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View Images: Weird Science

View Images: Weird Science
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Фото и рисунки, арт и креативная реклама Triumph Scrambler 900 Most of the bikes we show here don’t reflect the truth of mainstream motorcycle customizing. They’re bikes to aspire to, or be inspired by. The reality is that most people who customize their bikes do it in a piecemeal fashion: changing a part here and there, doing a little of the work themselves and contracting out the trickier stuff, and poring over catalogs and websites to find the elusive parts that will provide a useful performance kick or a different look. This is something that Roland Sands understands very well, and one of the reasons he’s become so successful. The Triumph Scrambler 900 we’re looking at here exemplifies this approach perfectly. Sands chose a 2011 model Scrambler as the base, and upgraded the dynamics and rider experience using bolt-on parts that won’t damage reliability. The original 7/8″ handlebars are gone, replaced with Renthal Fatbars attached to RSD risers.

Thighs Wide Shut Abnormal Cycles - Sportster 1200 Nightster  - Pipeburn - Purveyors of Classic Motorcycles, Cafe Racers & Custom motorbikes Back in black. And green Vespas. Pizza. Now that’s a nice tank & seat combo Sometimes, when trying to uncover more information on projects from overseas builders, it helps to speak the language – google translate only takes you so far. To be honest, this bike could have been a complete disaster. An Italian build isn’t complete without a beautiful women on it.

I'm Learning To Share! Iron Samurai - Japanese Style Inspired Red LED Watch Red LED Watch featuring a Japanese style inspired design, metal bracelet and Time and Date display. Introducing the “Iron Samurai”, a lava red Japanese inspired LED watch. Displaying time on demand, a simple press of a button will light up the “Iron Samurai” and a red glow will tell you the exact time. Coated in a dark black onyx paint, the shackles of the watch easily adjust to the size of your wrist and offer the wearer unmatched comfort. So this watch really tells time? Tap the top button on the right side of the timepiece and watch the screen light up like surfacing lava. Just google "Japanese LED Watch" to see how much these timepieces sell for online. At a Glance... Crimson Red LED's Time and Date Function

The Mad Vortex Psychedelic Art Korean surrealist artist Jung Yeon Min’s works are visually stunning, and made us curious to dig into what kind of psyche it takes to produce such artistic beauty. In our research we discovered a view into the infinite imagined world that exists outside the boundaries of our cranium. In the imaginary spaces depicted in her works, the extraordinary and the realistic merge, the micro and the macro coexist, and rules of physical space and time are manipulated. Min declares that she wishes to challenge viewers to ponder the possibilities or what is possible when one’s imagination is stretched to its outer limits. I think I’ve finally found my new art crush…

Criggo Untamed Velocity - Tour of the Barber Motorsports Museum, Birmingham, Alabama Yes, this is the entrance to Barber Motorsports Park. Fortunately they don't discriminate against happy-go-lucky idiots who love riding motorcycles. The Professor and Chris demonstrate. The entrance road to Barber Motorsports Park. Outside the Barber Museum; at first, it looks somewhat odd. The Barber Museum, or as Chris likes to believe, his winning Mega-Millions ticket house. Come on in, it's a museum. And to our left, vintage racers worth more than a house. When you have this many, you store them like matchbox cars. The Vincent Black Shadow. Onboard the first true Hayabusa, aka the Black Shadow. Vintage military motorcycles, looking like they're fresh off the showroom floor. What, no tassles? Hey, George Barber stacks his bikes on a Christmas tree just like you do. BMW should make this TODAY. Professor Ted trying to look innocent after being asked twice by security to stop trying to start the F1 car. Unobtainable Bimota bodywork? There's not a bike here we don't salivate over. Supermono.