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Connecting Women and Technology

Connecting Women and Technology

The Ada Initiative | Supporting women in open technology and culture Blog Archive » Woman in technology Usually I avoid topics like women in technology because (1) it is a can of worms, and (2) I can really only speak for myself. For the most part, I’d rather be seen as a person in technology than a woman, but this weekend the twitterverse erupted with opinions about Google sponsoring female students to attend JSConf. As a woman who is often the only-woman-in-the-room, I want people to know it isn’t always easy. I was a bit shocked by the blatant failure to empathize. On the Big Web Show, I talked about being a women in a male dominated field (min 7:12). “I was a carpenter before I got into web stuff, so you guys can’t really compete with the carpenters, no matter how unruly you get.” That is true, but a simplification. After conducting a thorough study on the status of female researchers at MIT. The heart and soul of discrimination, the last refuge of the bigot, is to say that those who are discriminated against deserve it because they are less good.Dean Robert J. He says it beautifully.

Girl geeks at Google 02 Mar 2014 About six weeks ago I bought a treadmill desk. Now I deal with email, write code, prepare slides and even type blog posts while walking anywhere from 0.6km/h to 6.4km/h. I am walking at a steady 3.5km/h as I write this. There have been multiple studies that suggest sitting down for long periods of time is not great for your health. As a Software Engineer, I do a lot of computer work and for most folks that means sitting down. Quite a few people have asked me questions about my treadmill desk experience. The TR1200-DT3 desk treadmill paired with a secondhand motorised standing desk From Sitting to Standing When I started doing the majority of my work remotely in 2012, I decided to buy a standing desk. As the desk could only be adjusted by removing all my gear and manually shifting the shelves, it wasn't something I was keen to do very often (I recommend using a calculator like this to get the heights right). From Standing to Walking The TR1200-DT3 desk treadmill up close Tips

CompSci Woman » Stop talking, start coding I read Out of the Loop in Silicon Valley in the NYTimes today, which explores how and why women are under-repesented in tech startups. From the number of retweets I saw and the clicks through links (12,579 at the time of this posting), it’s been getting a lot of attention. There are some very strong, compelling themes in this article. Computer science and engineering to have an “image problem”; the way we teach math to elementary school students is horrible and turns way too many away. I don’t want to nitpick the article, but there are a few statements that reinforce the very damaging stereotypes that the article sets out to dispel. “When women take on the challenges of an engineering or computer science education in college, some studies suggest that they struggle against a distinct set of personal, psycho-social issues… Even women who soldier though [sic] demanding computer science and engineering programs in college…” Please read the whole article.

Top 100 Gender Studies Blogs - Learn-gasm By Megan Jones Whether you’re pursuing a degree from a top-tier college in women’s studies or taking a few online courses to slowly work towards a degree focused on gender, you can find a number of great blogs online that can supplement your learning experience. Here are a few that we’ve put together that deal with a large range of gender related issues. General These blogs address a wide range of gender-related issues. Gender Pop: This blog analyzes issues of gender in science and culture. Feminism These blogs take a feminist point of view when it comes to discussing gender and political issues. Feministing: Authored by Amy S. Scholars These bloggers are professors, students and researchers interested in gender and women’s studies. Gender Identity and Sexuality Check out these blogs for interesting reading on the topic of gender identity and transgender individuals. Queer Studies Read these blogs for commentary on sexuality and preference and how it intersects with gender. Politics and Law

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The Feminist eZine 5 Organizations Helping Women Get Ahead in Tech Emily Goligoski (@emgollie) is a marketing manager at Federated Media. She produces video interviews with female entrepreneurs for Women 2.0 and writes about culture news as TheSanFranista. What happens when "equality in the workplace" is simply a numbers game? The ratio of women trained in computer science education is even lower now than it was in the 1980s. To combat these numbers, organizations have sprouted to improve and expand programming education for women. Sometimes started out of frustration with the disproportionate ratio of male and female programmers, these five organizations are optimistic about building a community that includes first-time programmers and people shifting professional fields. 1. “It’s our sense that by the time you get to Stanford or Princeton, you’ve made it,” said Angie Schiavoni, a tech product consultant who co-founded CodeEd with her husband Sep Kamvar. 2. She and programming expert Dr. 3. 4. 5. Final Words Image courtesy of iStockphoto, track5

Threat of quotas helps to put more women in the boardroom | Business | The Observer Britain’s biggest companies have doubled the number of women they are recruiting to their boards in the past six months. Photograph: Alamy Lord Davies, who earlier this year reviewed boardroom equality for the government, was criticised for failing to recommend a compulsory quota system to improve representation of women at the highest level. But it seems that Davies's mere threats of further action if companies did not get their act together have paid off anyway. According to analysis conducted by the Observer, Britain's biggest companies have doubled the number of women they are recruiting to their boards in the past six months. FTSE 100 firms have appointed 18 women to their boards since 24 February, when Davies told businesses that within four years a quarter of senior bosses should be female. Technically, the six-month due-date falls on Wednesday 25 August, although Davies has given them till the end of the month to make their intentions known.

My Experiences as a Female Software Engineer | Jean Hsu It’s no secret that females in Computer Science, both in academia and industry, are scarce. While the percentage of females in other male-dominated fields has been on the rise, that of females majoring in computer science has been on a downward spiral in the past few decades, currently sitting at about 12% to 20%. When I was at Princeton, it was on the lower end, with the class of 2007 having 2 women out of about 20, and the class of 2008 having about 5 out of 50. I don’t claim to know why the numbers are so low, though I think much of it has to do with the culture of Computer Science and the type of people that go into the field. In high school, I took two computer science courses– Intro to Computer Science using C++, and AP Computer Science. Despite my own pre-college experience with Computer Science, it was not an obvious choice for me. Most of my classmates were not that extreme, and from my experience, most mean well but are just socially awkward. Related posts:

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