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View Images: Weird Science

View Images: Weird Science
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Фото и рисунки, арт и креативная реклама Gothic Architecture Pictures All text and pictures © QT Luong. See conditions for use of pictures. There are 28 pictures on this page out of 228 pictures of Gothic Architecture. Thighs Wide Shut Surreal Paintings Cloak People in Landscapes Berlin, Germany-based artist Moki finds inspiration in Japanese artist Hayao Miyazaki's work (Spirited Away) as well as in nature. Her acrylic paintings are filled with images of northern landscapes or as she describes more specifically as "isolated Scandinavian and Icelandic terrain, a subarctic frozen lake continent, untouched caves and moss meadows, and mountains sculpted into anatomical shapes by wind and water." Moki merges humans with nature, cloaking them in lush green meadows or a calm sea of water. When asked why she combines humans with nature, Moki said, "The beings disappearing in my paintings illustrates the state of mind when you cannot distinguish between you and the other, that feeling of awareness for what surrounds you. Many of Moki's works can be found in her second book, a 128-page hardcover called How to Disappear. "If i could give one piece of advice to myself now, I would tell myself to take a long walk in nature. Moki's website

I'm Learning To Share! MWM Graphics | Matt W. Moore The Mad Vortex 100 Awesome Art Lessons on YouTube Whether you’re getting your bachelor’s degree in painting, graphic design or sculpture, there’s so much to learn about art — from its lush history to materials — that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Yet art students shouldn’t fret. There’s a whole lifetime ahead to learn and numerous resources both in the classroom and outside of it for expanding your knowledge. Drawing From how to sketch parts of the body to the best materials to use, these videos will help educate you on all things drawing-related. How to Draw a Realistic Eye: Eyes have been called the window to the soul, and if you want to create a realistic portrait you have to get them just right to give your drawing the emotion it needs. Painting There are many kinds of paint, from oil to watercolor, so it can take a long time to truly become a master at any one of them, let alone multiple media. Illustration Photography Improve your skills behind the lens and in the darkroom with the help of these videos. Graphic Design Sculpture

Criggo Anatomia para Escultores Grande dica de meus amigos Eric Kenji e Vinicius Eros. O site Anatomy4Sculptors condensa em um único lugar várias daquelas anotações que provavelmente muitos de nós já fizemos em diversos pedaços de papel ou salvamos em algum arquivo perdido em nosso computador. E claro, não é só isso. Itens como proporções, videos, segredos, livros e forums complementam o aprendizado, que já é bastante agradável através da própria organização do site, dividida em figura, torso, cabeça e pescoço, mãos e braços, perna e pés. VISITE: Anatomy4Sculptors