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Felt house dolls

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Felt Quiet Book Handmade Doll House Book Travel and by thebuslbarn. Quiet Book Dollhouse – Bed & Bath Page. This page is a part of my Dollhouse mini quiet book.

Quiet Book Dollhouse – Bed & Bath Page

You can find the instructions for the doll and the kitchen page here, and the backyard page here. In the next couple of days I will post the cover! The book is designed on 12″ w x 9″ h felt sheets that will fold in half to 6″ w x 9″ h when closed. All the felt for this mini book has been provided by American Felt and Craft. I am using their wool blend felt, which cuts like butter and has been holding up so much better than the craft store recycled felt I’d been using. Backgrounds: The background of the whole 2-page spread is a full sheet of pink felt. Bath Tub: To finish the bath tub, I cut out the two sides of the bubbles and sewed sequins on to the front. That I bought at the fabric store. Showing the floor pockets Once that was done, I sewed down a ribbon as a bathmat and sewed the floor down to the background along the sides and bottom (also sew the little bits of floor seen to the left and right of the tub).

Extras & Clothing: Quiet Book felt handmade doll house book travel by KnotAPaperdoll. Amari's birthday present: felt doll house. Felt Fire Station – Kitchen. This fire station project will be a full stand-alone quiet book, just like the dollhouse book, but using full size 9″ x 12″ sheets of felt for each page.

Felt Fire Station – Kitchen

The fire fighters are made from the same pattern as the dollhouse dolls, so they will be interchangeable. To see the first section of the project, go here: Felt Fire Station – Fire Truck & Dalmatian and Felt Fire Station – Garage & Locker Room. This tutorial is for the third interior page of the fire station – the kitchen! Background: I started with a background sheet of honeydew green felt. I pinned down a 12″ x 2.5″ strip of chai felt for the ground. Fridge: I sewed the white background down, catching clear vinyl pockets in my stitches as I went around. I sewed the doors around the top, right and bottom edges with the gray outside, white inside, and clear pockets layered together, then added matching Velcro squares to the corners.

Lower Cabinet/Oven: I started by sewing the dark brown cabinet interior down, followed by the counter. Dress Up Felt Board Tutorial and Template. The fancy new Red Velvet shop opened way back at the end of October (feels like ages ago) and I was deemed the Children's Section Stylist.

Dress Up Felt Board Tutorial and Template

I really wanted Elsie and Emma to make me a badge with my title but they had dresses to hang and cupcakes to make so I had to settle on a borrowed staple gun. I wanted part of the children's section to include something interactive that kids could play with while their mamas and their papas shopped. I remembered the felt boards my Sunday School teachers utilized to teach stories from the Bible and paired that concept with paper dolls for a kid-friendly, dress shop-themed activity. I was also inspired by Olivia Mew's felt dress miniatures. She made one for each dress she didn't purchase and then stitched them together to create a human sized dress.

More than a few people have asked how to make their own felt board so I've listed my supplies and described the easy process of putting it together. You'll Need: