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111 Free Filmmaking Tools

111 Free Filmmaking Tools
Last week we brought you 588 Free Film Contracts and Forms. In a effort to continue our “indie stimulus plan,” this week we’ve gathered together 111 free filmmaking software programs. Keep an eye out of upcoming features highlighting even more free stuff. And yes, we promise to never raise you taxes. Also check out these great feature articles: Pre-production Software Celtx Pretty much everything you need for preproduction, Celtx is the world’s first all-in-one media pre-production software. Directors Boards Free 2.0a Based on the popular professional director’s tool Directors NoteBook. Scriptbuddy Web-based screenwriting Software StoryBoard Pro Atomic Learning’s FREE Video StoryBoard Pro is designed to give teachers, students, and home movie makers a tool to plan ahead when creating video projects. Audio Editors Ardour Ardour is a hard disk recorder and digital audio workstation application. Audacity Audacity A digital audio editor and recording application. Video Editing Plugins 3D Graphics

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Filmmaker Notes, How to make a movie?, Producing a Film, How to write a script? - Film Contracts, Contracts for film crews, producing a film legal issues HOW TO PLAN A MEETING - Preparing a meeting, meeting management, meeting manager, meeting tips GOOD CHEAP AND FAST - Business marketing, making deals in filmmaking, winning,success PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT - Film organization, making movies, making films, how to make a movie, PRODUCER QUOTES - Film Producers, Movies, Quotes from film maker legends The Art of Storyboarding with Ridley Scott, Sam Mendes, and Conrad L. Hall Previsualization and storyboarding will vary production to production, but it's important to have some sort of idea about what you're shooting before you shoot it. Often there are stories about famous directors coming on set and making it up as they go along, but this isn't the most ideal way to work, especially when your budget can't afford 50 crew members to move set pieces and lights to compensate for your on-the-fly planning. Below are two videos, the first is a conversation with Ridley Scott about his own storyboarding work, and the second is a commentary with Sam Mendes and the late Conrad L.

Top 10 Screenwriting Tips Introduction to Screenwriting How to become a screenwriter Over the last quarter century I’ve stumbled and lurched my way to some understanding of the screenwriter’s craft. As our AFTRS Graduate Certificate of Screenwriting students begin their journey, I thought I’d share the 10 things I wish I’d know when I started out. 1. Why people go to the movies If you’re making films to be viewed by the cinema-going public, it would seem pretty obvious that you should seek to understand why people go the movies, wouldn’t it? How many frames per second can the human eye see? Imagine yourself watching movie of an unbelievably slow fog. You don't see edges and sharp borders. Now play the movie with 10fps. It will look fluid. Why? Because the difference from one frame to the other is very low.

18 Imaginative Thinkers Break Your Creative Block — Luke Copping Photography - Blog It happens to all of us at some point – you are driving along the creative highway unaware of some oncoming cerebral roadwork slowing the road down to one lane. You lose your focus for one second and BAM!!! You slam headlong into a creative wall. I asked seventeen of the most creative photographers, designers, bloggers, and creative industry professionals I know (and threw myself into the mix for good measure) to weigh in on how creative difficulties affect them and what they do to beat back the tide of artistic fatigue. Douglas Sonders At my workshops, the first piece of advice I tell my attendees is that you must always shoot for yourself.

Making A Science Fiction Movie On A Shoestring: Where Can You Cut Corners? I'm surprised that anybody would suggest shooting on film in an article on doing it on the cheap; film has so many hidden costs that digital lets you avoid ... the most significant of which is summed up in the term "Dailies". With video, you can check what you're shooting *there*. On *set*. With low-cost film gear (meaning no video tap,) that's impossible to do ... which means that if something goes wrong and you don't notice it right then, you have to go back to the location, get your actors back, dress'em up again, and all that ... or forego the shot altogether.

500 Storyboard Tutorials & Resources Once the script is written – how do you effective communicate the visual direction of your film? The answer is storyboards – essentially a scene-by-scene visual guide to the screenplay of the film. Storyboards are a vital part of the pre-visualization process, as well as being an important tool for preproduction and on the set. Developed in the 1930s by Walt Disney company for their animated cartoons, they grew in popularity during the early 40s. 51 After Effects Tutorials From Elsewhere! Wow, it really has been a while... What with NAB, and all the other crazyness going on in the After Effects world, I seemed to have forgotten about one of the most popular article subjects on this website... the tuts from elsewhere! Video Copilot - Smoke TrailsThis is one of the first tutorials out showcasing Video Copilots new plugin, Optical Flares. This tutorial shows some cool uses for the plugin mixed up with Trapcode Particular.View TutorialVideo Copilot - 3D Ball DispersionUsing only built in plugins, and a handy sequencer script, create a cascading, awesome looking effect.View TutorialVideo Copilot - ShatterizeAnother tutorial using only the built in effects and the sequencer script, learn how to create a progressive shatter effect. View TutorialVideo Copilot - 3D LedgeSam Loya is back on the Video Copilot scene, and now he is contemplating suicide. Well, not really, its just some awesome green screen, tracking, and 3d compositing going on.

201 Ways to Arouse Your Creativity Arouse your creativity Electric flesh-arrows … traversing the body. A rainbow of color strikes the eyelids. A foam of music falls over the ears. It is the gong of the orgasm. ~ Anais Nin How Movie Marketing Works" It's three days before Christmas and you're out doing some last-minute shopping downtown. Sitting at a traffic light, you see a bus drive by with a huge ad for the latest Disney movie, something about a purple unicorn. You saw something last night on TV about the crazy special effects they used to make the unicorn fly. Huh, you think, maybe your kid would like to see it.