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Business Intelligence Terminology 101 Introduction Turning data into information and information into knowledge for the purposes of insight and fact-based decision support is the purpose of business intelligence. When delving into business intelligence for the first time, there are some important terms to understand. BIDS is short for Business Intelligence Development Studio. Cube At the heart of multidimensional databases (see OLAP below) are cubes. Data Mart A data mart is typically a smaller, more focused version of a data warehouse (see below). For instance, you might create a data mart to analyze the operational processing times by step and product for a single business unit. Data Mining Data mining is a process by which algorithms and complex searches are applied to data in an attempt to discover patterns and relationships within the data. Data Warehouse When data from one or more data sources are brought together in a central store related to a common subject for the purpose of analysis, this is a data warehousing. Fact

Nielsen Norman Group: UX Research, Training, and Consulting This 189-page free report analyzes how UX pros educated and trained themselves for their careers. We surveyed 963 people working in the field to find out what they do at work, what is most useful to know, and which kinds of people thrive in UX research, interaction design, and information architecture. Article on research findings: User Experience Career Advice Topics Basics: What user experience is and what UX pros actually do. Research Method This report is based on a detailed survey of 963 people working in UX roles and people who interview candidates for those roles.

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