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Send a Traditional Classic Telegram the Easy Way

Send a Traditional Classic Telegram the Easy Way
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thedistancefromatob | The lessons I've learned from dating long distance. Sending personalized online gifts just got easier! - LDR Magazine Giftwhip is a service that lets you send a real “giftwrapped” online gift to anyone. According to their website, it works with any online retailer. It can also work with free gifts or download links. Giftwhip takes the hassle out of gifting. No more trying to tie that perfect ribbon or bow. We think that Giftwhip is a really really great tool for long distance relationships of all types. The best part is the countdown timer, which kind of gives you that same feeling of excitement that you usually get just before opening a physical gift. Some of its other features include: Creating or receiving gifts on the go! Giftwhip also provides its users with a personalized giftwhip email alias which you can send gift codes to for wrapping purposes instead of directly to the final recipient. You do have to sign up to use giftwhip, but it takes about 20 seconds to just enter you email and create a passowrd and you’re in! Did you like this post? LDR Magazine

Long Distance Love Coupons - FREE Printables - LDR Magazine There are many love coupon books available online for all kinds of couples. We’re sure you’ve heard of them before! Love coupons are a cute way to give your special someone the gift of actions, words or even forgiveness. As awesome as the love coupons we’ve seen are, we could never find a set that really worked for long distance couples. When you’re far apart a love coupon with “breakfast in bed” or “an awesome back rub” isn’t always very practical; especially if you spend more time apart than together. We took matters into our own hands and made a special set of 16 “Long Distance Love Pass” Coupons that would work well for anyone in a long distance relationship. You can download the printable love coupons in green, pink or turquoise for free (for personal use only) using the download buttons below! LDR Magazine

Cute things to send a loved one over the internet! - LDR Magazine The internet is the way that most couples stay connected in long distance relationships. Admittedly we can see why -there’s so many cool ways to connect and stay entertained together! One way that seems to be slipping onto the back burner is email. People just aren’t using email as frequently as instant messengers and Skype and all that fancy tech-jazz these days. Email is mostly for business or for keeping up with relatives or browsing through all that lovely spam -but hardly ever for communicating with loved ones. So with that in mind, here are three cute things you can send your loved one through email! A Nice Cup Of… is a website that lets you send tea to anyone over the internet. Once you hit send your recipent will recieve a teacup! Food Fighting! This website lets you send hurling food to a friend through email. When your friend checks their email it will link them to a page where the food item of your choice is immediately hurled at the screen. Fuzzmail LDR Magazine

11 Digital & Online Gift Ideas - LDR Magazine Sending gifts can be a lot of hassle. Especially in a long distance relationship. You have to go out and shop for the item, wrap it, shove it into a box and then make a (usually) lengthy trip to the post office. On top of that; Shipping fees can be outrageous, customs between countries can prevent you from sending certain items and the insurance you might be required to buy can end up costing more than the gift itself. Its for these reasons that digital gifts have become so strikingly popular. There’s no haul to a store with long lines, no agonizing over what you can or can’t send and no long waits at the P.O. For some, even choosing a digital gift might be difficult. 1. If your recipient loves gaming, gift them a Steam game! You’ll have to register for a steam account to purchase a game, and your recipient will need to have a steam account as well to access their gift. 2. Gift-cards have started to become overused and some people dread the thought of receiving one. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

4 very unique gift ideas for long distance couples - LDR Magazine It’s that time of year again, when gifting comes to the forefront of many people’s minds. Long distance couples especially, since many of them won’t be able to spend the special winter months together. So instead of sending themselves, they send their love in the form of gifts. And lots of them. It can be hard to decide what to send your LDR love, when you’ve sent countless care packages and gifts in times past. Here’s 4 very unique gifting options that are just perfect for long distance gift giving. GiveAGram GiveAGram is an online service that anyone can use to send their loved one an “online singing telegram.” You can select the date when you would like your Giveagram to be delivered. Cost is determined by how quickly you’d like the Giveagram delivered, so the sooner you order, the less your giveagram will cost. If you’re looking for a very unique gift, this might be the thing for you. AirOhMail Personalized Message in a Bottle This is probably one of the easiest gifts you’ll ever give.

IGRD18: Long Distance Relationships - (It Girl. Rag Doll) Podcast Dom Signs' Spam Poetry Corner, Eroticon, Podcast, Uncategorized In episode 18 of the (It Girl. Rag Doll) Podcast, Molly and Harper discuss long distance relationships, a topic they are perhaps all too familiar with. With your recommended fortnightly dose of spam poetry. Subscribe on iTunes Podcast: Play in new window | Download Show Notes – IGRD18: Long Distance RelationshipsIntroductionMolly and Harper are well, and their knees are touching, and they are surrounded by the smell of cake… They also mentioned these adorably awkward cats. Both Molly and Harper will be in Bristol on 8th and 9th March, for Eroticon 2014! Long Distance Relationships A discussion led by the following questions: How ‘long distance’ is long distance? Many thanks to @Lillith_M, @RubyGoodnight, @bambionmyknees, @jadeserotica, @dedi644, @SilverDropUK, @BurlesqueBun, @SesshaBatto, @RynJ21, @ladypandorah, and @RebelsNotes for questions, queries, and prompts. Related: is there a munch in the Falklands? (It Girl.

How To Track Any Airplane Flight - LDR Magazine It’s the big day and your long distance love is on their way to see you. You can hardly contain your excitement as you countdown every minute until their expected arrival time grows nearer and nearer. If you’re anything like me, the wait can drive you crazy. There’s a lot of stress, excitement and worry that comes with being on the waiting end of the journey. Here’s the low down on these two awesome websites: PlaneFinder is a website that lets you track the status and location of just about any airplane in the world, even some commercial flights which are highlighted in orange. In addition to the above, Plane finder also gives you: Detailed aircraft information including photographs and drawingsDetailed flight information including arrival and destination locationsSearch by location, flight number, callsign or aircraft registrationShare a URL to a plane, a flight or a locationShare a plane or flight via twitter or facebookPlanefinder Works best in Chrome or Firefox Browsers Orlirae

How to connect with friends & loved ones securely, without anyone else listening in - LDR Magazine You have every reason to be spooked. With recent reports of NSA spying, photos being hacked from cellphones, computer malware breaching your digital privacy and the general everyday threat of some creeper peering in on your private personal conversations –who can blame you for wanting to find the most secure ways to connect with the people you care about? We don’t. It’s sad to say that we now live in an age where just about every telephone conversation, Skype call and text you send can no longer be considered to be just between you and the receiver. Fret not for there are a few tools that can help make your correspondence with your long distance friend or lover a little more secure. While we can’t promise that they’ll protect you from the prying eyes of everyone (disclaimer!) Gruveo: Fast & Anonymous Video Calls » Visit Gruveo “All calls on Gruveo are encrypted with industry-standard encryption. Jitsi: Secure, Multi-Platform & Open Source Instant Messenger » Visit Jitsi » Visit Tox

Bake For Far Away Loved Ones on World Baking Day! - LDR Magazine Tomorrow is world baking day. A Day when you pull out all the old cobweb covered baking pans and get to work making something delicious for your special someone. Whether you are an expertly skilled cook or a college student with no baking prowess whatsoever, World Baking Day is something we can all participate in no matter our skill level. World Baking Day we aims to get people all over the world baking. The true purpose of world baking day is to encourage each and every one of us to let our loved ones know that we are baking for them, and most importantly; every wonderful reason why. Take the time to visit the official website, where you can read some inspiring personal stories that World Baking Day has gathered from others about who they are baking for and why. Ahmet is baking for his wife because she doesn’t call him Mr Pookiepie in front of the lads.Tatiana is baking for her parents because she’s still invited round for a ‘proper’ meal on Sundays. LDR Magazine