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ZetCode, tutorials for programmers

ZetCode, tutorials for programmers

Subtle Patterns | Free textures for your next web project. Nothing like a field of beautiful flowers. Download Download These lovely water-colorful dots will make your designs pop. Download More leaves from another angle. Download Download Look at all these bubbles! Download Download Download Tiny little flowers growing on your screen. Download Subtle oriental tiles pattern, with a mystic vibe. Download AnotherTutorial Table of Contents: Foreword The purpose of this tutorial is to get you started with the wxPython toolkit, from the basics to the advanced topics. It has lots of code examples, not much talking. mailing list reference book source code of wxPython applications /home/vronskij/bin/wxPython/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/wx-2.6-gtk2-unicode/wx - the ultimate resource, on my Linux box There are three decent toolkits for the python programming language: wxPython PyQt PyGTK Note that this tutorial is done on Linux. Icons used in this tutorial: icons.tgz Images used in this tutorial: images.tgz jan bodnar 2005 - 2007 status update. wxPython API wxPython API is a set of functions and widgets. In wxPython we have lot's of widgets. Base Widgets These widgets provide basic functionality for derived widgets. wx.Window wx.Control wx.ControlWithItem Top level Widgets These widgets exist independently of each other. wx.Frame wx.MDIParentFrame wx.MDIChildFrame wx.Dialog wx.PopupWindow Containers Dynamic Widgets or

About - Project Euler What is Project Euler? Project Euler is a series of challenging mathematical/computer programming problems that will require more than just mathematical insights to solve. Although mathematics will help you arrive at elegant and efficient methods, the use of a computer and programming skills will be required to solve most problems. The motivation for starting Project Euler, and its continuation, is to provide a platform for the inquiring mind to delve into unfamiliar areas and learn new concepts in a fun and recreational context. Who are the problems aimed at? The intended audience include students for whom the basic curriculum is not feeding their hunger to learn, adults whose background was not primarily mathematics but had an interest in things mathematical, and professionals who want to keep their problem solving and mathematics on the cutting edge. Can anyone solve the problems? The problems range in difficulty and for many the experience is inductive chain learning. What next?

❍ IcoMoon IDE Toolbox: 70+ IDEs for Developers For developing cool applications you need an Integrated Development Environment, also called an IDE. Here's our list of 70+ IDEs for developers and all our geek readers who like to try their hands at coding. Enjoy and Don’t forget to check out our post where you can suggest future toolbox topics! Anjuta C/C++ IDE - A dynamic C/C++ IDE with features including project management, interactive debugger and an editor for browsing and syntax highlighting. BVRDE - A C/C++ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) primarily designed for easy cross-platform development. C-Free - C-Free is a professional IDE offering support for multiple compilers including Cygwin, Borland C++ Compiler, Microsoft C+ Compiler, Open Watcom and Digital Mars. Code::Blocks - A free C++ IDE based on the plug-ins. CPPIDE - A complete integrated development environment for C/C++ environment with a source code editor, compiler and debugger. c.vim - c.Vim is a C/C++ IDE that enables easy coding and execution of programs. Java

For learning, refreshing, or just for fun! Genbeta Dev J2EE Video Tutorial | Free Java EE Video Lessons| Free JEE J2EE Video Programming | Jee J2ee Video Lectures Algorithm Archive · GitBook Geeklist - A place for geeks to share what they've done, who they did it with and connect with great companies