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Free Patterns: Adapts To Different Size Dolls

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Measuring & Fitting Doll Clothes Patterns. NOTE: Book recommended for beginning sewers.

Measuring & Fitting Doll Clothes Patterns

It contains a lot of basic sewing/fitting techniques, terms, basic fabric/thread information, hints on buying a sewing machine/serger, etc. The book is: "Mother Pletsch's Painless Sewing - Fourth Edition" and can be ordered on the Palmer/Pletsch website (click here). These notes are primarily aimed at measuring and fitting dolls.

However, I have put in some references to human (and human pattern) measurements for comparison and to use when working with a human pattern to create a doll pattern ---- (see Pattern Creation Page). *NOTE: I will not be covering how to make pattern alterations for individual body differences as it would take an entire book! MEASUREMENTS - only part of the story! There is no doubt that taking accurate body measurements will get you a better fit - either for yourself or for a doll. You almost can't take too many measurements! 1. Dolls aren't always easy to measure. Bust Around the bust line, at the fullest part.

No Sew, Adaptable Size Doll Clothes

Pattern Free Tutorials. Super Easy Doll Clothes Patterns. My girls love their new dolls.

Super Easy Doll Clothes Patterns

I love their new dolls. In fact, I secretly wish the red headed one was mine. Well, not so secretly. I'm impressed with how easily you can clean the skin, and I love that the wigs can be styled in lots of ways. It always bummed me out that the girl Cabbage Patch Kids had those huge bald spots when you took out their pig tails - but these dolls can have up or down do's. I loved the Weir kit I used. I wasn't sure if I'd get around to making clothes before Christmas. The shirt pattern has several things going for it: It's super easy and fast, which is great when you want to whip up a bunch to mix and match. So, when Louise told me she needed more pants, it gave me the motivation to get sewing again after such a long break. I've put the pattern together for you, and it should work with most common 14" dolls (this includes Waldorf, American Girl dolls, and even Cabbage Patch Kids).

Upcycling People Clothes Into Doll Clothes

Shirts, Tops, Jackets, Coats Patterns & Tutorials. Skirts & Dresses Tutorials & Patterns. Doll Underwear Tutorials & Patterns. Pants & Shorts Patterns & Tutorials. TatianaBStudio: ✿ Make Your Own Patterns. Today I would like to show you how I'm making clothes patterns for my dolls.

TatianaBStudio: ✿ Make Your Own Patterns

This is the first part and here I will tell you how to make a pattern basis. You will need: 1) food film 2) scotch tape 3) scissors 4) doll First you need to slice a food film on narrow strips (figure a). In the same way wrap the body with narrow strips of the scotch tape above the food film (figure b). When you finish with the scotch tape and you don't see uncovered space take a permanent marker.

. * If you accidentally spoiled the doll to remove the marks try melanine sponge or nail polish remover. First draw a main lines of the middle of front, back and side seam. ~Designing a Custom Pattern~ Part 2. Designing a custom Pattern: By Rajendora @ Sewing Box Designs Part 1 of this project may be found on BJDcollectasy HERE Espoir was created by French artist Ludivine of Woodolls.

~Designing a Custom Pattern~ Part 2

Her dolls are sold through Jpop Dolls. References: I’m including a list of books and links here to patterning information and in the tutorial I’ll be explaining some technical terms so you will know them when you read the patterning information. Books Inexpensive (relatively): How to Make Sewing Patterns by Donald H. Make Your Own Patterns: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Making Over 60 Dressmaking Patterns by Rene Bergh Make Your Own Dress Patterns by Adele P. And text books for industrial training; if you are a college registered alumni or current student, try one of the text book rental places and rent a copy with your student/alumni discount!

Patternmaking for Fashion Design (5th Edition) by Helen Joseph Armstrong (any edition is good, really!) ~Designing a Custom Pattern~ Part 1. There are many BJDs available that have been designed to conform to certain common doll sizes.

~Designing a Custom Pattern~ Part 1

But what are collectors to do if they fall for a doll that will not fit a standard size? Rajendora of Sewing Box Designs is teaching me one of her favorite methods for creating custom patterns for any doll. She will be designing a special outfit for my WooDolls Espoir, a BJD by the French artist Ludivine who is represented by Jpop Dolls. The first part of this project will demonstrate how to make a shell around Epoir’s body which Raj will use as a pattern guide to create her costume. In addition, I also measured Espoir and filled out this form This was emailed ahead of time. To create this shell/pattern/guide, all you need is paper towels and masking tape. 1/2″ wide tape is recommended, but I made do with some 1″ tape and used small pieces that I sometimes tore in half to fit tight areas. The Hips and Legs: Now cut two more rectangles and do the same from the back side of the doll.

(Adaptable) Costume & Period Costumes Sections.