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Open Innovation at Beiersdorf Open Innovation at Beiersdorf “Innovations are extremely important to Beiersdorf’s success. Open innovation means to us actively integrating external ideas and solutions in the development of our new products. To us open innovation is cooperating with external partners as equals.” Unclaimed Facebook pages get a redesign Unclaimed Facebook pages get a redesign Facebook recently redesigned pages for places and businesses that have not been claimed by an admin. These pages don’t include a timeline, but the layout has been updated to better match the design of other Facebook pages and profiles. Business pages that are moderated by admins have not changed. Those pages continue to use the Timeline format with a cover photo, posts and apps.

Greenshoe The greenshoe option is popular because it is one of few SEC-permitted, risk-free means for an underwriter to stabilize the price of a new issue post-pricing. Issuers will sometimes not include a greenshoe option in a transaction when they have a specific objective for the proceeds of the offering and wish to avoid the possibility of raising more money than planned. The term comes from the first company, Green Shoe Manufacturing (now called Stride Rite Corporation),[2] to permit underwriters to use this practice in an offering. Underwriter short selling and price stabilization[edit] Greenshoe option[edit] The greenshoe option provides stability and liquidity to a public offering. Greece debt swap deadline looms 8 March 2012Last updated at 16:15 ET If Greece wants to secure vital new bailout funds it has to get agreement on a debt swap deal The Greek government has indicated that it has secured sufficient backing for a debt swap deal that will enable it to avoid defaulting on its debts. A Greek official told the BBC that more than 80% of bondholders had agreed to the plan, above the threshold required for Athens to be able to push through the deal. Greece needs to carry out the debt swap before it gets a second bailout.

Barack Obama tells EU: boost growth now or face a global crisis Barack Obama is to put pressure on Germany to ease the pain of austerity with policies to boost growth, as he uses two days of talks with the G8 industrial nations to warn Europe that it needs to act swiftly to spare the world economy from a second deep recession in four years. Prior to the G8 summit at Camp David this weekend, a warning from the ratings agency Fitch that Greece's days in the single currency could be numbered heightened fears in Washington that the worsening crisis in the eurozone poses a threat to America's fragile recovery and President Obama's re-election chances. Obama will welcome the new French president, François Hollande, as a potential ally in his push for Europe to follow the US in giving a higher priority to expansionary policies, and as a counterweight to the German chancellor, Angela Merkel. Investors again turned to safe havens, fearing political chaos and economic collapse in Greece having knock-on effects for the global economy.

Working Knowledge ® Point: Create an internal venture fund to incubate revolutionary ideas. Story: This week’s Innovation Summit at the Shell Technology Center Houston (STCH) highlighted the need for innovation and collaboration to solve society’s most pressing challenges. As the world’s problems become more complex, the best way to tackle them is with a cross-disciplinary approach. What are some ways that companies can foster this multidisciplinary collaboration to achieve breakthrough innovation? One way is to create an open mechanism inside the company that solicits promising ideas regardless of where they come from — including outside the company — and offering seed funding that’s outside of the company’s traditional R&D programs to give them time to develop.

Top Rated Social Games of 2012 By Julien Codorniou In the social games world this year we saw the emergence of new categories of games, high quality graphics and immersive gameplay, and games built by big and small developers from around the world. It was the most diverse and global year for social games to date – for those on, as well as games built with Facebook for iPhone, iPad and Android. We’ve pulled together the list of the 25 top rated games, based on games that launched in 2012 and received the highest star ratings from players and engagement levels over the course of the year.

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Greek Tourism Revenues to Shrink 5 pct in 2012 Greek tourism revenues could drop by up to 5 percent in 2012 due to a fall in pre-bookings from Germany, an industry official told Reuters on Wednesday, denting hopes the key sector will help pull the country out of the financial crisis. The Mediterranean nation has been hoping that tourism, which accounts for about 15 percent of GDP and employs roughly a fifth of the country’s 4 million workforce, will boost its bleak economic prospects. A 10 percent jump in arrivals and a rebound in revenues in 2011 had fuelled hopes for a strong recovery in the sector, which had struggled with slumping revenues for two years before that.

'Dire Consequences' If Greece Exits Euro hide captionPeople walk past the Bank of Greece headquarters in Athens. Louisa Gouliamaki/AFP/Getty Images People walk past the Bank of Greece headquarters in Athens. Euros are being drained out of Greek banks at a rate of up to $1 billion a day this week.

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