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LSD Tattoos Claim: Rub-on "tattoos" of cartoon characters laced with LSD are handed out to children by unscrupulous drug dealers. Example: Origins: This bit of scarelore dates to at least the late 1970s, and it still makes little logical sense. A dealer looking to recruit new customers would do better to distribute a more addictive drug than LSD, handing out LSD-soaked candy would work far more effectively than passing around LSD-impregnated papers which require the drug to be absorbed through the skin, and elementary school kids are not known for having large incomes to spend on drugs. 100 Fantastic Design Blogs (and their logos) Here is a fantastic list I have put together, showing 100 Design Blogs with their branding logos. They are shown in alphabetical order (well, mine’s at the top) together with a few words about the nature of the Blog. The blogs are primarily Graphic Design sites, with a few WordPress, Web Design and Inspiration sites thrown-in for a great mix—enjoy!

Fittle/ IxD Awards Vote for the 2014 People’s Choice Award – This time it’s social It’s up to you! – Cast your vote for the 2014 People’s Choice Award We’re looking forward to celebrating the winners of the 2014 Interaction Awards, but the most prestigious one is left to choose: The People’s Choice Award. We invite our community to elevate and celebrate the project you think deserves the ultimate recognition – yours! Ghost Sites of the Web Update 9/26/2008: Paul Newman has died at his home in Connecticut. (original article, posted 8/13/2008) I'm certainly not alone in being troubled by news that Paul Newman is gravely ill. 15 Awesome Hand-Drawn Website Designs  The creativity and improvement of Web Design is never ended. Hand-written website designs is the example and already got a lot of attention from graphic designers and artist. Here is 15 Dazzling Hand-Drawn Website Designs feature hand draw components such as sketches, stamps, backgrounds, etc. Just click on the image to visit the original site.

How Can the Study of Complexity Transform Our Understanding of the World? In 1894, the physicist and Nobel laureate Albert Michelson declared that science was almost finished; the human race was within a hair’s breadth of understanding everything: It seems probable that most of the grand underlying principles have now been firmly established and that further advances are to be sought chiefly in the rigorous application of these principles to all the phenomena which come under our notice. Bold and heady predictions like this often seem destined to topple, and, to be sure, the world of physics was soon shaken by the revolutions of relativity and quantum mechanics. But as the 20th century unfolded, it turned out to be the phenomena closest to our own human scale— biology, social science, economics, politics, among others—that have most notably eluded explanation by any grand principles. The deeper we dig into the workings of ourselves and our society, the more unexpected complexity we find. What is Complexity?

Features The Type1 format where 256 characters are assigned to keys on our keyboard, is becoming a thing of the past. We now design and produce OpenType fonts which can consist of thousands of characters — additional ligatures, various figure sets, small caps, stylistic alternates, … — referred to as glyphs. With these many sets of glyphs integrated in a single font, we are faced with the challenge of including definitions instructing the applications we're using when to show which glyph. Simply adding a glyph with a ligature to your font doesn’t mean the program you’re using knows when or how to apply it. Whether you want your typeface to change the sequence of f|f|i into the appropriate ligature or want to use old-style figures instead of tabular, you’ll need to add features to your font — glyph substitution definitions — to make it happen.

20 New Examples of Minimal Websites As we mentioned in our last showcase of minimal web designs back in May, minimal layouts are the new black and we are glad about that cause this way we can show you more and more new and inspiring minimal websites. Today we decided to gather a new list of fresh minimal websites to inspire our readers, so enjoy it and remember, less is more. Pure – Minimal WordPress theme Assembly deladee us design studio Amazing Strangers/ Listen, this is not authentic shaved heads and punk style, I know. There's some emo there, and no denying crusty influence, but compared to everybody else, this stands out! So I approached them with a Union Sq. postcard and asked for a picture. The first question they asked me was, "Is Matthew Silver on this?" And my heart sank.

 brain games for mental fitness Information and discussion of the latest findings in neuroscience, specifically those regarding the science of neuroplasticity. this is definitely one of the coolest stories have come across in a while. Not only is it really emotional, it also provides a rare look into the mind of someone experiencing the world in a totally different way than you and I are. it also seems to be a really great example of the power of brain training as the dedication of this family turned out what would have seemed to be an impossibility. watching this video definitely leaves me just fascinated with the human mind. the study is also noteworthy with respect to the fact that it deals with schizophrenia which historically is not a disease people would think to treat with brain training, so it will be interesting to see down the road if further research is done in this area and what other applications may arise from this sort of approach. I just came across something called “The Brain Science Podcast”.

“ADHD Is A Fake Disorder” Claims Neurologist-Turned-Author According to Neurologist Richard Saul who has written a book called “ADHD Does Not Exist: The Truth About Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder”, the amount of people who are suffering from Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder is zero. Richard Saul is a neurologist who has had a long career in examining patients who have been having trouble with short attention spans and inability to focus. From his first hand experience, he feels that ADHD is nothing more than a fake disorder that is really only an umbrella of symptoms and not actually a disease. He strongly feels that it should not be listed as a separate disorder in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic & Statistical Manual, all detailed in his book which is set to release in February 2014. As it stands, ADHD is defined as a psychiatric disorder that is neurodevelopmental.

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