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Airbus anticipe des commandes d'Indigo et d'Air Asia, Actualités

Le Bourget LIVE du 20 au 26/06/2011 We drive down the cost and environmental impact of running our data centers by designing and building our own facilities. We install smart temperature controls, use “free-cooling” techniques like using outside air or manage airflow, and redesign how power is distributed to reduce unnecessary energy loss "Free cooling" is removing heat from a data center without using a large air-conditioner, or chiller.

Why leveraged takeovers are bad for football It’s a sorry day for football when those who want to consider the game’s future feel like they need to go to Business School to understand what the hell is going on. But Liverpool fans seem to have been blindsided by the deleterious consequences of their club being the subject of a leveraged takeover, that is, one financed by borrowed funds, despite the fact there was a similar example not sixty miles away in Manchester not long ago. Some, though, still argue such debt-laden purchases should be allowed in football. Social Media: There's a Monthly Print Magazine for That At one point, a print magazine about the online world was inevitable. (Remember Yahoo Internet Life?) But now, with the proliferation of smart phones, tablets and magazine apps like Flipboard, not so much.

Newspapers : Why India’s newspaper industry is booming 1 August 2011Last updated at 17:01 By Rajini Vaidyanathan BBC News, Chennai The growth in Indian newspaper industry is being powered by English as well as regional papers As the print deadline approaches, there is a sense of urgency in the air. Summer School Utilization of Biomass for the Production of Chemicals or Fuels “The concept of Biorefinery comes into operation” September 18th-24th, 2011 Solar Impulse reaches Paris ahead of Air Show - News & Advice, Travel The solar-powered plane, which made its first international flight May 13, completed the 636 nautical-mile flight between Brussels and Paris earlier this week. The journey on June 14 took some 16 hours, according to the Solar Impulse team, and was the second attempt after the initial flight was abandoned due to poor weather conditions. Next week, Solar Impulse will be one of the star attractions of the huge Paris Air Show at Le Bourget, one of the biggest events in the aviation calendar for both industry executives and aviation fans.

Debate: Should leveraged takeovers of football clubs be allowed? Joe McLean Partner of accountancy and advisory firm Grant Thornton The world is full of entrepreneurs, merchant bankers, venture capitalists and throughout the developing world people are borrowing money to build businesses. Football is simply mirroring what is happening outside of football. To that extent these kinds of takeovers are legitimate. Ten things every journalism student should know If you are about to start a journalism course, here are 10 things you should know to give you the best chance of succeeding and getting a job in journalism. Yes, you may only have had A-level results in your hand for a matter of hours, but you’re not going to make it as a journalist if you simply rely on attending classes and getting good grades. Some of the tips we’ve come up with, most are from other journalists after we asked those who follow @journalismnews on Twitter for advice. The suggestions are in no particular order and all are of equal importance. 1.

7 books that journalists working online should read? While it’s one thing to understand interactive storytelling, community management, or the history of online journalism, the changes that are affecting journalism are wider than the industry itself. So although I’ve written previously on essential books about online journalism, I wanted to also compile a list of books which I think are essential for those wanting to gain an understanding of wider dynamics affecting the media industries and, by extension, journalism. These are books that provide historical context to the hysteria surrounding technologies; that give an insight into the cultural movements changing society; that explore key philosophical issues such as privacy; or that explore the commercial dynamics driving change. But they’re just my choices – please add your own.

Print We are facing drastic measures if we are to be able to achieve the energy and climate objectives we have set for ourselves. And we need models so that we can, in a holistic perspective, analyse the effects of the large scale changes in the energy system that are expected. The general aim of our research project “Bioenergy, climate and economy” is to contribute to the development of the types of model that can be used as a reference in designing energy and climate policies. In most studies, for example, no consideration is given to the carbon cycle as a whole, and this can give rise to erroneous decisions concerning measures if they are based on the results of the studies.

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