYUKANOV ARTWORKS. Arthur Rackham. Arthur Rackham (19 September 1867 – 6 September 1939) was an English book illustrator.

Arthur Rackham

Biography[edit] Rackham was born in Lewisham, then still part of Kent as one of 12 children. In 1884, at the age of 17, he was sent on an ocean voyage to Australia to improve his fragile health, accompanied by two aunts.[1] At the age of 18, he worked as a clerk at the Westminster Fire Office and began studying part-time at the Lambeth School of Art.[2] In 1892, he left his job and started working for the Westminster Budget as a reporter and illustrator. His first book illustrations were published in 1893 in To the Other Side by Thomas Rhodes, but his first serious commission was in 1894 for The Dolly Dialogues, the collected sketches of Anthony Hope, who later went on to write The Prisoner of Zenda.

Significance[edit] Arthur Rackham's works have become very popular since his death, both in North America and Britain. Technique[edit] Cinderella silhouette illustration Notable works[edit] Pêssega d'Oro: Ilustrações. HONORÉ DAUMIER. The Daumier Register Digital Work Catalogue. THE VIRTUAL VICTORIAN. David roberts drawings. DAVID ROBERTS and the Holy Land The mosque of Omar at Jerusalem from Mount Moriah We are told by another traveller that "In the sacred retirement of this spot, the followers of the prophet delight to saunter or repose and arrayed in the gorgeous costume of the East add much to the beauty and interest of the scene.

david roberts drawings

Around the edge of the platform of the mosque are many small houses for private prayer". This page describes the travels and the drawings of David Roberts in the Holy Land outside of Jordan. His drawings of Petra can be seen on another page. David Roberts (1796-1864) was born near Edinburgh, Scotland. In Roberts' day few persons journeyed much beyond their home town. The reports of discoveries in the Middle East where the travels of Burckhardt to Petra, to Abu Simbel and to Mecca were fascinating the romantic spirits in Britain and Roberts decided to make a long visit there, sketching and painting as many places as he could visit.

Web Gallery of Art, image collection, virtual museum, searchable database of European fine arts (1000-1900) Mathaf Gallery specialists in orientalist paintings - Home. With a large collection of oils, watercolours and prints in stock, the Mathaf Gallery, after 30 years of business, still leads the world in 19th century paintings of Arabia, known as Orientalism.

Mathaf Gallery specialists in orientalist paintings - Home

From David Roberts lithographs to oils by Ludwig Deutsch and Jean-Léon Gérôme, we have Orientalist paintings to suit every requirement. The Mathaf will also undertake commissioned work in portrait painting, falconry, historical reconstruction and scenic views, through our team of contemporary artists on contract to the gallery. On this site you will find a selection of our works - we have many more paintings at the gallery so if you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us and we may be able to help.

Viewing can be arranged by appointment. Larry MacDougall Art Gallery. Gorjuss - suzanne woolcott - freelance glasgow digital artist / illustrator. Le blog de Benjamin Lacombe. Vsévolod Ivanov. Vsévolod Borisovich Ivanov (en ruso: Всеволод Борисович Иванов) (Agosto 14 de 1950, Belomorsk - ) ilustrador ruso, cuya obra se basa en el antiguo folclore eslavo.

Vsévolod Ivanov

Vida[editar] Nació en la ciudad de Belomorsk, República de Carelia. Hasta 1974 participa en exposiciones de artistas aficionados. En 1978 se gradúa en la Escuela de Tver, en la especialidad de artista diseñador. En 1999 pierde su trabajo como diseñador, y decide convertirse en artista libre. Obra[editar] Utiliza como línea de trabajo historia ficticia del pasado, una alternativa a la historia. THE VIRTUAL VICTORIAN. Nuits Blanches à Saint Petersbourg: PINTURA por PINTURA. He aquí una pequeña selección de pinturas para la sección del jueves.

Nuits Blanches à Saint Petersbourg: PINTURA por PINTURA.

La pintura retratándose a si misma desde las Kunstkammern de inicios del siglo XVII hasta los grandes museos de finales del XIX. Het schilderijenkabinet van Sebastiaan Leerse (1610), Frans Francken II, KMSKA. Untitled. DeviantART: where ART meets application! The Best Sources Of Logo Design Inspiration. LogoPond LogoPond is probably one of the best-known websites for logo inspiration.

The Best Sources Of Logo Design Inspiration

They have a massive gallery full of beautiful logos. Carbondmade Carbondmade is a collection of portfolios of various artists. You can easily sift the various portfolios by area of expertise. Creattica Since it’s redesign, Creattica has a special section for logo’s. LogoMoose LogoMoose is a showcase for some of the best logos from all over the world. Lo8os Lo8os is a great logo gallery and graphic design community. Arte plastico republicano -  Sbhac nº 4. Revista Digital Escultura Urbana.