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6- un peu d'air

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Enchanted objects. Enchanted Objects Arthurian Legend The following magical objects found in the Arthurian legend are actually too enormous to list here.

enchanted objects

Since Arthur and some of his companions are found in Welsh (Celtic) literature, it is only right to list their possessions here. Back to the Appendix French Legend Though, the Charlemagne legend doesn't belong here, they are sometimes listed in Arthurian legend, comparing the object between two different legends. This page belongs to Timeless Myths. See Copyright Notices for permitted use. For feedback, questions, or just to say "hello", contact can made through the Contact page.

Home | Arthurian Legends | Camelot | Age of Chivalry | Songs of Deeds Copyright: Timeless Myths © 1999 Jimmy Joe. Neuroscience of Imagination. Albert Einstein said of the theory of relativity, "I thought of it while riding my bicycle.

neuroscience of Imagination

" Anyone who exercises regularly knows that your thinking process changes when you are walking, jogging, biking, swimming, riding the elliptical trainer, etc. New ideas tend to bubble up and crystallize when you are inside the aerobic zone. You are able to connect the dots and problem solve with a cognitive flexibility that you don't have when you are sitting at your desk. This is a universal phenomenon, but one that neuroscientists are just beginning to understand. Aerobic exercise clears the cobwebs from your mind and gives you access to insights that are out of reach when you are sedentary. What is happening to the electrical, chemical and architectural environment of our brains when we exercise that stimulates our imagination and makes us more creative?

Many scientists believe that the creative process springs as much from the subconscious as it does from a conscious thought process. Invisibility cloak now a reality. Nov. 12, 2012: A member of the lab at Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering has made a giant leap toward creating an invisibility cloak.Duke University Let's hope Star Fleet perfects the technology before the Romulans get their hands on it.

invisibility cloak now a reality

Scientists have made the impossible possible, disappearing a cylinder by guiding light around it before putting those photons back on their original path -- essentially bending light around the object. This new approach achieves invisibility where others have failed. With a catch, however: It only works from one direction. The math is incredibly complex and the materials necessary difficult to produce.

Bodycard 0056. Bodycard 0050. Danse sur sable (Wardley) Dessin géant sur sable (sandin- youreye) Conte de sable saisonnier. At the disco panic ! (dreamscene) From 3 to 4D observation. A film for a wide audience!

from 3 to 4D observation

Nine chapters, two hours of maths, that take you gradually up to the fourth dimension. Mathematical vertigo guaranteed! Background information on every chapter: see "Details". Click on the image on the left to watch the trailer ! (turn your speakers on please). Free download and you can watch the films online! The film can also be ordered as a DVD. This film is being distributed under a Creative Commons license. Now with even more languages for the commentary and subtitles: Commentary in Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Russian. Film produced by: Jos Leys (Graphics and animations) Étienne Ghys (Scenario and mathematics) Aurélien Alvarez (Realisation and post-production) Shared experience of absurdity (Todd) Miss impossibilitis (Finch) Creativity. Art(Arte) Over metric.

Hack-mind ("fracturing" psycho) Psychobox. Molecular visual. Approche hoministe (US_ Avon) At Avon Old Farms, our goal is to be the best school for boys.

approche hoministe (US_ Avon)

Every aspect of our school program is engineered to enable boys to be successful, and since 1927, we have been providing young men with the tools necessary to achieve in their scholastic, athletic, and artistic endeavors. Everything that takes place on campus – in the classroom, in the dormitories, on the athletic fields – is specifically designed with the educational and developmental needs of boys in mind.

We prepare our boys to be valued citizens who know how to set and attain high personal and professional goals. At Avon, we understand boys. We appreciate their sense of humor, their energy, and their unique learning styles, and we believe that our dedicated, focused approach is critical to helping boys realize their full potential. The Tradition When Avon was founded in 1927, it was very much the rule for boarding schools to be single-sex. Single-sex classrooms serve to break down stereotypes.

The Community The Experience.