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Felted Stuffed Animals

Felted Stuffed Animals
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Over 50 Free Stuffed Animal Sewing Patterns at Online Since 2000 FreeCrafts Free Holiday Crafts Sewing & Quilting Crochet & Knitting More AllCrafts Over 100 Free Stuffed Animal Sewing Patterns at Sew an entire menagerie of stuffed animals with our photo gallery of 100+ free stuffed animal sewing patterns. DIY Totoro Plush Tutorial Baby Dino pattern Boo Boo Bear Free Pirate Doll Sewing Pattern DIY Elephant felt mat GIRL STYLE Stuffed Animal Chair Free Felt Kangaroo Free Pattern & Tutorial: Henry & Helga Plushies How To Make a 2D Character Softie How to Make a Plush Alphabet Felt Bunny Peeps Pattern How To Sew Baby Blocks Marshmallow Chick Plushies Northern Saw-whet Owl Owl Stuffies Tutorial Super-Easy Pocket Owl Tooth Fairy Pillow Tutorial Toy Raccoon [Tutorial] Munster fabric dollhouse Hungry Bunny Hungry Monster Step-By-Step Directions Little Fishy Pattern and Tutorial Make a star-topped wand Make: George The Puppy Modular Star Tutorial Soft Toy Puppy Squirrel Squirrel Sewing Pattern Studio Pup Stuffed Dinosaur Tutorial & Pattern Tiny Kitten in a Box Fish

Felted Wool Star Ornaments Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the most rewarding parts of the holidays. It can be so simply creative; stringing popcorn, cutting out paper dolls and snowflakes, or making elves out of pipe cleaners. In this spirit I made these star shaped ornaments out of the lovely, hand dyed felted wool by Mary Flanagan in the "wheat field" spectrum. I was inspired by the rich, elemental colors to add some simple gold beading. The whole process, from cutting to stuffing to beading, takes about half an hour and is a very enjoyable way to spend a cold winter evening indoors. The Materials 1 felted wool pack from Mary Flanagan in “Wheat Field” Gold seed beads (I am not by any means a real beader so I don’t know what size my beads are. (The background fabric is Nani Iro Rose Dots) The Pattern Cutting On a piece of paper draw a star about 3½ inches across. Lay your template on your wool and trace around it with tailor’s chalk. Carefully cut out your shapes. Sewing and Stuffing Beading The Loop

artsy-crafty babe: Once I got the idea to make felt ornaments, I ran with it. Man, I wish I could make these things faster. Sooo much fun! These are super simple. On my first ornaments I experimented using a blanket stitch around the edge and larger stitches, but in the end I like the smaller inconspicuous stitches better. I love using french knots on all the circles. I like to keep things simple - flowers, circles, diamonds, you know, easy stuff. Because I stitched mine, I cut out two ornaments of the same color, stitched my decorations to the front piece, then sewed on a back to hide all the messy stitches from my decorations. As you can see, I'm not quite done with my set yet, and still need to sew on a string for hanging, but I'm sure there will be more. It's been a pleasure to settle down with my ornaments in the evening after the kids go to bed. Go ahead, try them.

Elephant Plush Toy Small stuffed elephant of felt. 6 centimetres. This is all hand-sewn.Cut the parts without seam allowance. Darts are sewn from inside. Other seams are sewed outside. Sew the soles. You may put a wire wrapped with cotton batting in the nose. Tail and tusk. Stitch beads as eyes. Then attach ears. Pattern. If you are not a novice, add seam allowances and sew from inside.It may look better and be strong.

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Spring Felt Birds Mitsy from Artmind has a little tutorial she's offered to post here for us today. A fun Sunday detour. Check below for a link to her blog as she'll be giving away some of them from there. A while ago, I received this awesome leather punch set from EviesToolEmporium as part of the Totally Tutorials Exchange program and I could hardly wait to make something with my new toys! In Belgium, lots of people make an Easter tree as decoration. Here is what you need to make them:Thick felt (3mm), a leather punch, string, small wooden beads (6mm), scissors, a drawing of a bird, a pencil and a bit of thin metal wire. If you want you can click on the picture below and print out this bird. Cut out the bird. Punch the holes so that you can mark their position on the felt later. Place the bird on the felt and trace with a pencil. I like lots of colors! Then mark the position of the holes with a pencil on the birds. Take the leather punch and punch out the marked spots. Cut a little piece of thin metal wire.

Felt Birdie Advent Calendar Tutorial This Advent calendar is a work in progress (I still have about 20 more birds to make YIKES). There is something about those branches in my entry, I hate to see them go. I thought the branches could stay for another holiday if they had some birds swinging from them. If you want to make some little birdies here is the template I used Little Birdie Advent Calendar Template Cut out the bird and trace around on two pieces of felt. Cut out the embellishments. Stitch the shapes to the top piece of felt. Pin two pieces of felt together and stitch around the bird leaving an opening at the top (wider than what you want when finished because you will add your hanger in later). Cut around the bird. Fill with chocolates and let the holidays begin! You might also be interested in these Advent Calendar Ideas: Wooden Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Stocking Advent Calendar

Free Soft Toy Sewing Patterns | Pretty Elephant Toy Sewing Project You Will Need: or BUY THE KIT Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. This project has been excerpted from 101 Easy To Make Craft Projects. Squirrel Small stuffed squirrel of felt. About 7 centimeters in height. Pattern of the squirrel. Pieces. Sew the darts of the cheeks and the belly with back stitch. Sew the crown to the head from outside. Sew the belly to the body. Put wires in the legs. Stitch the nose. Sew the ears. Sew the tail. If you sew all from inside, add seam allowance. Stripes are painted with a felt-tip pen. Runo's site:Boy DollsCute underwear for men Felt Easter Bunny Template - Free Easter Bunny Pattern Hello everyone, This free, felt Easter bunny template will get you into the mood for Easter! On the one hand, it is hard to think of Spring here in NH. In late February and early March we have been hit with 2 major snow storms. On the other hand, when March arrives it is hard to stop daydreaming about Easter egg hunts in the green grass! In order to get into the Spring spirit I decided it would be fun to make a little something hand made to add to my kids’ Easter baskets. Both bunnies are made using the same felt pattern, and can be sewn together with a buttonhole or a whip stitch. If you want a quick fix you can buy felt from Amazon with just a few mouse clicks (link below to get you started). Update: Everyone liked this project so much since its originally posting I have now added a Duckling Tutorial new for this year! Materials: Wool Felt – 8.5″x 10″ piece in your choice of body color, 3″ x 2″ piece in inner ear color of your choice (remember that this is for one bunny) Embroidery Needle