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Cultural Change

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Societal Gumbo. New paradigm. Social Change. Chaos+ordre =CHAORD. Thimoty Morton. Olafur Eliasson and Timothy Morton - Conversation (Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, 28/09/2016) Kevin Kelly. K-punk. Almanacco. From MIT Press: 10 Topics Every 21st Century Citizen Should Know About. A Different Kind of Theory of Everything. Shifting the Three Fundamental Elements of Culture Will Create a New Environment. Nothing stops the change process in its tracks like hearing: “Our culture won’t allow us to do that.”

Shifting the Three Fundamental Elements of Culture Will Create a New Environment

Though the words are simple — often uttered reflexively with little thought — they can serve as a daunting wall standing in the path of positive change. How Is Culture Built? Culture is made up of the behavior patterns of people who live within it. The patterns are the result of an understanding by each individual of their role (or roles) within an organization. The culture emerges and takes shape via these engrained mind maps created by the connected thoughts of individuals. Rebecca Solnit: How Change Happens. We are building something immense together that, though invisible and immaterial, is a structure, one we reside within—or, rather, many overlapping structures.

Rebecca Solnit: How Change Happens

They’re assembled from ideas, visions and values emerging out of conversations, essays, editorials, arguments, slogans, social-media messages, books, protests, and demonstrations. A “New Normal” for Leadership?: Where We Go From Here. We are all on edge.

A “New Normal” for Leadership?: Where We Go From Here

Covid-19, its variants, slow vaccinations, and the surge of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths have all brought us to the edge. We are also on edge because of the deep political, racial, economic, and cultural divisions which are amplified by the pandemic. It feels overwhelming. We are living from day to day or week to week, feeling largely out of control. Our kids may be home as we work from there. A New Economic System for a World in Rapid Disintegration. (Photo: Antoine Collet; Edited: LW / TO) We live in ominously dangerous times.

A New Economic System for a World in Rapid Disintegration

Concrete: the most destructive material on Earth. In the time it takes you to read this sentence, the global building industry will have poured more than 19,000 bathtubs of concrete.

Concrete: the most destructive material on Earth

By the time you are halfway through this article, the volume would fill the Albert Hall and spill out into Hyde Park. In a day it would be almost the size of China’s Three Gorges Dam. In a single year, there is enough to patio over every hill, dale, nook and cranny in England. After water, concrete is the most widely used substance on Earth. If the cement industry were a country, it would be the third largest carbon dioxide emitter in the world with up to 2.8bn tonnes, surpassed only by China and the US. Alain Caillé : "Le convivialisme, une idée neuve pour éviter la catastrophe" - Société. « Jamais l'humanité n'a disposé d'autant de ressources matérielles et de compétences techniques et scientifiques (...).

Alain Caillé : "Le convivialisme, une idée neuve pour éviter la catastrophe" - Société

Pourtant à l'inverse, personne non plus ne peut croire que cette accumulation de puissance puisse se poursuivre indéfiniment, telle quelle, dans une logique de progrès technique inchangée, sans se retourner contre elle-même et sans menacer la survie physique et morale de l'humanité ». Ainsi débutent les premières phrases du « Manifeste convivialiste », un petit livre de 40 pages mais à l'ambition intellectuelle élevée face à ce sentiment d'urgence. René Passet : « Il faut prendre du recul pour voir qu’un autre monde est en train de naître » - Changement de civilisation. Global Warming. Capitalism is killing the planet – it’s time to stop buying into our own destruction. There is a myth about human beings that withstands all evidence.

Capitalism is killing the planet – it’s time to stop buying into our own destruction

It’s that we always put our survival first. This is true of other species. How climate change is behind this week's extreme cold snap. Baby, it's frigid outside.

How climate change is behind this week's extreme cold snap

A large swath of Canada, from the Prairies to Nova Scotia, is under a deep freeze. Andreas Malm - Le mythe de l’anthropocène (2015) Exiting The Anthropocene and Entering The Symbiocene. Exiting The Anthropocene It has been proposed that humans are now living within a period of the Earth’s history appropriately named ‘The Anthropocene’ (Crutzen and Stoermer 2000).

Exiting The Anthropocene and Entering The Symbiocene.

The name is derived from the observed human influence and indeed dominance of all climatic, biophysical and evolutionary processes occurring at a planetary scale. The shock of the anthropocene. In 2003 the Australian philosopher Glenn Albrecht coined the term solastalgia to mean a “form of psychic or existential distress caused by environmental change”.

the shock of the anthropocene

Albrecht was studying the effects of long-term drought and large-scale mining activity on communities in New South Wales, when he realised that no word existed to describe the unhappiness of people whose landscapes were being transformed about them by forces beyond their control. Panarchy. Panarchy What is Panarchy? Urban Times - Be the Change. Six problem-solving mindsets for very uncertain times.

Great problem solvers are made, not born. That’s what we’ve found after decades of problem solving with leaders across business, nonprofit, and policy sectors. These leaders learn to adopt a particularly open and curious mindset, and adhere to a systematic process for cracking even the most inscrutable problems. The non-political side of politics. Eradicating poverty and creating a good society. Prioritize... Causes & Positive news... Communs. Planetary Limits.

Fondation Nicolas Hulot. The CHALLENGE of imbalance. Mouvement Colibris. Learning module. Créatifs Culturels. Définir les créateurs de cultures. Ideas 1. Jeremy Rifkin. Breaking culture. Mapping the decentralized world of tomorrow – Earlybird’s view – Medium.

The Media is going crazy about Bitcoin, Ethereum and the rise of crypto markets. Alternative Societies. The leadership is us. Cultural Change. Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist. Resurgence. Le site des Créatifs Culturels - tree2share. Darwin's Wedge & Dumb Competition. “Competition creates efficiency,” is preached as if it were a law of nature. But nature itself teaches a different lesson. Biological competition can create foolish costs, and collective doom. “Darwin’s Wedge” shows why and reminds us of the point of being human. Our competitions, and the myopic logic of free markets, needn’t be dumb as trees. “Tree trunks are standing monuments to futile competition” says Richard Dawkins. What can market lovers learn from nature's competitions?

Edgar Morin : "Le temps est venu de changer de civilisation". Jean Yves' Organizational Behavior/Management Blog. .: :. Zoupic. Ce WordPress, c’est une énorme libération, d’une flexion à une extension totale de tous mes membres dans l’espace (bien que j’ai le genou dans le chou). C’est une libération des membres, de l’esprit et des mots. Des mots car ceci n’est pas écrit chez over-blog, partenaire de TF1 media, des mots libres qui viennent d’un logiciel libre avec des plug-ins libres chez un hébergeur(1&1) pas tout à fait libre, mais on en reparlera. Des membres car ici je peux installer ce que je veux, tout configurer à ma manière, c’est chez moi, je n’habite plus au zoupic rue mais au zoupic via WordPress chez (chez l’hébergeur pas tout à fait libre). Et l’esprit car dire des mots et dans la pratique ne pas être en accord avec la parole est racinalement contradictoire.

Donc je fais ce que je dis et je dis ce que je fais, je pense ce que je dis et je dis ce que je pense. Une caractéristique de notre monde de son origine à nos jours, du soleil à l’atome ce sont les flux. Les flux. REMIX culture. What is the metaverse, and do I have to care? InIn recent months you may have heard about something called the metaverse. Maybe you’ve read that the metaverse is going to replace the internet. Maybe we’re all supposed to live there. Remixthebook. Artistic Expressions and Copyright: The theory and practice of remix culture. Mutinerie : Libres ensemble. WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE? A belief in meritocracy is not only false: it’s bad for you. Douglas Rushkoff - Home. Understanding Reductionist vs. Holistic Thinking. New Culture, Social Design, Cultivation. ॐ Collectively Conscious ॐ - Hive Mind for the Awakened. Nomad / Knowmad. 6-Collective Intelligence.

Intelligence collective. Intelligence collective. The World That Can Be/New Future. Cooperation Collaboration. Innovation. The Commons as a Tool for Sharing the Wealth - Commons Strategies. David Bollier I recently spoke at a conference, “Property and Inequality in the 21st Century,” hosted by The Common Core of European Private Law, an annual gathering of legal scholars, mostly from Europe.

Mouvement pour une alternative de gauche écologiste et solidaire. 9 Ways Altruism Is Destroying The World. Disruptive versus Radical Innovations. A New Alignment of Movements? Part I: The General Challenge - Commons Strategies. Market socialism. « De chacun (volontairement) selon ses capacités à chacun (inconditionnellement) selon ses besoins » Revenu de Base Universel : Pourquoi ?, Quoi ?, Comment ?

Will Universal Income Ever Work? Revenu de base, revenu universel : pas facile de se faire une idée. My Star Trek Binge, UBI, and a Positive Future of the Economy. /Studies. Conclusion.