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Dolls and Body Forms

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Sleeping buddies. This week was inspired by my first doll I ever got (had).

sleeping buddies

Was a plush, red, patch doll think is called in English, with rubber face. Was one of those you take for sleeping. Soft and cuddly. This week remembered that doll again, and said, why not making one. In my yarn stash had this ball of very old white cotton yarn. Summer 2011. Rnd 1: In tan, make an adjustable ring and work 5 sc in the ring, do not join, place marker to mark the first stitch of the next rnd: 5 sc.

Summer 2011

Amigurumi Eskimo Doll. Ninja. Sorry for the long wait.


I have made a bunch of versions of this one and finally settled on a pattern to put on here. I hope you like it. My boys want me to do some in orange and blue and white and on and on. My little girl wants me to make a pink ninja. I think I prefer the black though. Use an f hook throughout. Nose:Rnd 1: sc 5 in a circleRnd 2: 2 sc in each sc around (10)Rnd 3: dc 3, sc 2, dc 3, sc 2 (10)Cut thread and sew to face. Amigurumi LİLY DOLL. Linguine dollydolls *Patterns added on page 7*

When I started these, I had two things in mind: "funky fashions" and "linguine limbs".

Linguine dollydolls *Patterns added on page 7*

The word linguine makes me giggle for some reason. Maybe I'm easily amused. So, I finally got off my lazy butt and typed out the patterns for these in detail. This is just for the dolls, btw. If you also want to make the bears, you can find them here: Linguine dollydolls The fun part about these dolls is that you can really decorate them in any way you like. Materials: - Yarn in various colors of your choice.- Embroidery floss or yarn for the face.- Sewing thread that matches the color of the yarn for the hair.- A hook appropriate to the weight of the yarn. Note: When switching colors, the last loop you pull through the stitch before the switch already has to be in the new color. Amigurumi 'Bryan' Boy Doll. Amigurumi 'Shelly' Girl Doll. Amigurumi Dude.

Author by Kim Piper Werker Introduction Amigurumi means “knitted or crocheted doll” in Japanese.

Amigurumi Dude

They're the simplest of simple, worked in the round in single crochet. I don't even join my rounds, preferring to work in a spiral. To illustrate, check out the banner photo up there. Edited to add: Use common sense when making toys for young kids. Materials List Yarn and a complementary hookPolyfil for stuffingBeans (optional, for weighing down legless dudes)Yarn needle for finishingEmbroidery needle (optional, for fitting through small holes in eyes and/or buttons)Embellishments, as desired Finished Size. Basic Amigurumi Body. So, this month I had the request to do Draco Malfoy.

Basic Amigurumi Body

But for a long time I haven't really liked the limbless blobs that I've been making. So, I decided to make a new basic body pattern. Also with this pattern you can make the rest of the Harry Potter charactors along with any other charactor you might come up with. (sorry, by the way, for the bad picture quality) Legs(make two)- Ch 2, sc 8 in second ch from hook. Rnd 1: inc around Rnds 2-4: sc around. BB Dolls. This week wanted to talk about amigurumi doll’s hair making.

BB Dolls

If you ask me, it is the hardest part of finishing the doll and making her look the way we imagine. At least it is for me. Tried so many different versions of hairs to be done on the doll, and hardly ever was satisfied with the final outcome. Those tapestry way, with wool and pulling out hair by hair; works fine I guess. Eats a lot of wool, but what you can do with it is either freaking out looking doll or to make it look “decent” is pony-tail(s) or braids. Then there is a wig making. Crocheting “discs” as I call them (small round pieces) and placing one or two on top of the head, as you can see at some of my doll photos in the gallery, worked fine. I wanted more out of hair! I am sure I didn’t invent anything new; specially to those that are in amigurumi world for quite some time, but it is new to me.

Stitch » amigurumi doll pattern. Amigurumi doll pattern materials i used rowan wool cotton (which is dk weight) on a 3mm hook for the body. the dress and shoes are worked in the same yarn on a 3.5mm hook. i had 6 50g gram balls and used a full ball of beige for the hair, approx. 40g of the cream (face, hands, legs) and 30g of the remaining colours (light green, dark green, turquoise and yellow). the finished doll is 14″ tall. you can use any yarn you like but remember to use a smaller than usual hook to keep the fabric tight and stop the filling escaping or showing through.

stitch » amigurumi doll pattern