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James Zapata

James Zapata
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Martin Wittfooth [appropriately witty title] theartofanimation: Alexander Wilson I don’t usually re-blog anything as a rule, especially my own work, but I love the collections that The Art of Animation put together and couldn’t be more flattered to be featured! I highly recommend giving them a follow if you don’t already, they make the best inspiration posts. Thank you! -Alex Warm up’s from yesterday. Hope your week has started well! Cheers, Happy Monday! Mermaid Monday anyone? So as mentioned last time, I’m going to try posting a sketch page or two each week and actually have something that resembles a regular posting routine. Also, since it will only be one page (or a double page spread) at a time I will start slipping a few close ups in there from time to time. Hope you had a great start to your week, where ever you are! Bah, I can’t believe how quickly January has flown by. I hope this will do for now. Happy New Year Tumblrites! Another year another batch of messy sketch pages! Cheers! In the mean time: Le sketch post. Bit more progress.

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