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BJD - Ball-Jointed Dolls

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BJD WTF: Chapter One: What Is A BJD? "What the heck is a ball-joint doll?

BJD WTF: Chapter One: What Is A BJD?

" A ball joint doll is exactly what it sounds like: a doll that has ball joints where humans have joints; (knees, elbow, waist, ect). This makes them very flexible and able to pose in very lifelike ways. Other dolls, even ones with flexible wire skeletons are not as articulated as a ball joint doll. Because of their unique design, ball joint dolls (or BJDs) can sit and stand unaided, and hold a variety of very human poses.

Unlike a porcelain doll or Barbie, BJDs do not need a stand, but they are available. Ball joint dolls are also unique in another very significant way: they are designed to be fully customizable! 'What sizes do they come in? ' Ball joint dolls come in a huge variety of sizes that range from just under four inches (9.8cm) to just about 41 inches (105cm). The smallest ball joint dolls are called 'Tiny' and include all dolls under the height of 35cm (just under 14 inches). The largest dolls are 45cm and up. No. 'Where do they come from? ' BJDs for Beginners. For Ball-Jointed Doll Creators, Artists, Collectors, & Fans.

The Fashion Doll Review: Ball-Jointed Dolls. I'm thrilled to announce the publication of the Fashion Doll Review's first book: Ball-Jointed Dolls for Beginners!

The Fashion Doll Review: Ball-Jointed Dolls

The retail price is $35, but if you follow my blog, you'll often find coupon codes for special discounts. The book will soon be available on as well. Brand new blog is also live: Ball-jointed Dolls for Beginners. It includes live links to all the information contained in the pages of the book. Additionally, I hope to add additional information about BJDs here. What's the hype about BJDs, and why you should care.Why I personally care about BJDs - me on YouTube - and yes, that's really me - a cute slide show Melissa put together for a class.

BJD maintenance and enhancement Budgeting for and buying your BJD Sewing for your BJD Online message forums for BJDs Leave them in a comment for me, and I'll see if I can help you. BJD Collectasy. BJD Size Comparison. Doll Comparison Photos. Tiny (10-30 cm) BJD Sizes. Volks SD Sizes & Body Types. There are various types of SDs including ones created by their owner, and other ones that are the only ones of their kind in the world.

Volks SD Sizes & Body Types

Depending on the body size and body type, Super Dollfie can currently be divided into 13 different series. First of all, there are 9 different sizes. Super Dollfie sizes are not divided based upon scale, but rather on the body size at different time periods; from the youthful figure of one just born, right up to a figure just on the brink of adulthood. Next of all, each of these sizes can be divided into two types: a human type with gender and a male or female body, and an angel type with a genderless asexual body and wings. For example, the 'SD Ko-Tenshi' can be said to be a series that is MSD size and with an angel type body. For the human type, as the male and female figures are different, the clothing and shoe size may differ, and the minute details of the joints and such may be different as well.

Regular SD (50+ cm) BJD Sizes Chart. Mature Mini (40-49 cm) Girl-Type BJDs. Den of Angels - Welcome to Den of Angels! Doll Community Feedback Board Forums. The Joint - BJD Making Forums. Ball-Jointed Doll Makers' Journal. BJD. Ball-Jointed-Doll BJD. Bjd. American BJDs - Portal. Import Dolls & Figure Forum.