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Work & Volunteer. Senior. 李子柒. Zero Currency. Without Bound - Perspectives on Mobile Living (Documentary) Ikigai - Finding Your Reason for Being. When asked what is the single most powerful contributing factor to one’s health and vitality, integrative medical doctor Oscar Serrallach answered without hesitation: having a sense of purpose.

Ikigai - Finding Your Reason for Being

Serrallach went on to describe that while some of his patients have developed great regimes of nutrition, lifestyle activities and movement to support their wellbeing; those without a clear sense of purpose in their life experience continuing struggle with physical health issues. The distinguishing quality of many of his healthiest patients – those who transcend common health challenges despite not having lived by the book, in terms of healthy lifestyle factors – is that they seem to be the most aligned or ‘called’ towards some primary focus of meaning in their life.

Japanese culture actually has a word which addresses this focus. Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed (The Real Reason For The Forty-Hour Workweek) By David Cain / Oct 23, 2013 Well I’m in the working world again.

Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed (The Real Reason For The Forty-Hour Workweek)

Earthdance: Chapter 20 - Sustainable Society. Sustainability is now widely discussed, at conferences, in the media, among people in the street.

Earthdance: Chapter 20 - Sustainable Society

Despite heated debates, many people do not have a clear idea of what it means. This is not surprising, since visions of what sustainability might look like are virtually absent from these discussions except among people such as Bioregionalists and Futurists who are not yet widely represented in the population. On the whole, the debates are based on fragmented worldviews that make it difficult to understand the issues holistically.


Downsizing. Inspirations. City Gardens. Economy. Eco-turism. Ecovillage. Living close to nature. Looking Forward. Off-the-grid. Sharing Economy. Self-Sufficiency. Sustainable Communities. WWOOF. ZEITGEIST Movement. 10 Practices Showing That "Sustainability" is More Than Just a Buzzword! 10 Ways to Prepare for a Post-Oil Society. The best way to feel hopeful for the future is to prepare for it.

10 Ways to Prepare for a Post-Oil Society

The best way to feel hopeful about our looming energy crisis is to get active now and prepare for living arrangements in a post-oil society. Living sustainably around the world. We host a Facebook group called Permahome where members share their experience and knowledge about living sustainably on the land.

Living sustainably around the world

We discuss organic food production (permaculture), resource management, climate appropriate house design and off-grid technologies as well as small-scale farming, woodland management and social structures such as intentional communities. The experience members have about how to settle into a country or their reasons to leave it are shared here. To make this knowledge accessible it is collected in these country specific posts. Grönsaksodlaren Niklas Markie: Kunderna betalar min månadslön.

Contemporary Nomadism: Autonomy & Technology in the North < Experience & Learning. Subsection navigation Contempory Nomadism: Autonomy & Technology in the North, Photograghy Paul Glen Marko Peljhan, Matthew Biederman Canada HouseTrafalgar Square (entrance in Pall Mall East)London, SW1Y 5BJ 20/05/2010 Thursday 20 May 2010, 4.30 – 6.30pm Arctic Perspective Initiative international partners talk about the project that has lead to the exhibition Media Introducing the international project behind the Arctic Perspective exhibition, a panel of artists, academics and architects explore its cultural, historical and political contexts.

Contemporary Nomadism: Autonomy & Technology in the North < Experience & Learning

El Prado Gardening Guerrilla - Ludocity. Remarks on modernity, mobility, nomadism and the arts by Dr Michael Haerdter. There’s nothing new about the fact that the world is in motion.

Remarks on modernity, mobility, nomadism and the arts by Dr Michael Haerdter

It has always been ‘on the move’. Think of the billions of years of the coming into being of the Earth and the planetary system which an initial impulse maintains in wonderful rotation. Think of this solar system on its enigmatic shift in time and space. Think of the newest “String Theory“s vision of the Universe as a unique and constantly swinging symphony. Slow Food Nation’s Victory Garden - Feature.

The lawn in front of San Francisco’s City Hall is typically studded with napping homeless people.

Slow Food Nation’s Victory Garden - Feature

But this July, it was ripped out and replaced with a 10,000-square-foot Victory Garden: raised beds filled with thousands of fruit and vegetable plants, including purple mustard greens, lettuces, kale, and tomatoes. The temporary garden, tended by volunteers, will provide food for donation to the San Francisco Food Bank. Grow-Your-Own Resources » Victory Gardens 2008+ (which partnered with Slow Food Nation to create the Civic Center garden) gives San Francisco residents the opportunity to get help in creating a home garden. 42 Ways to Build a Liberated Society Beyond Corporate Capitalism. It is time to try to describe, at first abstractly and later concretely, a strategy for destroying capitalism.

42 Ways to Build a Liberated Society Beyond Corporate Capitalism

At its most basic, this strategy calls for pulling time, energy, and resources out of capitalist civilization and putting them into building a new civilization. What were your 'light bulb moments' in understanding the way the world works? Here are mine -Low impact living info, training, products & services. Here’s a rash statement, but I believe it to be true. Most people these days know, either rationally or intuitively, that humanity is heading in the wrong direction. If you ask people whether we’ve seen the back of ecological calamaties, financial collapses, corruption, poverty or war, most people, I think, would say that ‘we ain’t seen nothing yet’.

I haven’t done the market research, but it’s the feeling I get from all kinds of people I talk to. Cargo bikes collecting local food waste for anaerobic digestion and biogas -Low impact living info, training, products & services. Closing the food-waste-energy loop – a celebration of sustainability. Enjoy a free community event in a beautiful wildlife park learning about closed-loop recycling, urban agriculture, sustainable cities, decentralised waste management, renewable gas and how YOU can make a difference.

Activities for kids and adults including eco games, anaerobic digester assembly demonstrations and tour, closed-loop food growing site, creative workshops, wildlife walks, and a closed-loop quiz with exciting prizes! Niklas Wahllöf: Vi är skräckslagna för ett liv som bara är ett liv, utan mätbara vinster.