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TI Design - This mini camper can transform into anything. Armadillo Trailer: 13-Foot Stylish Camping Option - Tiny House Blog. The small trailer market is getting more diverse every year.

Armadillo Trailer: 13-Foot Stylish Camping Option - Tiny House Blog

One of the newest designs to become available is the stylish and super light Armadillo trailer. Built in British Columbia, the 1,600 lb. trailer follows in the footsteps of the Boler and Trillium trailer, with a box steel frame and two-piece fiberglass shell. Sprinter Van Conversion to Cozy Tiny Home by Cyrus Sutton. A simple van conversion is probably the most cost-effective way to road trip.

Sprinter Van Conversion to Cozy Tiny Home by Cyrus Sutton

Converting vans into habitable spaces for travelling has become so popular it even has its own hashtag on Twitter; “van life”. Barefoot Caravans sleep you in a rolling egg. Think "rounded caravan" and you probably think of the teardrop trailer.

Barefoot Caravans sleep you in a rolling egg

But a new British outfit has a different shape in mind for the towable living module. Go Barefoot molds the camping trailer into a more three-dimensional, egg-like shape in its Barefoot caravan. The immediately cool, indisputably classic trailer packs an interior that's cozy enough for a baby chick. Bear Crossing Tiny House. Retro-tastic-atomic-camper-slice-pure-awesome-173010278. A Private Suite On Wheels. Talk about bringing camping into the 21st century.

A Private Suite On Wheels

This luxurious take on the camper gives you the freedom to go, or stay, wherever you wish, while enjoying the outdoors in style. The Opera is a mobile holiday package combining tent accommodation, optimum travelling pleasure, convenience and comfort, and of course a modern look. This spectacular travel companion will open a world in which you can enjoy the luxuries of a comfortable boutique hotel against the backdrop of your favorite natural settings. The camper comes equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, two beds, a deck and plenty of storage to bring all that you need to have a memorable date with nature.

Camping anyone? Welsh Couple Builds Old Vans Into Rustic Wooden Sided Campers. Melissa’s 1947 Tourette Teardrop Restoration. Guest post by Melissa.

Melissa’s 1947 Tourette Teardrop Restoration

My Dad always wanted a vintage teardrop camper. We talked about it all the time. The day before Easter, we were again talking and I told him I wanted to find me a Scamp camper. He said I needed to just get me a Teardrop, which was the same thing he told me when I bought my 1964 Airstream. The next day my Dad passed away on Easter Sunday. I knew right then that my Dad had sent it to me to see.

Legend Range Camp. Small shelter designed based on old sheep camps.

Legend Range Camp

Built by Timberline Range Camps. Restored Airstream Sovereign. Dixie Daisy Airstream. This cozy retreat is nestled in an elm tree grove along the banks of Smith Creek.

Dixie Daisy Airstream

With 12 beautiful acres to explore, you’ll really feel like you’ve escaped to nature. Sealander. Miss Hibiscus. Runaround Sue Airstream. In the winter of 2009, New Prairie took on a challenging new project: renovating a 1961 Airstream Safari.

Runaround Sue Airstream

Our goal was to create a beautiful, cozy, and practical space with as many environmentally-friendly features as possible. Branstrator. Romany Rose Gypsy Caravan. Backyard Shasta. The Silver Moonbeam. This vintage 1951 Royal Spartanette is our summer getaway.

The Silver Moonbeam

The Cricket Trailer. As the dog days of summer wrap around us, it’s hard to even think that sooner than later it’s going to start getting cooler out.

The Cricket Trailer

Cooler temperatures, especially at night, make for ideal camping weather. If you’re looking to get out of the state and peer into some uncharted territory without leaving all the comforts of home, we’ve found the perfect getup for ya’. The Cricket Trailer, invented by Texan Garrett Finney, is perfect for two people with no schedule. With a fascination with small environments, Garrett put his thoughts together to great the ultimate small living space. Fast forward to 1999, the boy, now an architect and designer works at NASA on the International Space Station. Enter stage left, the Cricket trailer. Castleton Caravan – Completed Spring 2013. Our recent project- A 1970′s Castleton touring caravan!” – Rustic Campers See more of the Castleton Caravan. Rustic Campers is a family run business in rural Herefordshire. 13 Spectacular Retro Campers, RVs, Motorhomes, & Crazy Conversions. Vintage Airstream Converted into Home/Office Hybrid. Architect Matthew Hofmann did such a remarkable job renovating a 1978 Airstream trailer into a home and office for himself and his girlfriend, it has led to a bustling business doing the same for others.

In early 2011, Hofmann transformed a 25-foot Tradewind in dire need of TLC into an airy, compact, dual-purpose mobile living space. Based in Santa Barbara, the sustainability-minded architect wanted to downsize from a large house, paring down his belongings and opening the door to new opportunities for travel. Upon purchasing the Airstream, Hofmann ripped out the interiors and replaced them with recycled, locally-produced and eco-friendly materials in bright white and soothing blues and grays. The result manages to fit all that the couple needs into 150 square feet of live/work space including a bathroom, kitchen, and a dining/work table that unfolds into a bed. Clever space-saving tricks like sliding pantries and hidden storage ensure that each possession has its place.