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Anyclip - Any Moment, from Any Film

Anyclip - Any Moment, from Any Film

Miss Hooban's Blog Whenever we read or hear about the benefits of technology it is relevant to the educational advantage for the learner. Few newspapers, journals, books or articles direct the attention on the benefit for the teacher. When attempting to encourage and prompt educators to take the plunge and delve into the world of technology for education, it seems obvious to me that addressing the benefits for the teacher should be included in the pitch. Here are some benefits I have experienced when using technology in education, for the teacher: Planning and Preparation: precipitate - Your cloud data at your fingertips Note: This project is not currently maintained, and the last builds no longer function correctly with the current versions of the Google services listed below. Bookmarks no longer sync, for example, nor does the full text of Docs. Significant rewriting would be necessary to restore functionality. There are no current plans for a rewrite, but the project is open source, and patches are welcome.

ScreenChomp Serve up Tasty Screen Videos with your iPad Our first experimental app helps you create bite-sized video nuggets everyone can learn from. This recordable whiteboard is just the canvas you need to jot your ideas down and share them – with the world, or just a friend or two. Helpful to anyone, but developed with teachers and students in mind, ScreenChomp records your touchscreen interactions and audio so you can… Send helpful tutoring videos home with students Allow kids to create videos that help their classmates Explain complexities from afar Record your most recent brilliant idea Share doodles with friends and family

Video Resources Video Resources Video clips are a great way to integrate character into a lesson. The first three are scenarios of teens that can be used to teach a specific pillar of character. Teachers Ultimate Digital Kit 30+ Great Educational Technology Guides Over the last couple of months, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has been working diligently on a variety of educational technology guides for teachers and educators. The majority of them have been posted here and , thankfully, have received a huge and unprecedented interaction from our readers. We are glad our hard work did not go in vain.

Teaching Social Studies and Language Arts Teaching Social Studies and Language Arts a teacher exploring integration Interactive Notebooks My most popular posts seem to be on the implementation of the Interactive Notebook strategy. I decided to create this page to arrange them in the most logical order. What is an Interactive Notebook?

QBQ! for Schools Tired of hearing students whine and blame? Want to help teens build character and learn important life skills? Sick of hearing excuses? 8 Great New Educational Web Tools Teachers should Know about It has been awhile that I did not share the popular ' New Educational Web Tools" kind of post here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. However, that does mean I don't have any for you today. In fact I have been bookmarking several of the new and interesting web tools that can be used by teachers and students in classroom. I have learned about these tools from different online websites and blogs and below are 8 of the most important among them all.

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