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Skelanimals Plushiee Plushie. Felt food! Cross-Stitch Brooch. In honor of heroic moms everywhere, this week we’re creating badges of honor for our favorite ladies.

Cross-Stitch Brooch

Steph Cortes of nerdJERK will show us the ropes (or, rather, the threads) of this cross-stitch project. And if you happen to be in San Francisco on Thursday, May 3, join her for an in-person version of this project at Craft Bar at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art, a monthly hands-on event sponsored by Etsy. You can also follow Steph on Twitter , check out her fan page, or become her Epic Friend. Little Steph Cortes would have much rather been playing video games instead of sitting through my grandma’s embroidery lessons from ages 8 to 10. Now that I design my own textile art with my brand, nerd JERK, I like to think I’m not such a brat about it.

As a caregiver for that very same granny (who also happens to be my “Cuteness Quality Control Expert”), I’m constantly trying to come up with ways to make her feel special. Note: Need to see a cross-stitched alphabet to get some ideas? 1. 3. Free Pattern. How To: Felt Crowns. Fancy making some felt crowns?

How To: Felt Crowns

These are great for fancy dress parties and Halloween, birthday parties, dressing up sessions and for any other occasion when you fancy wearing a crown and pretending to be a king or queen, a princess or a prince. There are two designs - a basic crown and a slightly more detailed "princess" crown. You can follow the colour schemes shown, or choose any colours you want when making your crown. You could also personalise the crown, for example by adding an embroidered initial in the central circle, or adding extra detail to it with decorative embroidery, sequins or pretty buttons.

Noia Land: Tutorial. Siempre me ha divertido empaquetar regalos e intento que queden lo mejor posible.

Noia Land: Tutorial

Instructions to Make Felted Soap. How to Felt Over a Bar of Soap - Mielke's Fiber Arts. Fuzzy Felted Soap Balls. Thank you to Amanda Griffin from Lovin’ Soap for doing this tutorial.

Fuzzy Felted Soap Balls

It’s like a cold process-felting tutorial all in one! We love it so much that we’ve got Cranberry Chutney fragrance on sale for you! I am loving her Charcoal Facial bar right now. Redmon Woods. If you Google “Felted Soap,” you’ll find lots of beautiful pieces.

Redmon Woods

On the one hand, I’m jealous of such artistic talent, but on the other hand, I would never use soap that was so beautiful. I wouldn’t even want to put it in my guest bathroom for fear someone would use it. Sort of defeats the purpose of soap. Like everything, I hope to get better at making felted soap. For now, I’m happy to learn that the basic process is super-easy.

DIY Felted Soap Tutorial. Needle Felting Soap. Last week you learned how to wet felt soap to create a lovely soap covered in its own wash cloth/body scrub and a few weeks before, how to make your own castile soap.

Needle Felting Soap

This week we will take it the next step further and put some 3D needle felting decoration on a previously wet felted soap. You’ll need a felted soap that has dried thoroughly, some wool roving or yarn and felting needles. Felting needles are different than regular needles, they are very long, extremely sharp and have barbs on them that pull the wool fibres down with each punch. I got my needles at the wool shop in Royal Oak in Auckland and from an excellent trader down in Te Kuiti along with a great selection of roving/sliver.

Non-Kiwis should be able to pick some up at your local Michael’s, Joann’s or favorite knitting shop. So, what do you do? Grab another piece, hold it on, shape it and poke. Felt Me Up : Hand Felted Soap. New video tutorial below and soap felting kits available here!

Felt Me Up : Hand Felted Soap

Because sometime is is easier to watch the whole process. Or continue for the photo tutorial… After last week’s how to make castile soap post that required chemicals that command respect, we have a gentle craft post this week, felting soap. This one is kid friendly and lots of fun, not to mention another cracking idea for frugal holiday gifts. You won’t need many supplies, just a bar of soap and some wool or alpaca fibre. Choosing wool is trickier. If you use yarn, cut the pieces and feather the fibres apart and process enough to cover the bar of soap you’ve chosen. Next, trickle a bit of water over the wool fibre and gently wet it. (rosiepink) Совята из фетра. Вот таких замечательных совят сделали мы с моими мальчишками вчера вечером.

Совята из фетра

МК Пошив фетровых букв. Девочки, привет!

МК Пошив фетровых букв

У влеклась я созданием именных гирлянд из фетра. поэтому решила сделать пошаговый МК для тех, кто первый раз собирается шить игрушки из этого материала, чтобы предостеречь от ошибок. Может некоторые моменты будут полезными. Я в первой своей работе с этим материалом наделала много огрехов, которые уже в последствии перебирала в голове. И еще важный момент, если буква подразумевает наложение внутреннего шва ( А, Б, В, Д, О, Р, Ф, Ю, Я ), то в перую очередь шьем серединку, а потом края, так будет легче набивать синтепоном ( халофайбером) и не вызовет неудобств. 1.Вырезаем заготовки букв 2 . переворачиваем их, чтобы паста ( маркер)в конечном итоге у нас были на изнаночной стороне. 3.Сложив фетр вдвое максимально близко располагаем заготовки букв и обводим их ручкой ( маркером). 4.Скалываем сразу два слоя фетра англ. булавкой ( это делается для того, чтобы при вырезании заготовок не было смещения). 5.

Делаем интерьерную букву с цветами из фетра. ARTESANATO COM QUIANE - Paps,Moldes,E.V.A,Feltro,Costuras,Fofuchas 3D: pao de forma de feltro. One Minute Tip: How to Make Felted Soap — Apartment Therapy Videos. Error loading player: No playable sources found.

One Minute Tip: How to Make Felted Soap — Apartment Therapy Videos

Heart Felt Soaps Tutorial. This is your next stop on the h e A R T f e s t tutorial blog hop with Art Spark! Check the bottom of this post for the rest of the artists/sites so you don't miss a thing. We love LOVE. DIY Cute Felt Bear Cell Phone Case. Project Excerpt: Steampunk Softies, by Nicola Tedman and Sarah Skeate. Steampunk Softies: Scientifically-Minded Dolls from a Past that Never Was is a collection of eight delightfully quirky figures made with fun bits of hardware. As a special treat, Andrews McMeel is sharing one of these projects with us: Marveletta O’ Houlihan, pictured above. From the project intro: Marveletta, the Steampunk Lady, has plenty of natural breeding: her neat little collar, smartly tailored clothing, and exquisitely detailed opera glasses tell you that this is not a girl to be trifled with. She’s not as tough to make as you might imagine – despite her polish and a plethora of well-bred accessories, she rests on a surprisingly solid and simple base, and the apparent complexity comes with the addition of a few details.

Click the link below to download the illustrated project instructions. Marshmallow Plush Free Pattern: Made By Marzipan. Make an adorable Marshmallow Plush softie, inspired by Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs II. How to: circle to trace, such as bowl or CD Begin by cutting two circles. Felt Flower Monogram - Made By Marzipan. Learn to make a batch of pretty felt flowers for wreaths, hair clips, monograms, and more! How to: I’m filling a paper mache letter with handmade felt flowers. I’m starting by removing the front of the paper mache letter with a craft knife. (Use caution as the blade is very sharp. シシおんな - The Shishi Girl. Es monstert wieder! (ein Tutorial) Halloween ist schon wieder um die Ecke. Im Ernst. Last-Minute-Osterkörbchen (2) Hier eine Variante des Last-Minute-Osterkörbchens mit etwas aufwendigerer Deko und diesmal nicht mit Bändchen sondern mit vernähten Seitenwänden: Wie bei dem ersten Osterkörbchen verwendete ich eine Filzplatte mit einer Dicke von 2 – 4 mm und einer Größe von 24 x 30 cm.

Ladybug & Daisy Garland {Tutorial} - Handmade Cuddles. This week I am sharing a tutorial to make an adorable summer garland with ladybugs and daisies. To make this you will need: Felt (red, black, white & yellow) 285cm / 114inchs of red ribbon Scissors, thread etc + hot glue gun Pattern (download here) Prepartion Start by printing off the pattern and using it to cut out all your felt shapes. You want to have 4 ladybug tummies, 4 ladybug tops, 18 ladybug spots, 5 daisy shapes, 5 daisy centers and 5 8cm squares. Also cut your ribbon down so you have 9 pieces that are 15cm / 6inchs long, and then one long piece left that is about 150cm / 60inches. Makeing the Daisies To make the daisy, stitch the yellow centers onto each of the daisy shapes. Makeing the Ladybug To make the ladybugs, take your red ladybug top, and stitch on 4 black dots. Making the Garland Fold your long piece of ribbon in half to find the center point. When finished flip it over and hang up somewhere pretty!!

DIY Giant 3D Felt Flower - Handmade Cuddles. Today I am sharing how I made these DIY giant 3D felt flowers that I used as table decoration at my wedding party. Each flower measured 10 cm in diameter, and is made from cutting big flower shapes from felt, folding then, and glueing them onto a piece of ribbon to tie around the gathered end of the table cloth.

They are very simple to make (and also would make nice hair bows for bridesmaids/flower girls when scaled down). Materials (to make 1 flower) 10 cm of white ribbon, I used scrap from my other decorations = £0.001 A4 sheet of felt, I used wool blend, but you could buy it from Hobby Craft too = £0.50Hot glue, or you can hand sew them on = £0.00 To make these giant 3D flowers you need to cut 6 large flower shapes from your sheet of felt, each 10 cm wide. Fold your flower shape in half, and then half again, like shown below. Add a dot of glue to the point of your folded flower, and stick it to your scrap piece of felt so it covers a 1/4 of it. Very Simple St. Patrick's Day Craft. Need a quick St. Patrick's Day craft? Or at least something green and St. Patricky to wear tomorrow?

HOW TO SEW A FELT STRAWBERRY CUSHION TOY: REVIEW OF SEW TOGETHER GROW TOGETHER BOOK. Everyone remembers their home economics class as a pre-teen, the one where you learned how to bake, but more importantly you remember that pillow you made all those years ago, some of us may even still have it. Create Cute Felt Bunny Plushies. I love plush toys, especially when the tiny ones! Felt plush toys have become very popular these days and I’ve made tons but very few of them actually turned out nice. These bunny plushies are one of the good ones. Molde. Шьем снежинки из салфеток. Шьём симпатичную мини-сумочку для модницы. Шьем милую детскую игрушку из фетра «Лисичка» Шьем из фетра сумку-чехол для модницы. Часть 1. DIY FANIONS DE LA MOTIVATION. DIY: Target My Heart Pincushion. Felt Daisy tutorial and pattern.

Cloud Baby Mobile Free Pattern & Tutorial - Miss Daisy Patterns. Cloud Baby Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial. Floral Cat Ears. Felt pattern – wonderstrange arts. AwwSam StickerCake. Eek! halloween softies! Plush Fur Heart Pillow D.I.Y - The Blog. DIY Felt Bunny Ears. How to Make Honeycomb Hearts. Embroidered Heart Christmas Decorations. Hanging Hearts. Onigiri Sushi Coin Purse. Diy: rosy posy flower felt clip : CAKIES. Felt flower tutorial and free pattern. How to Make a Felt Easter Bunny Wreath - Hobbycraft Blog. Make a DIY Felt Needle Book (a Valentine's Day Gift Idea) Felt Crown DIY. DIY: Button Heart and Sword Patch (Gucci-Inspired) - Wild Amor. Sewing snuufie monster. Sew a Cloud Baby Mobile. Sew a Cloud Baby Mobile. How To Create a Christmas Wreath with Felt Figures. Tiere aus Filz nähen. Bloodshot Eyeball Catnip Toys for Halloween. Felt Fortune Cookie Cat Toys. Falling Star Printable.pdf. Catch a Falling Star & Put It In Your Pocket Warmer.

DaWanda: Unikate, Geschenke, Designer, Taschen, Babysachen & mehr. Star Wars: Droide BB-8-Kissen nähen. DIY Christmas Ornament Pillows. Free Woodland Sewing Patterns. Free Woodland Sewing Patterns. Cat Tablet Case Tutorial. ♥ DIY – Rockabilly shoes ♥ Tutorial: Felt Conversation Heart Accessories. Make it: Felt Star and Moon garlands » Curbly. Vitamini handmade: Dia de los Muertos. Felting Project: A Rug! Felt Rose tutorial and pattern. Felt food!