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Rules That Guys Wish Girls Knew

Rules That Guys Wish Girls Knew

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Shave and Save on Women's Razors Experts show you how to cut back on the costs of women's razors. Women's razors can come with a variety of features -- multiple blades, gel strips, etc. -- many of which also increase their cost. Every woman is looking for a close, comfortable shave, but which products offer the best blades for your buck? 25 Beauty Tips Reusing Household Items – Homemade Beauty Tips on ELLE - StumbleUpon 1. Old Buttons Repurpose spare buttons by using them to keep pairs of earrings together: Most buttons have at least two holes in them, so simply place an earring in each opening to neatly store when not wearing. Photo: Jupiter Images 2. Eyebrow Brush Stuck without a lint-remover?

11 Romantic Ideas to Make Your Lover Go Gaga Over You! – 11 Romantic Ideas to Make Your Lover Go Gaga Over You! Every stage of relationship has its own charm, whether you are living in with your partner or are married to them or have been dating them for a quite long period of time. Every couple wants the magic to settle in at every stage of the relationship and search for different things which help you create that magic.

How To Be Happy in a Relationship- 10 Habits of Happy Couples What does it take to be happy in a relationship? If you're working to improve your marriage, here are the 10 habits of happy couples. 1. Lingerie by Body Shape Sure, most nights your go-to bedtime outfit consists of sweats you bought in college and your boyfriend’s perfectly worn-in (if a little bit ratty) softball league T-shirt, or if you’re feeling fancy, maybe a cami and pajama pants. But special occasions (hello, Valentine’s Day!) serve as a reminder that sometimes it’s good to step it up a bit when it comes to our sleepwear and lingerie. The idea of baring our best—er—assets may seem daunting, but we’ve all got something to show off.

Google Envelopes - concept way of sending mails Rahul Mahtani & Yofred Moik students from Syracuse University (US) came up with this concept called Google Envelopes that enable you to map the course of mail as if it was a story. Then the envlopes can be sent through G-Mail itself. ONLY a concept so far, but totally will rock our world. 11 Rules to be Followed for a Happy Love – 11 Rules to be Followed for a Happy Love Nowadays, the ‘love hunt’ has gone very tough and it has become more and more elusive in every way. But, one fact cannot be ignored that how many collective benefits one can have from a relationship. 15 Ways to Get Past an Awkward Moment Aug 13, 2012 We’ve all been in awkward situations, our lives are full of them. Nobody’s perfect, but how you handle it can turn an awkward moment into a partial win.

Luscious Lip Scrub! & huda beauty - StumbleUpon Vitamin HB | Luscious Lip Scrub! Mon, 23 Jan 2012 DAILY DOSE | NATURAL RECIPEBy Huda Heidi Kattan I have an obsession with chapstick! I pretty much always have some form of either chapstick or lip ointment in my bag!

15 Memorable Life Lessons to Make Your Life Perfect! – 15 Memorable Life Lessons to Make Your Life Perfect! Have you experienced one in all those “a-ha” moments wherever one thing simply clicks for you? It's 7:30 p.m. You're tearing into a work file on your laptop, a beer on the table next to you and a ball game muted on the TV across the room. Enter your best girl; trailing closely behind her, inevitably, is The Question. "How was your day?"

15 Ways To Make Him or Her Go Crazy Over You – 15 Ways To Make Him or Her Go Crazy Over You Want somebody under your spell like just ASAP? There are numerous things on which one needs to focus upon to make someone go all crazy over you. You need to know all the hidden tricks in your mind and need to make them function in a perfect way. We have gathered a bunch of few tricks which will help you in some or the other way to achieve what you want.

52 Facts You Can Use To Impress Your Friends - Damn Bubba! Here are 52 facts about random things, nothing you really need to know to make it through a day, but interesting nonetheless. Share these facts with your friends or just impress them with your big brain at the bar. Source: The 6 Things You Shouldn't Say To Your Adult Child SPECIAL FROM Next Avenue By Linda Bernstein Hint: 'How can you live like this?' isn’t a good conversation starter As my 29-year-old son was ticking off all the weddings he and his girlfriend would be attending in the coming 12 months, I blurted, “So when are you getting married?”

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