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my love for you is a stampede of horses. First Bicycle Boulevards for Perth - Smart Transport WA Bicycle boulevards are new to Perth, yet they are used around the world in cities such as Portland, Seattle and Amsterdam. Bicycle boulevard users are not fast cyclists. They are mums, dads, children, senior citizens and others making short to medium length trips on bikes to schools, train stations or shops. The Cities of Bayswater, Belmont and Vincent are participating in the pilot project, working with State Government to develop locations that would best suit Bike Boulevards. Bicycle boulevards need to be located on local streets with low traffic volumes and speeds, providing bike riders with: Safe and comfortable bike routes on streets with lane markings.Priority over cars – cars must give way to bike riders.An easy, on-street link to local destinations or major bike routes. The lower speed road creates a safer environment for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. To learn more visit the Safe Active Streets Program page.

Beautiful/Decay Cult of the Creative Arts The True Costs of Driving - The Atlantic (* with apologies to Donald Shoup) A new report from Tony Dutzik, Gideon Weissman and Phineas Baxandall confirms, in tremendous detail, a very basic fact of transportation finance that’s widely disbelieved or ignored: drivers don’t come close to paying the costs of the roads they use. Published jointly by the Frontier Groups and U. S. PIRG Education Fund, Who Pays for Roads exposes the “user pays” myth. The report documents that the amount that road users pay through gas taxes now accounts for less than half of what we spend to maintain and expand the road system. While recent congressional bailouts of the Highway Trust Fund have made the subsidy more apparent, it has actually never been the case that road users paid their own way. There are good reasons to believe that the methodology of Who Pays for Roads, if anything, considerably understates the subsidies to private vehicle operation. Think about air travel for a moment.

artINTERVIEWS 1. Ola! Could you kindly introduce yourself and tell us where your from? Hello! My name is Gavin Strange and I’m originally from Leicester, in the midlands but I now call Bristol home, and I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else! 2. Haha, well, I desperately wanted a ‘cool’ alter ego when I was first starting out, trying to do my own thing in my own time. 3. A bit of everything! 4. I studied Graphic Design at my local college back home in Leicester but then I joined a small design agency soon after (I didnt go to Uni) where I was taught the ways of being a Web designer. 5. I’ve always doodled but have always been rubbish at making stuff with my hands. 6. Luck! 7. Start the day with a tea. 8. Clipper Organic Fair Trade tea. 9. Yeap, the sheer simplicity of the machine and the aesthetic. 10. The Bristol scene is really healthy, full of a huge variety of people of all ages, backgrounds and interests, all coming together just because they love riding. 11. 12. 13. 14. Everything! 15. 16. 17. 18.

Kate Manne: The Shock Collar That Is Misogyny - Guernica What Elliot Rodger did on the evening of Friday, May 23, 2014, isn’t contested, but the reason he did it is. That night Rodger knocked on the door of a sorority house near the University of California, Santa Barbara, and when the women inside didn’t let him in, he left and shot three women who were on the sidewalk, and then continued the rampage, ultimately killing six people and injuring fourteen. He then shot and killed himself. Before the attacks, Rodger posted a video of himself online, declaring that he intended to punish women for not giving him the attention he felt he deserved—and the men whom he perceived as receiving that attention and therefore envied. It was then that Kate Manne, an assistant professor of philosophy at Cornell University, started to write. Manne tosses out the common thinking that misogyny is equivalent to despising all women, and instead offers that it’s a way to keep women in their place. More than anything, I could feel an urgency on the line.

PRINTERESTING Peteski ABOUT ARCHIVE FOLLOW Facebook Twitter Instagram Google+ Ads Via The Deck Math Rick and Morty (cont.) “Nothing is funnier than unhappiness.” — Samuel Beckett How to bend light, Mona Kuhn Cat power Going. Iron Man mashups Hey, that’s my bike. The man who fell the Earth Design Crush On the brink Louis-Ferdinand Céline Right now