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The Terrapin – Tiny House Swoon. I’ve been designing and building these small, decidedly simple campers for just under a year now.

The Terrapin – Tiny House Swoon

The most recent model, *The Terrapin* is my first trailer-mounted unit, and it’s really neat little camper. A small trailer-mounted wooden camper built by Casual Turtle Campers. More info. here. Cab-over Camper for Pickup : 8 Steps. Bikesport Micro-Camper. Tiny Traveling Tea House. This is my previous build, the Tiny Traveling Tea House.

Tiny Traveling Tea House

It is based on Tiny House Japan by Tagami Haruhiko. It was built into a 5x10 trailer, but I would suggest trying to build one on a 4x8 or 5x8 trailer. I would also suggest building it to only a height of 4 feet, rather than the over 5 foot tall structure I built- this may sounds small, but it's built for you to sit in/lie in, not to walk around in! All that space above my head went to waste. A shorter/smaller profile would make for easier traveling too!

I am going to make new plans for this build, with the idea of building the doors on the side to make for easier access. This is my previous build, the Tiny Traveling Tea House. I am going to make new plans for this build, with the idea of building the doors on the side to make for easier access. Shanty Shack. Buddy – Tiny House Swoon. Kaya Box – Tiny House Swoon.

Teardrop Trailer

SUV MicroCamper - Fat Berta 3.0 : 17 Steps. This is a modular SUV/station wagon based camper setup, that sleeps two in luxury, has ample storage space and costs almost nothing.

SUV MicroCamper - Fat Berta 3.0 : 17 Steps

Additionally, I'll show you how to make a trunk tent, magnetic mosquito screens, thermal flaps and much more. For those of you who are new to Fat Berta, in 2013 I built a MicroCamper on the base of a Renault Kangoo. She was lovely and provided us with the opportunity for many unforgettable holidays until she was destroyed in a car accident. We got a new car, a Skoda Yeti 1.6 TDI and started a new camper setup immediately.

The whole structure is completely new and redesigned. We learned some lessons with the earlier version, especially while traveling through rainy countries. Teardrop Trailer - Boxes Within a Box : 19 Steps. I can't find the original parts list I created and there were several unplanned trips to the hardware store for additional materials but this is a fairly complete parts list.

Teardrop Trailer - Boxes Within a Box : 19 Steps

If a source isn't provided for the materials then they were purchased from either Tractor Supply, Home Depot, Lowes, or from a sawmill (rough cut oak and cherry boards). Screws - 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2", 2 1/2", 3" - flat head and pan head. Stainless steel for all external use. Countersink all external screw heads. How to Build a DIY Micro Camper : 5 Steps. I would like you to meet Bob!

How to Build a DIY Micro Camper : 5 Steps

He’s our 40 sq. ft. Micro Camper.While I designed him to be light weight he is also very rugged and well insulated. Mini Toyhauler Camper : 10 Steps. Before you start actually building anything, your first step should be to do a lot of thinking first.

Mini Toyhauler Camper : 10 Steps

Here are some things you need to consider: Size: What size trailer am I wanting to build? Cargo trailers typically come in widths of 5, 6, 7, and 8 feet, and range in length from 8 feet to 30+ feet, normally in 2-foot increments. A bigger trailer obviously gives you more space, but it also is longer and heavier to tow, and usually costs more. They also come in rounded or V-nose configurations, and also in single or double axle configurations. Of course, if you already have a trailer and want to use it to save money, then the biggest decision has already been made for you. My Foam Built Micro Camper : 21 Steps. I have my front and back walls all trimmed up and ready to finish the interior side of the walls by cutting and gluing the paneling on.

My Foam Built Micro Camper : 21 Steps

Today I went to the lumber yard to purchase the rest of the interior pre-finished birch paneling. $38 per sheet. Ouch... Toy-Drop Camper : 9 Steps. Tiny is the rage right now.

Toy-Drop Camper : 9 Steps

People want to live in tiny houses and then escape them in their tiny teardrop campers. Make Your Own Tiny Camper From Scratch : 10 Steps. This is the hardest part of any project, getting over the excitement of what your doing and getting realistic with your design.

Make Your Own Tiny Camper From Scratch : 10 Steps

It's important to know your limitations and how far you can push yourself before you break. I didn't. I rushed in head strong and came up short several times. Find yourself a donor or at least a solid trailer to work with. 10 MOST INNOVATIVE MINI CAMPERS AND TRAVEL TRAILERS IN 2021 WORLDWIDE 20FT AND UNDER. Content Not Found. Nestbox is a modular trunk extension that turns cars into campers. Czech firm Studio 519 has designed a plywood module called Nestbox, which fits neatly into the boot of a car and can be expanded into a double bed and fully fitted kitchen for camping.

Nestbox is a modular trunk extension that turns cars into campers

The unit, created for local company Egoé, comes in four sizes to suit a range of cars and can be customised with modules such as a cooker, mini-fridge, sink and camping shower attachment. During transport these different elements are neatly compacted into a steel-backed mainframe which, at its largest, measures just over one metre long and half a metre wide and tall. But on arrival, a system of integrated, space-saving drawers and fold-away attachments allow the Nestbox to be turned into a complete sleeping and cooking set-up in a matter of minutes.

"Our main goal was to achieve a similar level of comfort to a motorhome within the confines of a van," said the head of Studio 519, Richard Vodička. 13 Amazing Mini Camper - motorian. Our campers are created in the united states and only sell factory direct. The very compact camper has a clever design that lets it fold up for effortless portability. When you get inside, it appears like your common camper. 14 Best Small Camper Trailers - motorian. Some camping trailers will provide you with space for sleeping, cooking, or maybe a shower. Small camping trailers are obtaining a huge recognition. You’re ready to search high and low and you’ll shortly discover the Oliver camping trailer is just one of kind. By the moment you’ve thought about purchasing your very first RV or maybe updating the one which you have, you almost certainly know how frequently you will be able to get out on the street.

Many RVs can be extremely expensive to own due to the high gas and depreciation expenses. Some will choose bigger RVs for the comfortable accommodations, and many others are going to trade in their main residence to reside in one full moment. There’s a means to enter a weathertight RV without breaking too much. Folding When you’re not using your camper then you have to store it.

1954 camper with boat top. - Clyde Tankersley. Homes On Wheels (1965) The living vehicle 2020 is a net-zero luxury apartment in an aluminum shell. Santa barbara-based living vehicle has designed an off-the-grid camper for full-time living. the trailer sleeps up to 6 and intends to be a net-zero vehicle with no water or waste out. it runs on an automotive-grade lithium battery system and 200 percent more solar power than its previous model. images courtesy of living vehicle the updated living vehicle sports a redesigned shell made entirely from 100% aluminum. no wood was used in the construction of the structure and chassis, frame, interior and exterior skin, subfloor and all cabinets are fashioned from the material. inside the 28-foot trailer features a combined dining and lounge area with an abundance of clever space solutions and amenities that give it the feel of a luxury studio apartment. firstly, the indoors can be extended with a fully integrated self-supporting deck that is rated for 1,500 pounds and is big enough to cook, lounge, or do yoga. project info company: living vehicle model: 2020.

They Built A SOLAR-Powered ALL-ELECTRIC Motorhome. This is the incredible story of how Joel and Keegan of Route Del Sol built a solar-powered all-electric motorhome in only two months. Incredible, right? The downfall? Well, even with all of the solar panels, it’s not enough energy to keep moving every day unless you found somewhere to charge directly. Still pretty amazing, though, right? Decoliner Motorhome w/ Balcony Cockpit Inspired by Houseboats, Planes.

How to Turn Your Van into a DIY Micro Camper. How to Convert a Work Van into Your Own DIY Camper Van! Man Turns Work Van Into DIY Motorhome Tiny Cabin. Right now I’m showing you how this man, Dipa Vasudeva Das, turned a high top cargo van into a beautiful tiny cabin on wheels. He calls it his EarthShip. It’s a DIY motorhome project that in my opinion has an Asian and Yogic style to it. I think it’s very well done so I wanted to share it with you for inspiration. Camper Archives - Tiny House Swoon. Insulating a Van Floor in a Chevy Express Van. Home - THIS MOVING HOUSE. Quickupcamper How It's Made. Beautifully Handcrafted Wooden Camper - The Shelter Blog. Honda CRX Camper — Jay Nelson. Structure Drawings — Jay Nelson. Toyota Pickup Camper — Jay Nelson. Copper Camper — Jay Nelson. THE BRUDER EXP6 EXPEDITION TRAILER. Posted Categories: Mobility, Gadgets, Camping Brüder means brother, and for us brothers our lives have revolved around exploring Australia’s most remote areas.

The EXP-6 design was born from our intimate knowledge of the outdoors and our experience and expertise in developing some of the most recognisable military spec off-road equipment over the last decade. Now, as Bruder, we have honed our expertise to create something truly a class above. AtBruder our aim is to design and build without limitation. Proudly Australian made the EXP-6 is built without shortcuts or compromise and is completely unique. The appeal of getting out into nature and enjoying the majesty of it – the sheer size of open land, the wildlife, and the stars at night – is nearly universal. Check out the inside on page 2! Toy-Drop Camper: 8 Steps (with Pictures) Tiny is the rage right now. Matt's Demountable Camper Van - The Shelter Blog. Bobby's Mobile Art Cart - The Shelter Blog. Energy-efficient Tiny Drop is 150 sq. ft. hybrid of teardrop trailer & tiny home : TreeHugger.

TI Design - This mini camper can transform into anything. Armadillo Trailer: 13-Foot Stylish Camping Option - Tiny House Blog. The small trailer market is getting more diverse every year. One of the newest designs to become available is the stylish and super light Armadillo trailer. Sprinter Van Conversion to Cozy Tiny Home by Cyrus Sutton. Barefoot Caravans sleep you in a rolling egg.

Bear Crossing Tiny House. Retro-tastic-atomic-camper-slice-pure-awesome-173010278. A Private Suite On Wheels. Welsh Couple Builds Old Vans Into Rustic Wooden Sided Campers. Legend Range Camp. Restored Airstream Sovereign.

Dixie Daisy Airstream. Sealander. Miss Hibiscus. Runaround Sue Airstream. Branstrator. Romany Rose Gypsy Caravan. Backyard Shasta. The Silver Moonbeam. The Cricket Trailer. Castleton Caravan – Completed Spring 2013. 13 Spectacular Retro Campers, RVs, Motorhomes, & Crazy Conversions. Vintage Airstream Converted into Home/Office Hybrid.